What pneumatics engine oil moves as compressor is important participate in a member, the effect that cannot replace is having in process of pneumatics accident travel. What pneumatics machine changes oilily to also occupy insurance cost of pneumatics machine dimension to use is very big one part, the price does not poor. How much do you understand again to the real life of pneumatics engine oil? True condition is the stand or fall besides engine oil itself besides, even if same oil uses kind of compressor in different type, different parameter, different on the compressor that compresses medium and different operating mode, real life also is put in difference.

The platoon air temperature that ● is like machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw spends the word of elevatory 8~10 ℃ , the life of compressor oil can decrease one times the left and right sides. The compressor oily life that works in 90 ℃ for example is the 50 % in life of 80 ℃ work.

A baric force of compressor of screw of fuel injection of ● only course from 0.3~1.3MPa, because discharge air temperature and aerobic cent to press,differ, the oxidation speed of pneumatics engine oil is disparate, real life should compare the lube of the low-pressure pneumatics machine that discharges baric force to be 0.3MPa exhaust pressure increases 3~5 for 1.3MPa pneumatics machine times;

QiAir Compressor
Manufacturer of aircraft of ● some pneumatics and user to extract high-energy effect, increased the fan of machine of pneumatics of screw of wind cold fuel injection, dropped the exhaust temperature of screw compressor, can reduce specific power consumption not only, still prolonged the service life of compressor oil.

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● centrifugal compressor is oily real life grows more than machine of pneumatics of fuel injection screw.

See here the temperature of the life that we discover not hard to oil is tasted and operating mode and aerobic contact quantity have very big concern, the hot oxidation invariability that at the same time oil tastes itself also is oily the crucial factor that savors service life. Oil is tasted in be being used circularly, contact with the oxygen of high temperature high pressure in compressing air ceaselessly, be deteriorated very easily to make all sorts of foreign matter by oxidation, heighten of the darken that makes oil is tasted, acid value, viscosity increases and appear deposit, the gush that reduces oil thereby enters an amount, make oil tastes the temperature with the machine to lift, generation excessive wears away. Air compresses engine oil to must have wonderful oxidation invariability, ability makes sure oil is tasted can the use of long-term safety.

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