Unscramble screw pneumatics machine for everybody today way of 3 kinds of transmission, way of these 3 kinds of transmission has each different.

1. Transmission leather belt

The wear out condition that the engineer wants to often check transmission leather belt and degree of tightness are spent, if degree of tightness is spent,adjust undeserved, meeting aggravate wears away or rupture.

When the degree of tightness that checks leather belt is spent, usable big toe is in with the force of 40N two leather belt annulus the place intermediate is pressed pressure, sink below commonly 10 one 15mm is advisable.

When inspecting leather belt wear out condition, wear away besides what check its working face, ageing circumstance, the side outside noting what check V area more even is planar should tower above leather belt annulus brim 1-2mm above. Otherwise, explain to leather belt has reached wear limit and must change.

When changing, it is good to must choose quality and the leather belt with same type is become group change. Otherwise, because when leather belt is transferring power, the meeting gets power not all and attaint.

2. Positive drive

Transmission way is the cylinder body of air compressor and engine cylinder body or gear case butt joint, direct by the gear drive of engine.

When if discover air compressor occurrence breakdown needs disintegrate check,be being repaired, must check gear wear out condition and clearance of clench the teeth, check the close firm position of gear, discover the problem tightens solid in time, adjust or change.

3. Shaft coupling drive

Use the empty press of shaft coupling drive, have a plenty of in fuel injection pump hind output is moved force, also have a plenty of with engine when join of gear case photograph.

The examination can fall to receive in static condition when the examination dish whether to join reliable, whether is there apparent Song Kuang when be being moved with the hand. When low, medium, high speed runs, the place such as shaft coupling and bearing should not have abnormal knocking to wait.

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