Because the author makes compressor energy-saving service, classics regular meeting and friend of person of the same trade discuss concerned compressor the current situation of energy-saving service industry and development problem, have representative problem via often can be being asked about a few, also experienced practitioner to be put generally in a few to have representative bewilderment.

The problem is: The first, can compressor industry disappear? The 2nd, in so intense industry competitive environment falls, how does the company grow? Bewilderment is: The first, hang out one’s shingle new 3 board the decision that is a mistake? Talk about the phenomenon that capital market color changes namely; The 2nd, compressing the sources of energy of air system contract to run a service after all is a hole, should continue to do after all? The 3rd, a lot of people are talking mode selling gas, will it replace contract the sources of energy to manage service mode? The 4th, also should resemble someone else same, in each district capital attraction support falls, make an industry outspread, do the business that swims up and down? For instance: Pneumatics engine plant, open aftertreatment plant, open conduit plant or build channel to wait a moment oneself.

The author undertook to these problems and bewilderment deepness thinks, summary thinks: This a series of problem and be anxious is compressor industry in market economy development process counteracts new era setting to fall, as practitioner inevitable meeting comes up against. These problems to the enterprise “ is blessing it is disaster ” of operator of business of complete be decided by to these age issues hold with processing capability. It is to brave the wind and waves successful transition upgrades, still sink into at this point, be washed out by the market? Without doubt, active and active face a problem, dissect an issue, solving quandary is our only alternative.

Above all, we must “ of slam the door follows suit blindly the state of mind of ” and ” of “ try anything when in a desperate situation, know capacity of current situation of market environment, trade and oneself soberly, not be to see people is turning, in upgraded, the wind unboiled water that others is like to do rises, oneself also act immediately, the investment of systemic heart goes in new job. Of course, also cannot “ calm view its change ” , people of sit back and wait goes turning, see turn into oneself again. “ changes the theme that ” is times development, do not go getting used to the change of the market actively, do not go seizing market opportunity quickly, the company did not expand the scope with big state forever.

Compressor industry is a general and mechanical industry, be economic production must equipment, unless new technology can be replaced,compress air, otherwise this industry will exist forever, won’t disappear, the opportunity of development always is existence. So, must capture “ to change the principle of ” , on safe foundation, toward advantageous directional change.

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Next, ” should seize times and opportunity and “ changes. Current period, it is the era that a market opens, it is a crisis the times of 4 bend over, it is a capricious times, it is a times that is full of good luck more. The market is open mean, the industry is sufficient competition, it is very intense, but competitive, service has the product that wants you only fixed position of characteristic, market is exact, you do not have market barrier, won’t be eliminated to be outside the door by forestall, always can cut cake of a market; 4 bend over mean the crisis, some see the opportunity backside that has been like always accompanying high risk. Current period, mechanism of drive of copartner system, equity is to arouse company internal motive force, resource of integrated inside and outside promotes the advanced mechanism that company transition upgrades, but if application is bad, also will bring risk; Change of be apt to is vivid reflected market current situation, there is forever friend on bazaar, also do not have forever enemy, have lasting interest only. Compete today, will cooperate tomorrow, between the one night that dispenses closes to often happen; Finally, this times offers us too much development opportunity really, organic meeting can enter fluctuation to swim through equity investment industry, organic meeting sells the product any corners on the world through the network, organic meeting upgrades through interior, promote a product quality, optimize product structure, acquire more market share.

Again, the compressor industry ” that capital market gives us “ tradition was to dig hole after all, still sent welfare? Why to meet does be reduced to poverty arrive talk about the condition that capital market goes with respect to color? Actually, most the core, most primary reason or the proper understanding that depend on us lacking pair of capital markets and understanding, lack learns to the major of capital market. Our understanding just still stays in capital market to send the big money, place that gives a name namely, just still stay in the administrative levels of ” be operatinged by passivity of “ of intermediary service orgnaization, still stay in groom wait in the theory of classroom. Whether are you read attentively for instance pass with research ” company method ” , ” negotiable securities law ” of the basic law compasses that waits for concerned capital market and company of concerned standard processing ” company rules ” wait for a file; Whether to understand “ truly 3 meetings a ” namely partner the value of meeting, board of directors, supervision board and senior management layer and meaning. If be the judgement level that keeps in a few easy to read and understand acknowledge and others mouth merely, capital market to us, how is the likelihood “ welfare ” ? !

In fact, in the industry two do poineering work greatly board appear on the market company China and China, run through capital and capital, achieved the billions of breakthrough to 10 billion market prise, the whole world of the distribution that achieved market globalization and technical force is integrated, realized advanced technique and talent, advanced equipment and configuration of made high grade resource. Come nearly 10 years, brand of a few foreign capital is in China many cases of the market to buy case, the market that also achieves foreign capital brand takes off promotion of value of tired, capital and brand to appreciate. Still have a few new 3 board the company that hang out one’s shingle, also highlighted the value of capital and power really. So, the standard that uses capital market comes to operation firm, below new era, regular meeting more and more give prize. After all, the company is more normative, operation cost is lower, operation efficiency is taller.

The 4th, compressor is the 4 big bad news with accepted whole world can one of equipment, it is electric tiger, the 8% ~ that its power consumption takes year of total electricenergy production 12% . In the meantime, whole the efficiency that reduces air system government is low, causing tremendous the sources of energy to waste also is be obvious to all, so, in the sources of energy the prices with strict requirement of elevatory, environmental protection falls pressure of increasingly nervous, cost, energy-saving with extracting effect is compressor industry needs classics task, and service of contract energy government is the best player that solves task difficult problem.

Contract energy management serves this to commercialize a mechanism is the brand-new and energy-saving new mechanism that 70 time begin to develop a kind when rise to be based on the market to run in western developed country, it is the settlement that passed market test and verify specific power consumption and the optimal plan that promote management efficiency. Be regarded as “ hole ” , because be short of to sincere letter,be in losing the market that the canal dominates, in energy-saving technology application undeserved, energy-saving management does not follow to go up, energy-saving effect cannot be measured effectively, oneself capital actual strength is finite seek multinomial order blindly again, and unaccustomed last by the month through the service below the influence that gathering and expectation accrual cross advanced and numerous element, hardship comes down a few years to seem to do not have gain money, be lose money in business even. Actually, itself of service of contract energy government is not one kind earns quick buck and the tool that make money easily, it is a need the service of the Gao Shuiping of actual strength of truly energy-saving technology, level of management, capital and operation ability, high risk, high income, need “ slow develop, the management thinking of ” of accrual of operation of essence of life, delay, ability controlled.

Sell gas pattern, be similar to “ family to light gas to supply with collect fees the means of ” , also be a kind of good market pattern. Economic development needs the innovation of commercial pattern. The innovation of commercial pattern can activation not only an industry, alter the future of an industry even, for instance: Share the occurrence of bicycle, saved traditional bicycle industry quickly; Contract the sources of energy manages those who serve mode to appear, promoted compressor industry development, make the section can make compressor industry label. The occurrence of mode selling gas and maturity will be development of compressor industry innovation to put on wonderful brushstroke. Mode selling gas and mode of service of contract energy government have actor drawback each, do not have this disappear to those grows and be replaced with the possibility that is replaced, the different service mode that just is based on demand of different project operating mode, client, technology to ask to adopt and with.

The 5th, all the time since the brother that manufacturer and agency are a pair of mutual depend on sb or sth for existence and mutual rich play chess, both sides needs the force of the other side of have the aid of to extend the market. But after manufacturer scale of production rises, can act as agent through exclusive area, outside bag sale, joint-stock branch multiform, permeate to downstream sale end stage by stage, with period acquire more market sales volume and market speech right; And agency a lot of moment are “ sell and ” of actor criterion factory, after having certain sale base, begin oneself to become a manufacturer, upstream develops, master manufacturing fountainhead independently, the sale that is back end provides space of more convenience sexes, profit and competition ability. No matter be manufacturer swims to establish sale channel oneself downward, or agency upstream develops to build a plant, accord with market game law, wanted oneself to have corresponding capital, technology, talent, supplier, sale channel, field, risk to control ability to still the dream can have an industry only outspread. The industry is outspread the efficiency that is helpful for elevating operation the level not only, still be helpful for the appreciation of capital value.

Social progress, accompanying an issue and industrial development comes, solved what kind of problem, with respect to casting what kind of times feature. Below the economic situation of new era setting, mix at all to live with compressor industry establish line of business this industry personnel place is faced with new issue and bemused fact to belong to inevitable, and solve these problems, analytic these bewilderment also are industry personnel takes on duely, what who solves these problems is the most complete, what who will make the market is outstanding person.

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