Drier of type of runner of spirit only way and traditional refrigerant type drier (common calls “ Leng Gan machine ” ) although be to be used,compress air remove water, but detail however differ in thousands ways, refrigerant type drier can be used at not tall to requirement of air water content circumstance only, and runner type drier is drier of a kind of adsorptive type substantially, can use in the circumstance with dry deepness, because the principle of dehumidify is different, below coequal circumstance, can be one kind more the choice of actor.

Will see detail below:

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Dehumidify effect is comparative

Refrigerant type drier because of refrigeration principle restrict, temperature crosses small conference to freeze, so temperature of pressure dew point is in normally 2~10 ℃ PDP

Runner type drier uses the composite material that contains silica gel part, can deepness is dry, follow working requirement only relevant, break through the limitation on the principle, temperature of pressure dew point is in normally – 30~0 ℃ PDP

Because offerred drier air,runner type drier is not met, and waste more energy, result rather

Specific power consumption is comparative

Refrigerant type drier produces cold amount through refrigeration compressor, with n great

Runner type drier uses compressor normally more than hot second birth, make runner regains can bibulous position, need runner only small electric machinery and electronic-controlled partial specific power consumption, have 100 tile only with electric power. Although install mount heater, specific power consumption is far also under refrigerant type drier. And the circumstance that runner type drier still does not have drier of other and adsorptive type to need to enrage bad news.

According to every degrees of report 1 yuan of money move 8000 hours calculate slightly first, it is with 100m3/min treating capacity exemple:

Refrigerant type drier a year of charge of electricity: 16kW*8000*1=12 10 thousand 1000 yuan 8

Runner type drier a year of charge of electricity: 0.1kW*8000*1=800 yuan

Did not misread to you, difference is so big!

Pressure fall comparative

Of refrigerant type drier pressure fall can be more than 0.35bar, the heat exchange that large area needs when refrigeration compresses air must increase to press fall, pressure of exhaust of compressor of air of the buy before making increases, specific power consumption increases

Runner type drier is pressed fall be less than 0.2bar, air adopts alveolate design, achieved the smallest pressure loss

Noise is comparative

The compressor itself in refrigerant type drier is high speed rotates component, inevitable meeting gives out noise, connect regular meeting to exceed 65 decibel

Runner type drier achieved mysterious 50 decibel, accomplish Jing Yin almost, can put park indoor. And the deflate phenomenon that also does not have drier of other and adsorptive type

Dependability is comparative

Refrigerant type drier has cold intermediary system and air system two, there still is compressor in cold intermediary system, electric part is relatively complex also, breakdown hidden trouble is bigger

Runner type drier has rotate speed to exceed low runner only a component, without valve switch, electric part is simple also, malfunctioning possibility is very small

Safeguard contrast

Refrigerant type drier is tasted without easy bad news and fragile

Runner type drier is tasted without easy bad news likewise and fragile, runner is made by horniness base material, do not contain also do not need to change desiccative

Of course everything has two sides sex, compared with refrigerant type drier, the “ defect ” of runner type drier is need cooperate to be used without oily compressor, the platoon air temperature that uses the compressor that do not have oil spends tall characteristic. If you were used,do not have oily compressor so, the drier of choice runner type that hesitates none then.

Summary: All-around grind pressure

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