Undertaking to mine company air compressor uses security monitor and examine in the process, the equipment that author discovery exceeds 90% was not assembled or did not assemble the unit that safe protection action should reach since pair of temperature of configuration and pressure completely. Undertaking consider and be analyticed to the function of each device and relevant provision, the likelihood in be being installed in the light of equipment and be being used puts all sorts of issues that be in.
The article discussed how to be on former methodical foundation in specific place through adding series fittings undertakes transforming, in order to reach the level of safe requirement, because get,eliminate pneumatics engine system then high temperature is high perhaps the affect and causes of all kinds accident of pressure. In addition, this method still can prevent to repeat investment and cause appearance of capital occurrence waste. The safety that assembles to assure place protects facility can effective and credible play action, the article was elaborated relevant detected method, monitor the operation sex that inspection man makes in order to promote, assure to detect data is real and reliable.

Mine applies generally in mine company to provide power for the machinery of all sorts of construction, production with air compressor, but in long-term use, because get the influence of the problem such as technology and management, throw to its in initiative phase insufficient, make the auxiliary facility that its should provide not complete. In addition, with it a series of safety of form a complete set protect what establishment also puts in different level to be short of break, bring about equipment to be put in certain blemish. Accompany equipment to throw the extension of use time, there is a few to use between operating period at the same time non-standard and those who safeguard a respect is impertinent, caused equipment to appear the ageing with more serious degree, the manufacturing accident that causes by above reason is very common.
According to the concerned regulation of safe production, pneumatics machine is a when mine uses production main facility, need is mandatory undertake to it fixed safety detects examine, borrow this to assure equipment can safe and move reliably. Good to can be done the security that uses pneumatics machine to mine examines, relevant superintend and director checked a branch to build safe production aspect a series of examining standard, to detecting the content such as the method did detailed standard and specification.

The problem of 1 existence

It is pressure control above all, the equipment that equipment pressure releases is not quite perfect, the majority is having wind to include relief valve merely in used device, and did not install commentate approach valve; Next, more mine company uses piston air compressor, only the basiccest step-down starts control return, and the safe protector such as pressure of the temperature that should have without configuration, exhaust; Again, the compressor of screw type air that a little big company makes appliance has intelligence to control a system, can automata, but the function that includes overheating protection without wind, still put in manufacturing safety hidden danger.
Finally, because was begun generally,detect the job, make most mine company goes to old old equipment transform, in the meantime, the job that the research that the manufacturer home of equipment of a few electric control also is having pneumatics machine protects facility integratedly is developed and produces. But, because the device of whole set uses sheet more piece machine will centralize control, the cost that this caused equipment is higher, and common model the price of pneumatics machine cannot match.
In addition, the manufacturer home of facility of a few new development understands relevant requirement of the standard and correlation ambient conditions not quite comprehensive, the product that brings about research and development to come out is not quite mature, use popularity rate is lower. The real situation that be bought from a few enterprise and uses this device looks, the main problem that equipment appears includes: Without wind the bag exceeds the capacity of lukewarm protection, lead plane and sensor damage extremely easily or invalidation.

Of 2 existing states transform a method

2.1 pressure supervisory and control arrangement

Pressure regulating unit is pneumatics machine in exhaust pressure passes big when undertake exceeding pressing pilot a kind of equipment, when final platoon when the pressure numerical value with baric ratedder force is high, control equipment can undertake particular movement increase duratively in order to avoid pressure. The prevents to be caused by overload empty press with pressure OK and significant control equipment is marred, prevent at the same time by super- press the explosion that cause.
Pressure releases equipment to include the relief valve that installs on wind bag, wrap exhaust conduit jacket to set in pneumatics machine and wind commentate approach valve, at the same time the requirement breaks oily protection to be able to circulate in pressure oil pressure relatively when mark fiducial value of the regulation is low can jockey automatically. From this, because exceed,can prevent pneumatics engine effectively press or overload and cause explosion.

2.2 temperature overheating is protected

Water-cooled pneumatics machine can jockey automatically when cooling water is interrupted. When wind wraps overheating protection to be able to assure to wrap the 120° of temperature prep above inside in wind can jockey automatically. Protection of oily lukewarm overheating is to say the temperature when crankcase interior can stop by oneself when 80° is tall relatively. Exhaust overheating protection asks when to the criterion numeral of temperature prep above when compressor exhaust is worth, can jockey by oneself.

Be aimed at the functional requirement of each safe protector, can undertake be transforminged appropriately to having the pneumatics opportunity of the problem. Install to doing not have commentate the facility that presses a powerful person, can transform appropriately assure to wind by pneumatics machine exit line this paragraph of position or wind bag export the first shut-off valve the cop of place. The diameter that should assure canal giving wind relatively commentate the line of action that presses a powerful person is little, commentate the pressure when the pressure that the place that approach valve releases should be more than the job with regular relief valve. General commentate the choice that approach valve blows up piece, and defeat a because of the problem such as exhaustion premature attaint to avoid to explode, its behavioral pressure asks to be in commonly pneumatics opportunity is the greatest of actuating pressure 1.25 times to 1.4 times between.

The machine of screw type pneumatics that protects to assembling wind to wrap overheating, what can undertake a technology go up to its according to above principle is proper transform, general need wraps jacket to set temperature sensor in wind, and in receiving it into the intelligence to pneumatics machine to control a system inside equipment of integrated perhaps protection.

To new purchased equipment, it is before formal installation operation, the person that manufacturer home and equipment are used is necessary the concerned requirement with pair of overall medium levels becomes detailed knowledge, at the same time the strict requirement with the standard is designed as the basis, assemble equipment, avoid new the equipment that find a place for appears to assist device duely or component imperfectly, due safety is not neat congruent problem.

Law of proved recipe of check of 3 safe protector

The basis concerns formulary requirement, after in equipment the level that reachs a regulation is worth, all sorts of protector need voluntary action, move in order to achieve protective equipment security. For instance, the mark fiducial value of relief valve is to be less than be equal to 1.1Pe, once exceed mark fiducial value, relief valve will automatic exhaust in order to release pressure. Wind wraps the formulary value that exceeds firm protection to be spent to do not exceed 120, once exceed a regulation,value equipment can stop to move.

To lube overheating, protector of these a few temperature has wind bag overheating and exhaust overheating and cooling function when detecting, can take feeling lukewarm element from pneumatics engine system first, in the auxiliary equipment oily pool that puts its to deploy, will empty press is started, heat artificially oily pool makes oily temperature rise fast, use a level measure lukewarm instrument to be measured all right to oily Wen Jin. Meanwhile, the attention watchs the behavioral action of empty when temperature up to mark is worth press, if reach the temperature that the regulation is worth pneumatics machine and perhaps has an action without the movement relatively mark fiducial value of the regulation is high, can be certainly entirely so unqualified.

When undertaking detecting to pressure regulating unit and relief valve, want cipher out of one by one above all the pressure value that each device has moving making time, the pressure that deploys former aircraft next expresses the pressure that trades a level to measure an instrument, handle to load of your pneumatics plane artificially and pressurization, undertake to discharging lubricating oil decompression is handled at the same time, the record issues the data that right now standard instrument measures. The metabolic state of valve and pneumatics engine system is examined when up to mark is worth, in order to make sure pressure protects the dependability that equipment works. If be worth to formulary standard, protector thinks without the movement its are unqualified. When pressing protection to perhaps break oily protection to undertake examining operating to discharging air pressure to exceed, OK also and same hand moves the pressurization operation to sensor, record pressurization numerical value at the same time after that, observe the actual condition of pneumatics machine start at the same time.

Be aimed at commonly commentate approach valve detecting basically is to examine blow up a pressure that blow up, can use the job that special whole set unit has a test inside the lab. In addition, still need to have fair consideration, measure gotten data in order to judge to whether can satisfy a requirement. Additional, using actually in the center should undertake exploding changing splinterily regularly on time.

In real work, the author once used above method to have technical side to pneumatics machine a series of transforming, will look from practical effect, use above method the operation is simpler, temperature and pressure switch are bought easily, cost is inferior, easier implementation is transformed. In the meantime, the security that has in transforming a process detects examining method passes practice application to also prove relatively forthright, facilitating operation, already can the requirement that up to mark tests, can improve the efficiency that inspection man makes effectively again.

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