Empty filter of screw pneumatics machine jams and lubricate undesirable and serious when can cause equipment high temperature to stop machine, influence industry produces a plan. As industrialized process accelerate, air pollution degree also is being deepened ceaselessly, appear in winter classics regular meeting especially mist haze. Haze is main by air the particle such as medium dirt, vitriolic, nitric acid, organic hydrocarbon is comprised. The impurity such as the dust in it and air, grit passes the filter that take energy of life to enter lead plane along with air, in mixing lube. Can bring about empty filter of air impurity grow in quantity to jam with lubricant and undesirable wait for consequence.

QiAir Compressor
Air filter core belongs the capable person of groovy bad news of screw pneumatics machine, its action is to filter the impurity in air composition, reduce the pollution to lube. Air filter core is a kind of relatively careful paper quality filter material, use time grew to be brought about easily jam and filter the result is bad. This has made easy bad news on time according to use cycle with respect to requirement user change, if operating mode ambient conditions is too poor, shorten with respect to need dimension keeps time.

Compressor lube is in use process, wait for an element as a result of temperature, moisture, oxygen, can make lube happening degenerative. The meeting after lube is degenerative causes loss of aircrew interior component, shorten aircrew service life, because this needs,change regularly new lubricating oil.

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