Long-term low temperature runs machine of frequency conversion screw, can bring about oily cent demand of waterproof to filter paper capacity is relative also below this kind of grow in quantity of the moisture inside the bucket, circumstance taller; When low frequency of machine of pneumatics of frequency conversion screw is used, can bring about on the low side of pressure of oil path system, oily filter must obstruction small, permeability is good.

Oily filter main effect is it is filter removes the impurity in engine oil. Most client may think oily filter precision is taller, filter the effect is better, but worry again filter precision is too tall, jam easily. Actually this kind of acknowledge is incorrect.

The experiment makes clear, precision of oily filtration filter and filter the effect is to have a few concerns, but real decision filters of the effect, not be to filter precision, however the adsorptive ability of oily filter filter paper. Dust containing capacity is larger, absorption affinity is stronger, filter the effect is better. Fiber filter paper filters the effect is good, because dust containing capacity is large,be, adsorptive capability is very strong, fight carbonization ability strong. But, the price of fiber filter paper is more expensive, and factory of most filter paper is not retail, need large quantities of quantities to have something made to order technically, if oily sales volume is not large, it is more difficult accomplish custom-built fiber filter paper, this has a few user to use the account that chooses fiber filter paper only namely.

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