Because cold dry machine is,remove water through having the kind that drop in temperature to compressing air, it is better that so a lot of users feel cold an air temperature of dry machine is lower, perhaps say difference in temperature of imports and exports of cold dry machine has been jumped over greatly more, be actually such?

Want to analyse this problem, we need to view the working principle of cold dry machine above all.

The following graph is exemple, the saturation of 40 ℃ compresses air to be in respectively beforehand cold implement (A-A) reach evaporator (experienced twice in A-R) drop in temperature, turn temperature into finally the saturated air that controls for 5 ℃ , its corresponding pressure dew point namely 5 ℃ . But if there is configuration in cold dry machine beforehand cold implement (or beforehand cold implement the area is too small) , so the dry air that 5 ℃ control will send to exit of cold dry machine directly, finished product of missive of cold dry machine is enraged below this kind of circumstance is adjacent and a kind of low temperature, saturated condition;

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If be configured normally beforehand cold implement, so what the 5 ℃ that come out in evaporator control is dry compress air to be able to be in with the moist air that take energy of life beforehand cold implement in undertake heating up exchange. After heat exchange, temperature of promotion of dry gas temperature, damp is reduced; There can be partial vapor to condense while moist air drops in temperature eduction. This heat exchange is the cold amount that uses microtherm dry gas to carry completely, the energy that saved refrigeration compressor thereby is used up. And dry gas is able to answer in this heat exchange lukewarm, lift as temperature, its relative humidity is reduced gradually, hypothesis segregator can depart condenser water adequately and eduction, so the absolutely water content that returns lukewarm dry gas did not change, change character, still be pressure dew point 5 ℃ .

Two kinds of circumstances issue above, the value of dew point of pressure of finished product air that cold dry machine comes out is 5 ℃ , but an air temperature of cold dry machine it is 5 ℃ left and right sides, one is 32 ℃ left and right sides, differ very big, such coming that see an air temperature according to cold dry machine spend on any account to come the effect removing water of machine of judge Leng Gan won’ts do.

Actually system of cold dry engine is configured beforehand cold implement besides energy-saving beyond, return can effective protection to use tracheal means. The compression that although evaporator is medium,comes out content of the moisture after air course removes water has been compared low, but relative humidity is however 100% ; And relative humidity is higher, shed the pipeline of classics more easily to cause to its corrode. When relative humidity is very low, rustily negligible; Increase gradually when relative humidity, when the critical relative humidity that achieves pipeline medium, rustily rate can rise quickly.

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The value of critical relative humidity of general iron and steel is 50%~70% . Increased ably through be in the design of cold dry machine beforehand cold implement, reduced the load of cold dry machine effectively not only, return use gas to answer at the same time lukewarm reduce value of its relative humidity to come thereby 50% the following, avoid to be corroded with tracheal road thereby happen.

Be in so of cold dry machine in using, do not need to go after an air temperature blindly low, but we need attention to evaporate temperature (the dew point of machine of reaction Leng Gan) numeric; In assure to evaporate on the foundation of temperature, the difference in temperature of imports and exports of cold dry machine is smaller, cold quantity is used more sufficient, vent one’s anger relative humidity cost is lower also; Such not only cold dry machine is energy-saving, return user of can effective protection to lose tracheal way.

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