5 06, 2023

The place of detail sees true order, little technology solves big problem – shallow talk ” channel effect ” reach its to improve

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In the introduction of adsorptive type drier, often can mention ” of “ channel effect this noun, that after all what is ” of “ channel effect? We distributing the air current inside dry tower not all, flow quickly among, the phenomenon that the brim sheds slow calls ” of “ channel effect. Form a reason 1: Before compressing air to enter dry tower, can distributing through an air current implement, in gas

19 01, 2023

Pneumatics machine configured drier to still can produce a lot of water, the reason is very simple, look to understand

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In equipment of air compressor aftertreatment, basically have gas tank, drier and filter. Dry compression air it can ensure of air system run the normal production with pneumatics machine smoothly. The function of drier is purify compresses the condenser water in air, the compression that ensures eduction is clean, dry air. After deploying corresponding drier, there still is water in compressing air, as a result of,this is these 4 reasons: 1. Air compressor stands the air humidity all round is very high air

25 12, 2022

Without stannic gas drier of type of technology company runner mixes only way refrigerant type drier is comparative

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Drier of type of runner of spirit only way and traditional refrigerant type drier (common calls “ Leng Gan machine ” ) although be to be used,compress air remove water, but detail however differ in thousands ways, refrigerant type drier can be used at not tall to requirement of air water content circumstance only, and runner type drier is drier of a kind of adsorptive type substantially, can use in the circumstance with dry deepness, because the principle of dehumidify is different, below coequal circumstance, can be one kind more the choice of actor. Below


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