In system of a lot of production, compressor is a very crucial link. The about compressor interlocution that summed up everybody to be able to be encountered almost at ordinary times for everybody today, full is a dried food.

One, what does the characteristic of centrifugal type compressor have?

Centrifugal type compressor is a kind of turbine type compressor, have processing gas to measure big, volume small, structure is simple, movement is smooth, maintenance is convenient and gas does not get oily pollution, adoptable drive form is more wait for a characteristic.

2, the working principle of centrifugal type compressor?

Generally speaking, the main goal that increases aeriform pressure increases the amount of element of the gas inside unit volume namely, shorten namely the distance between aeriform element and element, to achieve this one goal, use the method of the aerodynamics, use machine namely do work component (impeller of high speed revolving) , do work to gas, make gas gets rising in the pressure below the action of centrifugal type, at the same time kinetic energy also increases greatly, inside enlarge pressing flow path subsequently this part kinetic energy transforms again for static pressure can, and make aeriform pressure increases further, this is the working principle of centrifugal type compressor.

3, what does the prime mover with centrifugal type common compressor have?

The prime mover with centrifugal type common compressor has: Electromotor, turbine, light turbine to wait.

4, what does the subsidiary engine equipment of centrifugal type compressor have?

Of lead plane of centrifugal type compressor moving is the premise of normal motion act with subsidiary engine equipment, subsidiary engine includes the following fields:

(1) lubricant system.

(2) cooling system.

(3) condensate system.

(4) electric meter system controls a system namely.

(5) dry gas sealed system.

5, which a few sort does centrifugal type compressor divide by structural characteristic model?

Centrifugal type compressor can divide by structural characteristic for: Type of type of horizontal analyse cent, perpendicular analyse cent, isotherm reduces the kind such as type, combined-type.

6, by what is rotor comprised partly?

Rotor includes nut of main shaft, impeller, axle sleeve, axis, lie between set, evenly dish with thrust dish.

7, the definition of class?

Class is the main unit of centrifugal type compressor, it is the fixed component place that mixes a group to close suitably with its by an impeller is formed.

8, paragraph definition?

Each the mouth that take energy of life comprises to the class between vent paragraph, paragraph by one or composition of a few class.

9, the definition of the crock?

The crock of centrifugal type compressor by or a few paragraph of composition, the progression that a crock can accommodate is least one class, reach 10 level at most.

10, the definition of the row?

Centrifugal type compressor needs maximum pressure sometimes by two or the crock composition of two above, arrange the file that makes centrifugal type compressor on an axes by a crock or a few crocks, different kind, its rotate speed is different, the low pressure of rotate speed prep above that high pressure lists is listed, same rotate speed (coaxial) row, the impeller diameter that high pressure lists is more than low-pressure row.

11, what is the action of impeller? Which a few kinds of kinds to have by structural characteristic?

Impeller is the only component that centrifugal type compressor does work to aeriform medium, below the centrifugal thrust of the impeller that aeriform medium rotates in high speed, make have a change of luck coming back go together along with impeller, achieve kinetic energy thereby, divide pressure of ground translate into by diffuser ministry can, below the action of centrifugal force, swing by impeller mouth piece, edge diffuser, tortuous path, circumfluence implement enter impeller of below one class further pressure boost, till export eduction by compressor.

Impeller can divide by structural characteristic for: Type, ajar type, shut type 3 sort.

12, the operating mode of the largest flow that what is centrifugal type compressor?

Achieve when discharge the biggest the operating mode when is operating mode of the largest flow namely, cause this kind of operating mode to two plant likelihood:

The air current that is place of laryngeal of flow path of class Zhong Mou achieves critical status, at this moment cubage discharge of gas already was maximum, the back pressure of compressor of at one’s convenience is reduced again, discharge increases impossibly also, this kind of operating mode also is become ” block ” operating mode.

2 be critical status was not achieved inside flow path, did not appear namely ” block ” operating mode, but compressor falls in larger flow, loss of the flow inside machine is very big, the exhaust pressure that can provide is very little already, be close to 0 energy almost, can use the instruction in overcoming exhaust conduit only in order to maintain so large flow, this is the operating mode of the largest flow of centrifugal type compressor.

13, the asthma that what is centrifugal type compressor brace up?

Centrifugal type compressor is in manufacturing moving process, can produce intense vibration suddenly sometimes, the discharge of aeriform medium and pressure also appear substantially pulsatile, accompany have periodic depressing ” call ” sound, and air current wave motion is caused in managing a network ” puff and blow ” ” puff and blow ” strong noise, the asthma that this kind of phenomenon calls centrifugal type compressor brace up operating mode.

Compressor cannot be in asthma brace up operating mode falls to move for long, once compressor enters asthma brace up operating mode, operation personnel should be adopted instantly adjust measure, reduce outlet pressure, or increase an import, or exit discharge, make compressor breaks away from asthma quickly brace up area, the stability that realizes compressor moves.

14, breathe heavily brace up what is phenomenal feature?

Centrifugal type compresses accident to once appear,breathe heavily all right brace up phenomenon, criterion aircrew moves with what manage a network have the following feature:

(1) the outlet pressure of aeriform medium and entrance discharge change substantially, produce gas possibly still to flow backwards sometimes phenomenon. Aeriform medium turns to enter the mouth for flow direction by compressor eduction, this is dangerous operating mode.

(2) tubal net has periodic vibration, amplitude is big, frequency is low, accompany have periodic ” roar ” sound.

(3) compressor airframe vibration is intense, housing, bearing all has intense vibration, give out strong periodic air current voice, because vibration is intense, bearing is lubricant the condition can be destroyed, plain bearing liner will be burned-out, even axis by twist off, rotor and stator can produce clash, collide, sealed component will be played havoc with.

15, how to undertake preventing breathing heavily brace up adjust?

Breathe heavily brace up the harm is great, but cannot give from the design up to now eliminate, can try to avoid unit motion to enter asthma all right in movement only brace up operating mode, prevent asthma brace up the principle is aimed at namely cause asthma brace up reason, in asthma brace up when will happening, try to increase the flow of compressor instantly, make aircrew moves break away from asthma brace up area. Prevent asthma brace up the means is specific have 3 kinds:

(1) law of partial gas air defence.

(2) law of partial gas circumfluence.

(3) change compressor runs rotate speed way.

16, does compressor move under asthma brace up ultimate reason?

(1) exit back pressure is too high.

(2) valve of inlet tube line by reduce expenditure.

(3) exit cop valve by reduce expenditure.

(4) prevent asthma brace up valve has blemish to perhaps adjust incorrect.

Seventeen, does the operating mode of centrifugal type compressor adjust what does the method have?

Because produce parameter of art of go to work to be able to have change inevitably, often need to be opposite so compressor undertakes the hand is moved or self-adjusting, make compressor can get used to production to ask changing the operation below operating mode, in order to maintain the stability of manufacturing system.

The adjustment of centrifugal type compressor has two kinds commonly: It is to wait pressure adjust, move section discharge below the premise with constant back pressure namely; Another kind is to wait for discharge adjustment, the exhaust pressure that reduces section compressor in the circumstance that makes sure flow is constant namely, specific say to have the following 5 kinds adjust means:

(1) export discharge adjustment.

(2) import discharge adjustment.

(3) change rotate speed adjustment.

(4) roll imports guide vane adjustment.

(5) the part puts sky or circumfluence to adjust.

18, does rotate speed have He Ying to ring to the function of compressor?

The rotate speed of compressor has the function that changes compressor function curve, but efficiency is changeless, accordingly, it is the best form of compressor adjustment method.

19, what is waiting for the pressure adjustment, meaning that waits for discharge adjustment and scale to adjust?

(1) waiting for pressure adjustment is to show the exhaust pressure that maintains compressor is constant, change the adjustment of aeriform discharge only.

(2) waiting for discharge adjustment is to show the flow that maintains compressor to carry aeriform medium is constant, just change the adjustment of discharge pressure.

(3) scale adjustment is to point to maintain pressure to compare changeless (if prevent asthma brace up adjust) , or the adjustment with the cubage discharge fixed percentage that holds medium of two kinds of gas.

20, what is tubal net? What is its compositive element?

Managing a network is the pipeline system that centrifugal type compressor implements aeriform medium to carry the mission, before be located in compressor to enter the mouth call inspiratory conduit, after be located in compressor to export call eduction conduit, inspiratory call tubal network normally for one whole pipeline system with eduction conduit the sum.

Be in charge of a net to all wait for 4 element composition by cop, pipe fitting, valve and equipment commonly.