1 01, 2023

Has been precision of filter of screw pneumatics engine oil jumped over higher?

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Long-term low temperature runs machine of frequency conversion screw, can bring about oily cent demand of waterproof to filter paper capacity is relative also below this kind of grow in quantity of the moisture inside the bucket, circumstance taller; When low frequency of machine of pneumatics of frequency conversion screw is used, can bring about on the low side of pressure of oil path system, oily filter must obstruction small, permeability is good. Oily filter main effect is it is filter removes the impurity in engine oil. Most client may think oily filter precision is taller, filter the effect is better, but worry again filter precision is too tall, jam easily. Actually this kind of acknowledge is incorrect

24 12, 2022

Has been the difference in temperature of imports and exports of cold dry machine jumped over greatly more?

2022-12-24T06:00:00-08:00December 2022|Categories: Air Compressor Technology|Tags: , , |

Because cold dry machine is,remove water through having the kind that drop in temperature to compressing air, it is better that so a lot of users feel cold an air temperature of dry machine is lower, perhaps say difference in temperature of imports and exports of cold dry machine has been jumped over greatly more, be actually such? Want to analyse this problem, we need to view the working principle of cold dry machine above all. The following graph is exemple, the saturation of 40 ℃ compresses air to be in respectively beforehand cold implement (A-A) reach evaporator (experienced twice in A-R) drop in temperature, become finally


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