The oil path system of machine of screw type pneumatics includes gasoline tank, oily condenser, engine oil the filter, a powerful person that break oil, lukewarm accuse a powerful person to wait.

The oil path system of machine of screw type pneumatics includes gasoline tank, oily condenser, engine oil the filter, a powerful person that break oil, lukewarm accuse a powerful person to wait.

The bottom of oil gas segregator reachs the action of gasoline tank since cubage, and with cheer the aperture, a place of strategic importance that put oil and oil level plan.

Compressor does not have groovy screw type air hydraulic pump, the pressure that the loop of lube is the pressure before core of filter of have the aid of and generation of place of mouth of lead plane fuel injection differs implementation. When compressor runs, the gas in oil gas segregator falls in the action of valve of the least pressure, build a pressure above all, force lube to carry oily cooler, enter oily a powerful person via engine oil filter again, go up to lead plane, next fuel injection aperture offer oil, compress the quantity of heat that produces in the process with taking away air to be in, to lead plane at the same time working antrum undertakes lubricating reaching sealed, reduce internal leak.

After gush mixes to be compressed into the pulverization oil of compressor and air, again via exhaust one-way a powerful person enters oil gas segregator afresh.

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1, oily condenser

The cooling way of oily condenser and air condenser is same, have wind cold with water-cooling two kinds cool means. Be like environmental state not beautiful, the wing of condenser of wind cold pattern piece suffer dirt easily to enclothe and affect cooling result, serious when can bring about oil gas temperature to stop exorbitant and automatically machine. Accordingly, should use low-pressure air regularly the wing piece dirt retention aspiration of the surface; If cannot be blown clean, must clean with solvent, be sure to maintain condenser to come loose hot surface is clean.

Water-cooled when the pipe of condenser is jamming, must immerse with solvent, and with machinery means will jam the knot dirty inside the canal keeps clear of, ensure clean completely clean.

2, engine oil filter

Of the post a letter that press difference implement engine oil filter, its function is the impurity in eliminate oil and those who carry lubricating oil is clean, have protective effect to the movement of air compressor lead plane thereby. If filter jams, will bring about lead plane to offer oily inadequacy, make oil gas temperature elevatory, affect lead plane to move each thereby life.

Jam when engine oil filter, difference controls post a letter implement issue a directive, signal lamp is bright, should stop machine examination in time or change. Whether to change filter core should be decided according to actual condition.

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3, a powerful person that break oil

Break oily a powerful person to basically wait for component composition by core of body of a powerful person, a powerful person, float-valve plug, bedspring. A powerful person that break oil is one of important parts in compressor, its job principle is: The instant after switching on the mobile phone, antrum of lead plane high pressure carries ministry air feed to a powerful person that break oil namely, the piston overcomes bedspring pressure, push float-valve plug, open core of a powerful person of oily a powerful person namely, begin to offer oil.

When unit operates, a powerful person that break oil is driving from beginning to end; Aircrew stops machine hind, a powerful person that break oil should be shut in time, swarm into lead plane in order to prevent oil inside.

4, lukewarm charge a powerful person

Water-cooling compressor is in the oily entry point of condenser, all configure lukewarm charge a powerful person. Its action is the bypass flow that controls lube to pass condenser, the oily air temperature when making sure compressor moves in bear spends temperature of dew point of prep above pressure. Because inferior fuel injection temperature can make the oil gas temperature of lead plane too low, in condenser water of the separate out in oil gas segregator and condenser, and be given not easily by belt of gas route system, worsen then the character of lube, shorten its service life.

Lukewarm the working principle that charges a powerful person is: Firm in the begining, lube temperature is low, the filter of engine oil of lube bypass classics, a powerful person that break oil enters lead plane directly; When if oil gas temperature rises,reaching 71 degrees, lukewarm accuse the feeling inside a powerful person lukewarm component is stretchy, drive core of a powerful person to move inside body of a powerful person; Begin to close passageway of little side road, open the channel that leads to oily condenser stage by stage, two passageways connect the scale that sheds an area to be decided by place of oil gas temperature; When oil gas temperature rises to 75 degrees, bypass mouth is shut, lube flows to oil entirely cold implement undertake cooling circular.

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