Get controlling as epidemic situation, go back to work of all trades and professions answer the propulsion that produces the job, priority discipline releases each province city in succession and start working. According to statistic, end to already 11 area that visit town were released on March 10 2020 priority discipline list, include mouth of rich of Zi of Shandong, Shandong, Heibei, Zhang Jia, Henan, Chengdu, Shanxi, Fujian, Jiangsu, Chongqing and Ningxia.

The priority discipline of these 11 area that visit town was involved 2020 store can material of production of project, cell, batteries and car of new energy resources kind in all 114 projects, fujian project is most (37) , henan amount the 2nd (27) , among them, compress air store can project 4.

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Compress air store can cut a figure

In recent years, it is besides socioeconomy development itself, the negative product of rapid development, energy natural resources is in short supply to wait to cause people to take seriously more and more with environmental pollution. And store can technical development and application, can help the challenge that settles the sources of energy to use a field effectively. Compress air store can be a kind of large-scale physics store can means, can solve report of zephyr of smooth hot season to wait to be not stabilized but second birth the sources of energy generates electricity and the question with difficult net, raise its energy utilization rate.

Traditional compression air store can main part includes compressor, compress air memory, firebox, expand machine and electromotor / the dynamo. Be in store can in the process, air enters compressor from atmosphere environment, be compressed store after high-pressured air in compressing air memory. The process is released in energy in, the high-pressured air in compressing air memory enters firebox above all, mix combustion with fuel, make air of high temperature high pressure, enter then expand machine play its action, output electric energy thereby.

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Be run through production of nearly 50 years and develop ceaselessly, compress air store already can become except pump water harbour can another kind of besides large-scale physics store can technology, its characteristic is a capacity the biggest, technology matures and commercialize. relatively at batteries store can, flywheel store can wait for other form store can technology, compress air store can have store can efficiency long, Chu Fangrong measures tall, service life cost of big, investment is lower advantage. The peak can be cut to fill cereal in implementation electrified wire netting, promote new energy resources the respect such as security of system of power of accept of efficient pass the time in a leisurely way, promotion and flexibility produces main effect.

But up to by 2018, the compression that China already joined movement air store can install machine scale still not as good as 1/2000 what pump water harbour can install machine scale, put in tremendous progress space. How to rise compress air store can efficiency, obtain better economic benefits, already made the main task of urgent need thrash out.

Last year July, by hair change appoint the 4 branches such as general office were made jointly " carry out fulfil < about promoting store can technology and the directive opinion that the industry grows > 2019-2020 year the action plans " , put forward 6 much in all 16 concrete step. Prevenient enter store can respect of technical research and development, requirement key advances high capacity to compress air store can wait for construction of project of great advanced technique, drive hundred tile to compress air store can project implementation test and verify sets an example.

On December 31, industry letter ministry was released about ” first (set) promotion of great technology equipment uses directive list (2019 edition) ” announce, compress air store can the system also is included. Ask every cover rated power ≥100MW; Systematic efficiency ≥65% ; Life ≥30 year.

As store can technical development matures ceaselessly, compress air store can be put forward in many provinces city, involve Heibei, Shandong and Jiangsu. Among them, shandong (fat city) compress air store the construction scale that can move project of peak power station is 50MW/300MWh, hopeful becomes Chinese head to cover those who use gas storage of saline acupuncture point to compress air store can power station.

The dimensions application of new energy resources and intermittence but of second birth the sources of energy large-scale the growth that needs a value into cereal of peak of net, traditional electric power, problems of all sorts of application of the sources of energy also appear subsequently, compress air store can the advantage is clear, future will be become undoubtedly except pump water harbour can besides the application that has development latent capacity most at large-scale store can technology.

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