Psi and MPa conversion, psi is pressure unit, the definition is pound / square inch, 145psi=1MPa, PSI English full name is Pound Sper Square Inch. P is pound Pound, s is square Square, I is inch of Inch. It is OK to trade all units trade all units into metric units cipher out:

1bar ≈ 14.5psi; 1psi=6.895kPa=0.06895bar

Euramerican wait for a country to be used to use Psi to make an unit.

Be in China, we use aeriform pressure commonly ” kilogram ” description (is not ” jin ” ) , system unit is ” Kg/cm^2 ” , a kilogram of pressure is a kilogram strength effect in a square centimeter go up.

And be in abroad commonly used unit is ” Psi ” , concrete unit is ” Lb/in2 ” , namely ” pound / square inch ” , this unit resembles Fahrenheit thermometric scale (F) .

In addition, still have Pa (Pascal, one Newton action is on one square metre) , KPa, mpa, bar, millimeter water column, the pressure unit such as millimeter mercuric column.

1 cling to (Bar) =0.1 million handkerchief (MPa) 1000 handkerchief of =100 (KPa) =1.0197 kilogram / square centimeter

1 standard atmosphere (ATM) =0.101325 million handkerchief (MPa) =1.0333 cling to (Bar)

Because the unit differs very small, so, such OK writing down:

1 cling to (Bar) =1 standard atmosphere (ATM) =1 kilogram / square centimeter 1000 handkerchief of =100 (KPa) =0.1 million handkerchief (MPa)

The conversion of Psi is as follows:

1 standard atmosphere (Atm) =14.696 pound / inch 2 (Psi)

Pressure conversion concerns:

Pressure 1 cling to (Bar) =10^5 handkerchief (Pa) 1 dyne / centimeter 2 (Dyn/cm2) =0.1 handkerchief (Pa)

1 hold in the palm (Torr) =133.322 handkerchief (Pa) 1 millimeter mercuric column (MmHg) =133.322 handkerchief (Pa)

1 millimeter water column (MmH2O) =9.80665 handkerchief (Pa)

1000 handkerchief of =98.0665 of 1 technical atmosphere (KPa)

1 1000 handkerchief (KPa) =0.145 pound strength / inch 2 (Psi) =0.0102 kilogram force / centimeter 2 (Kgf/cm2) =0.0098 atmosphere (Atm)

1 pound strength / inch 2 (Psi) 1000 handkerchief of =6.895 (KPa) =0.0703 kilogram force / centimeter 2 (Kg/cm2) =0.0689 cling to (Bar) =0.068 atmosphere (Atm)

1 physics atmosphere (Atm) 1000 handkerchief of =101.325 (KPa) =14.696 pound / inch 2 (Psi) =1.0333 cling to (Bar)

The system of valve has 2 kinds: One kind is Germany (include China) be a delegate fall with normal temperature (China is 100 degrees, Germany is 120 degrees) allowable actuating pressure is fiducial ” nominal pressure ” system. One kind is the United States those who be a delegate what fall with a certain temperature is allowable actuating pressure is a delegate ” temperature pressure system “

In temperature pressure system of the United States, it is with 260 degrees except 150LB fiducial outside, other and various all be with 454 degrees fiducial.

150 pounds class (150psi=1MPa) valve of 25 carbon steel is in 260 degrees of moment, allowable stress is 1MPa, and what fall in normal temperature is allowable stress should compare 1MPa to be gotten greatly much, it is 2.0MPa about.

So, the nominal pressure rank that says correspondence of beautiful mark 150LB commonly is 2.0MPa, the nominal pressure grade of 300LB correspondence is waited a moment for 5.0MPa.

Accordingly, cannot alternate according to pressure commutation formula nominal pressure is mixed casually lukewarm control social estate.

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