Share a few common compressor trends to pursue, intuitionistic the working principle that reveals them.

1. Rotor type compressor

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Rotor type compressor is passed by engine or electromotor drive (majority is electromotor drive) , another rotor (call shade rotor or sunken rotor again) be by advocate the oily film that rotor forms through fuel injection has drive, or by advocate rotor end and the synchronous gear drive that sunken rotor carries. The rotor of of a pair of mutual clench the teeth gyroidal yin and yang inside compressor cylinder, two rotor have a tooth-like part of anything of a few sunken form, both each other rotates reversely. Mix between rotor the clearance between housing and rotor is 5~10 silk only, advocate rotor (call this world rotor or protruding rotor) again, through by engine or electromotor drive (majority is electromotor drive) , another rotor (call shade rotor or sunken rotor again) be by advocate the oily film that rotor forms through fuel injection has drive, or by advocate rotor end and the synchronous gear drive that sunken rotor carries. Contact without the metal in drive so (theoretic) .

2. Centrifugal type compressor

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Rise baricly in centrifugal type compressor, it is to rely on impeller to rotate, diffuser enlarge is pressed and come true. Is the working principle of centrifugal type compressor: ? Money blocks  of  of exorcise pointing to Dong up to protect widow of   Hou to sentence show off of  of  of ィ of raw meat or fish of children’s hair of a legendary venomous insect of harmonious ┭ of Zhu Xian of glue of Φ of feng4huang2 of Ba of  of  of approach of the first month of Yong of ψ of herd of helmet of hey of    to block up hold π abb burns Bi of dainty of  of  of ancient wine vessel of Chan small cup Tun, size is small, exhaust of weight light; is successive, even, do not need the device; vibration such as intermediate canister small, fragile little, do not need giant and cumbersome base; divides bearing outside, machine interior does not need to lubricate, the province is oily, and do not pollute rotate speed of compressed8 gas; amount of tall; maintenance is small, adjust convenient.

3. The axis sheds type compressor

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Compressor of axial shedding type is to belong to a kind of large air compressor, the greatest power can achieve 150000KW, capacity is 20000m3 minutely, its compression functional effect is compared can achieve hundred 90 the left and right sides, a few more energy-saving than centrifugal confidential. Tone orgnaization mixes the static Xie Ke of compressor of axial shedding type the intermediate air cylinder that drives this orgnaization, housing is standardization is same the housing with kind of different and progressional model, entering exhaust casing is same, the change of length of different and progressional airframe combines wooden model to come true, when progression need not when, outside differring except axial length, other is all the structure is same. Main shaft is alloy steel of the chromium that it is nickel, blade material is chromic stainless steel, dimension of structure of the crock inside Jing Xie, axis is sealed, system of the accessory equipment that sealed, shaft coupling and axis sort type compressor, lubricant, control system, protection system is special intelligence model. Of before 6 class reactionary for hundred 70, later of a few class turn over tendercy to be hundred 100.

4. Piston compressor

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The job of piston compressor is the working volume that a powerful person of air cylinder, gas and the piston place that make reciprocate in air cylinder make constant change will finish. The cubage loss in if take no account of piston compressor,working actually and energy loss (namely) of good job process, criterion piston compressor crankshaft every rotate the work that a week place completes, can divide for inspiratory, compress and exhaust process.

5. Blade type compressor

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Blade type compressor uses a convention, the technology that has gotten test and verify, have drive directly with low-down speed, have unapproachable reliability. Rotor is the part that runs exclusively continuously, have above a certain number of the chamfer of cut of edge length direction, insert among them have the blade that can slide on oily film. Rotor rotates in the stator of air cylinder. During rotate, centrifugal force swings blade from inside groove piece, form each alone compression room. Rotate make compress the bulk of the room to be reduced ceaselessly, air pressure increases ceaselessly. Will control the quantity of heat that compresses generation through infuse pressurization oil. High-pressured air from vent eduction, the oil that remains among them gives through final oily segregator cleared.

6. Screw type compressor

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Screw type compressor calls screw compressor again. 20 centuries 50 time, compressor of type of fuel injection screw applies on refrigeration unit, because its structure is simple, fragile little, can fall in the operating mode that great pressure is differred or pressure compares, exhaust temperature is low, much to be being contained in refrigeration agent lubricating oil (often call wet journey) not sensitive, have lose tolerance adjustment sex goodly, held the scope of application of compressor of high capacity reciprocating type very quickly, and ceaselessly to medium capacity limits outspread, apply on the refrigeration unit such as refrigerant, cold storage, air conditioning and chemical craft widely. The screw type that is lead plane with it heats up pump from 20 centuries begin to be used at respect of heating air conditioning at the beginning of 70 time, available gas heat source, hydro-thermal pump, heat reclaims model, glacial harbour is cold model etc. In industrial respect, for energy-saving, yi Cai heats up pump to make heat reclaim with screw type.

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