Is “ pneumatics function put below outdoor environment directly? Is casing of that pneumatics engine necessary? We are going to ” client spot when classics regular meeting encounters these problems. So have computer room of necessary construction pneumatics a little together with everybody today, pneumatics computer room designs standard and note what to have again.

Will decide according to actual condition, pneumatics bonnet is to want some for certain, (because pneumatics aircraft moves sound effect to raise pneumatics machine acoustic hood,still have a lot of users) , if the condition allows,have to construct pneumatics computer room so. But it is good to say to want to construct pneumatics computer room construct pneumatics computer room only possible, the design standard of pneumatics computer room also is to have cultured very much.


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For instance: Summertime pneumatics computer room comes loose heat is bad, pneumatics machine high temperature happens often. Design of pneumatics computer room is non-standard, empty press maintenance rises very no-go, more than heat answers pneumatics machine inconvenience of construction of division of knock off Cheng. The domestic design that accordingly we want to assure opportunity of pneumatics of pneumatics computer room is reasonable. If you are pneumatics aircraft engineer, what can you remind your user to notice when is pneumatics computer room designed?

1, before pneumatics computer room is designed, want to understand pneumatics computer room to devise standard and note.

2, choice relative humidity is small, dirt is little, air is kosher and drafty place. If environmental temperature is exorbitant (be more than 45 ℃ ) , the proposal is adopted drop in temperature measure (if prevent sun point-blank, open door window to wait) , stop in order to avoid needless high temperature machine. If environmental temperature is inferior (be less than 0 ℃ ) , the condensation point temperature that must control lube is over environmental temperature. Want to consider summertime low temperature not only, also want to consider hiemal low temperature, want to consider an issue from long-term point of view.

3, if factory environment is poorer, dirt is much, should add install one air trunk, bring the end that take energy of life to air to compare clean place. Tracheal installation must facilitate tear open outfit, with benefit maintenance, external dimension of empty press of installation dimension reference.

4, the space that enough must withhold to allow other part turnover all round pneumatics machine, there must be the space of 1500mm above at least between pneumatics machine and wall. Had better have a heavy facility. Pneumatics machine is apart from 1500mm above from topmost space.

Anyhow, the should want to satisfy from you requirement using gas that pneumatics computer room designs comes, not can strict come according to book learning. But we want basic note understanding control, apply in the design with pneumatics actual computer room.