What go up in factory application as a result of pressure is different, can divide for high pressure and low pressure compressor of air of two kinds of screw, well-known, pressure jumps over bad news report higher. So is equipment of aircraft of pneumatics of this low-pressure screw what to what industry uses be?

Previously, a few kinds of groovy model such as only 0.7MPa, 0.8MPa, 1.0MPa, 1.3MPa can offer helix air compressor choice, but range of the pressure when type selecting is narrow.

When most enterprise is selecting engine of low-pressure screw pneumatics, be to consider purchase equipment pressure and pressure loss to undertake type selecting, a lot of type selecting are to use higher pressure to choose.

But in using a process, every increase pressure 0.1MPa, can increase the power comsumption that makes an appointment with 7%-8% . Actually, each industry the use pressure of each equipment will be different, because this suggests to choose different type, classification for pressing.

E.g. :

1, bottled course of study blows glass bottle is added with what enrage and spin before textile industry play machine pressure to be 0.25~0.3MPa, general proposal chooses pressure to be the air compressor of 0.3~0.35MPa.

2, cement carries: The forming machine of bubble industry fetterses, the yarn pressure of textile is between 0.40~0.45MPa, choose pressure to enrage compressor in the sky of 0.5~0.55MPa commonly, general use pressure is enraged in the motivation of 0.50~0.6MPa body, general proposal chooses the pressure of 0.70~0.75MPa.

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