In equipment of air compressor aftertreatment, basically have gas tank, drier and filter. Dry compression air it can ensure of air system run the normal production with pneumatics machine smoothly.

The function of drier is purify compresses the condenser water in air, the compression that ensures eduction is clean, dry air. After deploying corresponding drier, there still is water in compressing air, as a result of,this is these 4 reasons:

1. Air compressor stands the air humidity all round is very high

Air itself is damp, and contain the moisture content of certain amount. When compressing air, as a result of the high temperature of compressor interior, should shrink machine when uninstalling pressure, moisture evaporates directly form vapor. When compressor quits movement, temperature will drop, bring about vapor to be able to form condenser water thereby. Accordingly, the humidity of environment of pneumatics engine work not too should tall; Begin the work in compressor otherwise before, want to do condenser water platoon.

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2. Aftertreatment dryer breakdown

Normally of cold dry machine hind the pressure dew point that drying capability is 3 ℃ . If your yard place temperature under 3 ℃ , should have water. Right now, the proposal increases chance of blot of low-grade fever of outfit aftertreatment dryer, pressure dew point achieves 20 ℃ and do not produce water.

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3. The processing capability of the aftertreatment dryer of air compressor is insufficient

The dry aftertreatment ability that normally manufacturer installs for the user is based on average air wastage to install. If your twinkling is spatio-temporal gas wastage is very big, criterion the capacity of aftertreatment dryer will be insufficient, this will be brought about there is water in air.

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4. Gas tank itself has seeper function

Have inside gas tank many aquatic product is born, do not forget a hand to use drain off water please so. Open the catchment of catchment a powerful person of gas tank lower part regularly.

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