The can when pneumatics machine low temperature moves can produce a large number of condenser water, condenser water will affect the bearing of the component such as lead plane badly to lubricate too much; When oil of prep above of condensation water level divides bottom, because density is less than the density of water and lube surrounds float especially at oil, bring about oily cent to run badly thereby oily. Does the account that produces these condenser water where?

We know, vapor is contained absolutely in air, normally the circumstance falls, of water evaporate temperature is 70 ℃ above, if equipment is long,microtherm moves, the moisture in atmosphere will issue separate out in the action of pressure or low temperature, form condenser water.

We at ordinary times in breath, to airy water content not very sensitive, but to pneumatics machine, the content of the water in air is already enough affect it high to work normally. The exemple is consistent the empty press of stage 100kW, relative humidity is 60% when, condenser water is given off to measure about 85 litres when to load. Still have even if compress the gas tank in air system, also often became “ reservoir ” .

Pneumatics engine lubricating oil is hydrous the harm to equipment:

The moisture in air may depart in oil gas condense in coal tub, be in especially damp weather, to the platoon air temperature is spent under airy pressure dew point when, can have more condenser water separate out.

1) the emulsification that overmuch water portion contains to will cause lube in oil, the safety that affects a machine moves

2) cause compressor main engine lubricant and undesirable

3) the detached effect of oil gas becomes poor, oil gas segregator presses difference to greaten

4) cause the works such as lead plane rustily

5) the incompressible sex as a result of water, can bring about overload of pneumatics aircraft main engine

In addition, the water content in lube is big (oil tastes emulsification) , will bring about lead plane vibration big, noise is big, even the catastrophe failure of lead plane. In the meantime, oily filter, the life of oily cent shortens considerably.

In applying actually, because oil tastes emulsification, noise of pneumatics aircraft main engine is big, vibration is big, face of rotor clench the teeth wears away, the predestined relationship appears outside wear away, wear away inside housing, bearing is damaged badly also.

If long-term low temperature runs pneumatics machine, it is especially when travel of long-term discharge carry, because run temperature under temperature of pressure dew point, the vapor in bringing about air condenses in great quantities in cylinder body, fast bring about refrigerant emulsification.

Pneumatics machine uninstalls demonstrative pneumatics machine for a long time to slant possibly when type selecting big, can choose the empty press of right capacity additionally. Still can extend the to load time of pneumatics machine, when pneumatics plane to load moves, moving temperature temperature of dew point of prep above pressure. Condenser water won’t condense in cylinder body.

When switching on the mobile phone good with respect to set automatic machine down time, pneumatics does not let automatic jockey when to load (no longer induction air) , in the meantime, pass the blowdown a powerful person below detached cylindrical shell to discharge condenser water regularly. The cooling wind that still a method reduces pneumatics chance namely takes an amount or reduce wind of pneumatics machine refrigeration to give an amount.

Some readers can ask the likelihood, pneumatics machine has lukewarm charge a powerful person, why lukewarm accuse a powerful person to cannot raise moving temperature?

Because lukewarm when accusing a powerful person to close position, all oil do not pass condenser, pneumatics machine negative charge is too small, temperature lets to enough without promotion lukewarm control the height with corresponding a powerful person, so lukewarm accuse a powerful person to cannot produce the result right now.

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