About the knowledge of pneumatics machine gas tank!

Gas tank reduces the main effect in the system in air is to make sure air feed is stable. Compress air to precipitate in gas tank seeper, adjust because pneumatic equipment uses tolerance lopsided and cause the baric wave motion, pressure stability that adds the equipment that use gas, perhaps lay in one part to compress air, when pneumatics machine malfunctions, make the user compresses air to control a system to make the using of urgent processing to pneumatic equipment or pneumatic with this part.

The choice of gas tank

1, pressure choice

According to gas tank bear pressure is different and OK cent is high-pressured gas tank, low-pressure gas tank, often control gas tank. Anthology match gas tank pressure to want to be more than the exhaust pressure that is equal to pneumatics machine only can, namely pressure is 8 kilograms, the choice is not less than 8 kilograms when gas tank pressure;

2, cubage choice

Choose the limits between the 0.3-0.5 that matchs size of gas tank cubage to be pneumatics aircraft capacity about; If ambient conditions allows, can choose the gas tank of large volume, conduce to store more is compressed air and remove water beforehand better.

Exemple: Be like pneumatics aircraft capacity is 1 cubic metre minutely, pressure is 8 kilograms. The type selecting computation according to gas tank is formulary, the limits between the capacity *0.5 of the capacity *0.3 of the machine of cubage = pneumatics of gas tank or empty press, (not be less than capacity 1/3 or 1/5) , recommend cubage to be 0.3 cubic metre or 0.2 cubic gas tank; If sequel still needs to increase,use tolerance, the enlarge space with the OK also and suitable cubage of gas tank, if choose 0.5 cubic metre, or 0.6 cubic metre, or 1 cubic metre;

3, material chooses character

Select material of place of gas tank basis differs character can divide for carbon steel gas tank, low-alloy steel gas tank, stainless steel gas tank, the equipment complement such as they and pneumatics machine, cold dry machine, filter is used, the dynamical source on compositive industry production compresses air station. Gas tank of carbon steel of major industry choice and low-alloy steel gas tank (of low-alloy steel gas tank succumb intensity and tenacity are taller than carbon steel gas tank, the price is relatively some higher also) ; Stainless steel gas tank basically is used at the integral performance with the making high demand such as food industry, medical treatment pharmacy, chemical industry, microelectronics (anti-corrosive and shape quality) equipment and parts industry. The user can choose according to actual condition.

The use fixed number of year of gas tank

Gas tank is special type equipment, manufacturer home can give recommend use fixed number of year, current and basic it is 10 years. This is not the gas tank that means more than 10 years to cannot be used, if exceed 10 years and have every year go pledging inspect bureau signs up for check and also can use of certificate of proof. But unqualified to using inadequacy 10 years to examine however, can not use. Of bureau of specific basis qualitative inspect it is OK to examine to be judged as a result continue to use. The proposal uses gas tank of normal large and well-known trademark.

Be in commonly 1 cubic metre 10 kilograms the following (include 10 kilograms) , belong to simple pressure vessel, the country avoids check. Have on the nameplate of gas tank and product quality certificate make clear simple pressure vessel, period of validity all can avoid check inside 7 years, also do not need to use registration book, accessory undertakes examining according to the regulation of each geological inspect bureau.

1 cubic metre the gas tank of 16 kilograms of above is the qualitative check place that needs place go signing up for check, need to do special type equipment to use the card that register not only, and the unit that still needs to have installation aptitude just can be installed,

Gas tank joins the mouth is distinguished

The pass in and out of gas tank enrages a join to have kind of two kinds of interface, one kind is whorl, another kind is flange.

1, threaded coupling

The interface of whorl type is filar tooth type, apply to caliber to compare small connection, it is an unit with Rp, rp is inside the meaning of whorl. If Rp1/2 shows the whorl interface of gas tank is namely inside whorl a inch half, rp2 is inside whorl two inches. The dimension of whorl interface has: 1.5 inches, 2 inches.

2, flange join

Flange is an unit with DN, it is the nominal diameter that points to conduit, call nominal caliber again, if DN50 is nominal diameter,be 50mm, connective moment secures conduit in different flange dish on, flange spacer is added among, next reoccupy bolt two flange dish join is together, flange join is convenient disassemble, sealed effect is close friends than whorl. General requirements chooses flange to join mostly quite. The dimension of flange interface has: DN80, DN100, DN125, of DN150 these are convention, still blame demarcate is done, for instance DN200, these belong to DN300 blame mark.

Be not all norms gas tank to have whorl and flange means of two kinds of interface, choice flange or whorl interface also do not have specific basis, basically see size of pneumatics machine interface.

Gas tank relief valve is used

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Gas tank relief valve serves as a more important fittings on gas tank, what often rise to system of a complete set of is more crucial action. Relief valve because the characteristic of itself, need is undertaken adjustment by professional operation staff. Before use, need undertakes relevant examination works. In check out procedure, measure is ordinal under the basis undertake operating:

(1) undertake cutting off to air feed fountainhead above all;

(2) provide water supply, switch on the mobile phone detect moving circumstance. Observe pressure is expressed, if be below constant pressure, relief valve not open, need farther adjustment to operate: Undertake adjustment to bolt position ceaselessly, obtain more appropriate open position for this. Adjust through ceaseless examination again, such loop move back and forth, will ensure relief valve whether but normal open.

Gas tank should be strict in use process use a standard according to gas tank, relief valve and pressure watch must be installed correct, and should sign up for check every year (actual condition is with asking when geological inspect bureau accurate) , if production does not have method to stop, be about to reserve 1, cannot put in fluky psychology. Anyhow, safety should be put in the first from beginning to end.

Gas tank uses a note

01 gas tank are forbidden exceed pressure, overheating, operation personnel should ensure gas tank is in normal working status;

02 forbidden be all round gas tank or bright internal heat is employed on container, bright fire looks carefully at taboo container is in-house. When gas tank is in press press condition, must not undertake any maintenance and undertake to can without lid hammer attacks the concussion with other object;

03 pairs oil-lubricated compressor, must via removing oil, divide water treatment, its reduce airy oil content, vapor content and solid particle size and chroma grade, accord with GB/T3277-91 ” use commonly reduce air quality rank ” after the regulation of appendix A, fang Kejin enters gas tank;

04 contact in view of the oil in air compressor and air, once temperature is exorbitant, easy generation accumulates carbolic spontaneous combustion and oily explosion to catch fire mechanism (detailed sees GB10892-89) , enter the compression inside gas tank air is forbidden the design temperature that exceeds can without lid. Spend to avoid to discharge air temperature tall, air compressor must check overheating to jockey on schedule device, regular examination conducts heat the surface (filter, segregator and condenser) reach clean.

05 pairs have oily compressor, should check vent to come regularly compress air temperature to locate all pipeline between, vessel for 80 degrees (gas tank) with fittings, any carbon deposit are due effect purify (include thing of carbon deposit of compressor crock head) .

Of 06 gas tank and empty press use and maintain must strict comply with ” fixed air compressor is safe regulation and operating rules ” , ” safety of compressor of cubage type air asks ” and ” technological process asks with compressor safety ” regulation.

If use unit of 07 gas tank does not press afore-mentioned use requirements and admonitory clause to carry out carry out, cause gas tank invalidation and the serious consequence that produce explosion likely, use an unit to be sure to keep in mind please!

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