We are in charge of in vapour via regular meeting see such setting on the road, obviously can ” straight travel ” canal paragraph abrupt bent a paragraph, such doubt can appear like believing a lot of has seen people follow me, this is not ” ruin the effect by adding sth superfluous ” , actually otherwise, pipeline runs medium design to having his principle, let take you to understand vapour conduit to bend below paragraph action.

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Vapour conduit cent is status of two kinds of jobs, a temperature is high, approximate at environmental temperature, in cold hot alternant commutation, can bilge because of heat cold shrink principle and generation displacement and get power, conduit is longer, displacement and the power that get are greater, produce damage to prevent pipeline, need adopts measure to undertake avoid, had this is curved then, also be called to be ” expand section ” , it is to be used absorb pipe axial to expand of displacement, also have the demand that avoids concrete bridge column, kill two birds with one stone.

China to expanding the section is having relevant regulation, for example ” heating is ventilated design a standard with air adjustment ” conduit of 4.8.17; heating must be calculated its heat expands. Should use a pipe paragraph when natural compensation cannot satisfy a requirement, should install compensator. Other designs a standard to have this demand like power chemical industry, even some still asks to have consideration with software, if power plant designing institute uses GLIF commonly, and chemical designing institute is waited a moment with Caesar commonly.

The computation before compensation should be installed is good, installation craft asks to undertake cold pull, especially advocate vapour exit, support is very main also, slip, fixed stand focal point detects, nature of the make the most of inside workshop is compensated.

So of conduit how long to expand after all to have? According to test computation, 1 meter of Sunday run, warm up 100 degrees, should expand about 1.2mm. The conduit that can go up in a few industries is like a power plant, warm up can achieve 500-600 many degrees. This moment should expand 1 meter namely 7-8mm. And the metal is to be able to pull the ability that cannot control however to pledge, imagine, rail differs 50 degrees in the difference in temperature below environmental temperature, inchoate rail returns occurrence protruding to give the sort of case that come, use section rail to just solve this problem later. And conduit is moved at every turn hundreds of meters even a few kilometers, cold conditions heats up below voice one change, can produce huge stress, stress exceeds the limit of conduit, conduit nature be unable to stand, may produce serious consequence.

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When natural compensation cannot satisfy the requirement of conduit, we can use compensator to undertake compensating normally, compensator can absorb conduit axial, transverse, horn to be out of shape to cold heat, reduce the equipment vibration effect to conduit. The U on vapour conduit paragraph action also is mixed this is similar.