According to world bank statistic, the mean life of American enterprise is 40 years about, and the mean life of Chinese enterprise has 4.5 years only, civilian battalion enterprise is shorter, have 2.5 years only.

Why is Chinese enterprise always done not quite? Why is Chinese enterprise always done not long? Why Chinese enterprise often is to be caught dead, put random? Why the efficiency of instantly China enterprise is so low, cost is very high however ……

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Entrepreneur is put generally in “ phenomenon of 3 introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad ”

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad ” of the first “ : Handle an appearance why

The most typical company action is: What makes money what to do

Day-to-day work steers a boat from the enterprise the person wants how to be done to employee of a gleam of how to do, person blame other steers a boat when lane is bad, deep feeling cannot find ” of “ able person.

The enterprise steers a boat greatly more person the more “ fireman ” , return before two years OK and lazy do “ to swing palmar ark ” , compete nearly two years because of the market brutal, money is worse and worse to earn, the enterprise steers a boat the person already became outside scene, heart is panicky.

State of mind of company staff person runs, bright little somebody cares every Nature’s engineering to make the impact between the stand or fall of the result and company goal, fluctuation is differ a heart.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad ” of the 2nd “ : Do a phenomenon why

(1) work without standard land, want how to work, disregard a result, ignore an aim;

(2) work more little an appearance, all employee “ go up only ” , flat perhaps be indifferent to, work unpleasantly to go person;

(3) working process supervises and direct without the examination, without summary and help, groom without training, did not communicate harmonious.

Introduced from the northern and western nationalities or from abroad ” of the 3rd “ : Bullshit phenomenon

(1) the enterprise steers a boat the person does not have belief, have person talk only, next leaders work, is not to had wanted to work again, informal and decision-making, informal acceptance, consider oneself is very tall, listen to others opinion not easily;

(2) enterprise mostly overstaffed, employee does not have belief, belief and target, disorder of viewpoint of value. The attribute feature phenomenon that expression of informal organization place comes out is serious, namely the employee in the unit does not talk about target, responsibility and right, and more it is to talk about affection, interest and hobby. The ” of “ opinion cacique of the enterprise is very much, some are factitious individual expedience all the day ” of “ talk irresponsible, play havoc with action to organizing a target to rise. This is selfish expression actually, be asked about really enterprise how when management, “ is utterly ignorant, ask again with respect to ” of have bats in the belfry.

Such phenomenon produces inside the enterprise, does the reason where?

(1) employee by experience or it do not know to do job of target of what —— job, job is not clear to do not know to do job of target of what —— job, job;

(2) employee by experience or do not know how dry —— does not know to operate circuit;

(3) employee by experience or do not know to accomplish what degree —— not to know duty standard;

(4) by experience or do not know to accomplish what degree to meet how does firewood of —— lack drive, lack propose a toast, lack policy;

(5) layer class too much, division of labor not clear —— organizes unidentified, powers and authorities of office duty of function of framework, branch, post differentiates not clear;

The reason of this backside, the foundation of the fundamental management that is an enterprise actually does not have dozen of prison. Manage as a result of company base not firm, these industry shortage are necessary from firm mechanism and immune mechanism, as building the house on the beach, one have outside force to pound, the enterprise is met immediately and.

The enterprise lacks the capacity of valid affirmatory goal

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The enterprise of the ability that did not define a goal effectively divides these a few kinds:

1. Make a plan far from, employee lays to the manager on everyday with inertial apply for a job, often be to waiting for “ thing to look for his ” , controller people everywhere the job of ” of type of “ fire fighting;

2. The enterprise also becomes a target daily, but the target is completely certainly in leader head, did not form written plan, the leader thinks of which are accomplished, subordinate presses conduct conduct of the leader completely, business management lack plans a gender, manage extensive, employee complains the boss is in generally the job, decision-making wait for the occurrence with regular respect optional sex and blindness;

3. Controller is undertaking, when objective setting often by feeling, assume sth as a matter of course, by be fond of, by strength, most person seldom goes serious, system, logistic had combed.

For example, superstratum leader decides target of a sale resolves sale branch with respect to rigid, decompose head of sale personnel individual to go up again, subordinate whether capable to finish this is not the leader’s thing, the leader does “ to swing palmar ark ” , want a result only. Employee is not finished, the leader asks duty.

Although certain business decided the cause is powerless also, change without method decompose branch, team and group, post even on employee head.

When a lot of controller are making subordinate target, take the following error easily: A few controller think subordinate eachs doing his own job, not was necessary to undertake a target decompose to subordinate; Did not make subordinate sufficient understand company and sectional cause, bring about subordinate to care his target and task only, take no account of branch and global target, the direction that is little cause and big target produces deviation; Make subordinate target regard as assign the job, take no account of the opinion of subordinate, no matter whether is subordinate agreed with; Think to make subordinate target too give or take a lot of trouble, management is too intricate, because be opposite …… of resentment of existence of this one work

4. Also make a plan every months every week, the leader also can organize subordinate to sit a meeting firm next month, next week or next level, also can resemble pair of systems, normative consideration can making how many sale, make how many yield, develop how many client, groom to employee how many times …… but because a lot of enterprises manage extensive, in establishing post duty procedure, a lot of clauses are general mostly, qualitative, rough working requirement, responsibility was not refined quantify, did not carry out detailed rules, did not implement a standard, assess detailed rules without the examination.

So, such system of job responsibility is ambiguous system of job responsibility, optional system of job responsibility. In this kind optional system of job responsibility falls, employee is carried out stand or fall, the job is done so that whether reach the designated position, complete by individual consciousness, post article has sanction rarely, also cause a target to cannot decompose departmental door, each team and group, each post effectively to fulfil, plan and action “ the phenomenon of two Zhang Pi ” is very much. Pledge actually or go up blind, ignorant or do not know alleged and the result that bring about, and this kind of result often can let employee feel not know what to do, and still be met bring great harm to the enterprise.

Into managing, be defeated in management

The problem that present Chinese medium and small businesses basically exists is: The basiccest business management idea has not been built, the basiccest government regulation has not been made come out, employee most of at least work method, measure still reachs the designated position without training ……

The investment support of the people that this also cannot blame our company steers a boat person, because they also are,fall in the circumstance that does not have any preparation with respect to open enterprise, start working factory, when the manager, become a boss. They more attention at the moment the settlement of the problem, pay close attention to the long-term, system of the problem, comprehensive settlement rarely; More construction that pay close attention to company system, the compose that goes paying close attention to business management system rarely is built.

Such difficulty is not solved, the administrative efficiency of the enterprise gets very hard rising, the enterprise wants to develop efficiently continuously also will special difficulty, the management outstanding achievement of the enterprise also won’t get promotion continuously. This also test and verify a common saying: The enterprise often is become managing, be defeated in management.

Hope our business management person people can be in take system standard seriously while, through building system of sound business management, the standard that promotes business management the system ceaselessly comes perfect, him development.

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