There is segregator of type of a kind of cubage in industrial application, when gas mixture passes this segregator, of the accretion that passes current area and pressure of velocity of flow reduce, make air loses pair of carry secretly content carry action, achieve detached goal. Its fundamental comes with certain cubage space namely slow down is current speed, mixture and the goal with detached air are achieved below gravitational action, also can call delay fast depart. This principle application is in pneumatics system, to enraging fluid depart can have very big auxiliary effect.

Compress air to remove oil, what is removing the equipment with most water? Very may much person thinks is cold dry machine or filter. But the author thinks is not these equipment, however everybody thinks the gas tank of least technology content. If think carefully, believe most person can agree with this one view. Because of gas tank besides function of gas storage, amortize, also be simple and easy detached canister, use cubage type delay the goal that fast depart principle achieves depart to reduce profit of the share in air. Accordingly, gas tank besides call gas tank, amortize coal tub beyond, still can call detached pot.

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Everybody knows the main function of gas tank is gas storage, amortize, do not belong to except the oily, equipment that removes water, why does gas tank remove oil however instead, remove the equipment with most water? ! Actually, gas tank is very typical the device that uses depart of principle of cubage type depart to give partial profit. If pneumatics machine hits full gas tank,be 1 minute of bell, so, when compressing gas tank of air pass in and out, in the time that gas tank keeps, come up from theory telling is 1 minute of bell about. Compress these 1 minute of clocks that air keeps in gas tank, besides can drop temperature beyond, velocity of flow is very slow, below gravitational action, the partial profit in compressing air was come out by depart.

We cite the case of gas tank, basically be to facilitate everybody understands the principle with cubage detached type, it is not the main content that the article should interpret. Cubage type depart applies in pneumatics engine system relatively concealment, but two very crucial aspects are oily separate system and aftertreatment system.

The application of cubage type depart in oily depart system

Attentive friend may discover, the empty press of identical capacity, when the oily configuration that divide a bucket is bigger, oily cent stability will be a lot of taller, oil content also is met relatively a few lower. Why can you appear this kind of phenomenon? Above all, oil gas bucket matchs a few bigger, the rate when upgrade of oil gas mixture will be a lot of slower, because weigh strength effect, oil gas arrives at content of oily time-sharing lube the meeting is a lot of less, can increase oily cent naturally stability, reduce oil content; Next, oily cent barrel matchs a few bigger, oily one-tenth size also is met relatively a few bigger, oily cent filters the area became large, compress air to be met through nature of oily time-sharing velocity of flow a few slower, the effect nature with oil gas detached core will be a lot of better; The place that additionally still an everybody is ignored easily is, compress air to filter through oily cent after material, the oily inside that divide core still has a minor volume, allocate when oil when place is a few greater, this minor volume of buy of oily one’s duty also is met a few bigger, the rate that reduces air to reach a powerful person of the least pressure will be a few slower, can let more a few oily mist sink to oil to divide bottom. This has a few helps besides steady to oily cent performance outside, still can reduce a few reduce airy oil content.

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Cite a case, everybody may understand more easily: Configuration of barrel of the empty filter that has 75HP of manufacturer of aircraft of a few pneumatics and opportunity of pneumatics of 100HP screw type, oily cent, oily classify is same. Without doubt, the oily cent stability of machine of pneumatics of 75HP comparing 100HP will be taller, reduce air oil content the conference is smaller, move can effect will be taller.

As these a few years permanent magnetism frequency conversion, 2 class reduce pneumatics chance increasing, authority is clear, if be the empty press of same brand, same power, permanent magnetism frequency conversion, 2 class reduce chance of pneumatics of frequency of labour of pneumatics machine contrast, capacity is met normally a few bigger. Why a lot of manufacturer are not a choice through fold type oil cent has increased filter acreage, the oily cent that will because capacity increases,be solved and be brought about filters the area slants small issue, increase oily cent barrel and oily cent at the same time however? Because be below the premise that oily cent barrel does not change, capacity increases, also mean oily mist quantity to also can increase. And what cent of fold type oil solves is to filter only the area slants small issue, can not solve the problem that oily mist increases from fountainhead. Although fold oil cent makes filter the area increased, but also put in the drawback that cannot undertake deepness departs at the same time.

Additional, although oily cent changed fold style, but oil divides the cubage of inside and did not change, capacity increased, gas discharges the velocity of flow that go out to be able to be accelerated, mean oily mist to sink to oil to divide bottom effect to be reduced greatly. If just change fold type oil merely,cent has increased filter acreage, can not get be settlemented very well, this is the reason that choice of a lot of manufacturer increases oil to divide bucket and oil at the same time, the stability that through cubage type delay fast depart improves oily separate system, reduce oil content, promotion can effect.

Come from integral probability say, oil of the buy inside meeting prep above assigns the oil content that buy oil assigns outside, stability is met under inside buy oil is divided, most person may feel because,this is outside buy oil cent filters the area slants little reason, filter the area slants small also be one of main reasons really, but not be full consideration. For instance, oil of the buy outside fold type divides filter the area increased, but also can alleviate only oil content and stability, oil of the buy outside can be not being solved completely divides oil of the buy inside oil content prep above. Stability under inside the probability that buy oil divides, enough specification is not to filter completely the problem of the area.

Filter the reason of additionally one part besides the area is: One, outside buy oil divides itself to be equivalent to is a small-sized cubage, buy oil divides bulk outside small, the clearance nature between crust and filter core is very small, the difficulty when the meeting when aeriform velocity of flow is too rapid brings about lube circumfluence to go down a few, oil gas is met in the oil content before filter core is detached taller, this also is outside buy oil divides oil content to compare inside buy oil is divided a little a few taller part reason; 2, outside the filter core that buy oil divides is very small, the dimensional nature of filter core inside is smaller, pass when gas filter after material, have the time that keep hardly, gas wanted eduction to go immediately, the effect that oily mist precipitates to answer oily system sells at a discount greatly, this also is outside buy oil divides oil content to compare inside buy oil is divided a little a few taller part reason.

Oil of the buy outside becoming is grading deserve to slant big when a model, besides filter the area is increased beyond, the space of the side outside filter core, inside also was equivalent to increasing, the stability that oil of the buy outside promoting greatly divides, reduced oil content. That is to say, the oil content that buy oil assigns outside and stability, besides filter beyond area element, also have particular concern with size of cubage of the side outside filter core, inside.

The application of cubage type depart in aftertreatment system

The author was in January this year ” compressor ” the article that the magazine publishs ” problem of pneumatics machine oiliness, hydrous aftertreatment is analysed ” in, the main core content that interprets actually passes cubage type delay namely fast depart, achieve the goal that improves aftertreatment result with this. No matter be proposal choosing,1 ~ is increased when oily mist segregator 2 model, or from the back add outfit gas tank or grease segregator, the purpose is same —— passes delay fast the depart that will improve aftertreatment system, filter the effect.

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We lift a real case to help everybody understand: Some friends encounter the end that use gas oil content relatively a long time, thought a lot of method also help an user solve hard, enrage through be being used finally add before end installed segregator of a grease to solve the problem with high oil content. Very may much person knows to add outfit grease segregator to give the issue only solved, but detached to its, filter the principle is not to understand very much, belong to hit by accident bump by accident solve a problem.

Segregator of this kind of grease is an oil is installed to divide core inside a larger volume. Likelihood somebody thinks segregator of this kind of grease is detached by accident, filter because,the contribution with very good effect is inside core of that oily cent. Such understanding are more one-sided, this oily bisect that divide core leaves, filter the oily mist in compressing air has a few effects really, but main contribution does not belong to oil to divide core. Just think, many accurate filter that installs before or oily mist segregator, the filter core principle inside and this oily principle that divide core is same almost, so much the oily mist question that raises accurate filter or oily mist segregator to fail to solve, how may be solved by an oily get effect instantly that divide core? !

The author has been told in front, this grease segregator is an oil is installed to divide core inside a larger volume, that is to say, the cubage of this grease segregator can compare accurate filter or oily mist segregator is a lot of times bigger, add after installing this grease segregator, was equivalent to adding gas tank of a miniature, compressing air is not immediate flow direction carried with gas, want however first via gas tank of this one miniature. Come so, the pressure difference of a few accurate filter in front or oily mist segregator can be reduced a few, nature of velocity of flow also can be reduced a few, their depart, filter the effect nature of oily mist also promoted.

The depart that we discuss oneself of this grease segregator again, filter the effect of oily mist. Cubage of this grease segregator is compared in front the accurate filter of outfit or oily mist segregator are a lot of times bigger, it is equivalent to is gas tank of a miniature, reduce the time that when air passes segregator of this one grease, needs, it is to pass accurate filter a lot of times of segregator of oily perhaps mist, also be equal to an antiquated speed basically a lot of times slower, its depart, filter the effect of oily mist also can rise considerably necessarily.

The author is not to advertise grease segregator effect to have many good, the case that has handled a lot of people actually however undertakes analytic, after letting everybody be solved in the problem, also be clear about is the problem that solves through what principle. Compress air pressure difference and velocity of flow to fall, detached, filter the effect nature of oily mist can promote —— to depart cubage type only considerably principle lane had a good command of, actual condition uses the foundation with just can be in better in pneumatics system neatly, free play.

Compare machine of popular laser cut pneumatics two years recently, one part person feels a pneumatics machine, cold to the combination such as dry machine, filter, gas tank was together by accident, call cut of laser of type of an organic whole pneumatics machine, this kind of acknowledge is very one-sided. The core technology with the most crucial machine of laser cut pneumatics is to should solve problem of oily mist stability to wait, consider difference in temperature even even change is too big, the likelihood brings about lens to produce the problem of mirage easily. Only the principle such as system of an oil gas depart, cubage type depart, aftertreatment considers appeared, integrated element of a few respects has research and development, ability makes machine of pneumatics of cut of laser of type of an organic whole further upward.

Depart is very extensive, cubage type delay the one part that fast depart is detached domain minimum only just, the article also is shallow only merely talk. The industry colleague that the hope communicates in detail, can add author small letter or go to this print contribute, we are discussed together, progress jointly.

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