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20 01, 2023

Pneumatics machine gas tank, also have place of so much knowledge unexpectedly!

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About the knowledge of pneumatics machine gas tank! Gas tank reduces the main effect in the system in air is to make sure air feed is stable. Compress air to precipitate in gas tank seeper, adjust because pneumatic equipment uses tolerance lopsided and cause the baric wave motion, pressure stability that adds the equipment that use gas, perhaps lay in one part to compress air, when pneumatics machine malfunctions, make the user compresses air to control a system to make the using of urgent processing to pneumatic equipment or pneumatic with this part. The choice   of gas tank 1

3 01, 2023

About the intellectual dot of centrifugal type compressor, when purchasing no longer confused!

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By what is system of lubricant of centrifugal type compressor comprised partly? What does the characteristic of centrifugal type compressor have? What is the working principle of centrifugal type compressor? 1, by what is system of lubricant of centrifugal type compressor comprised partly? Lubricant system is in charge of line and control valve and composition of measuring instrument place by lube station, exalted gasoline tank, intermediate join. Lube stands to be mixed by all sorts of control valve of gasoline tank, oil pump, oily condenser, oil purifier, pressure, measuring instrument and vitta road a powerful person


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