In mine production, electromechanical equipment is important auxiliary equipment, not only can significant emancipatory labour force, improve the manufacturing efficiency of mine, still can avoid the error that causes for the element because of the person, enhance the security that mine produces, accordingly Electromechanical equipment has important sense to mine production, should do good Electromechanical equipment to supervise the work. But, current mine Electromechanical still is put in a few problems in equipment management, want to improve the integral result that mine Electromechanical equipment manages, the enterprise needs from problem proceed with, formulate corresponding strategy, improve the result that mine Electromechanical equipment manages.

1, the main problem that mine Electromechanical exists in equipment management

Equipment of 1.1 mine Electromechanical manages concept lag

In process of government of equipment of Electromechanical of current China colliery, the manages a method development concept of a lot of Electromechanical equipment and abroad have very big different. The main reason of this kind of result is the company did not develop mine device energetically, and when managing to equipment, did not take the principal port of equipment management seriously, may appear in equipment government process so all sorts of mistakes, affect the superintendency of equipment, final meeting affects the moving position of equipment. Accordingly, the draws lessons from company of equipment of advanced Electromechanical of China or abroad management experience that the enterprise ought to try hard, make the government of equipment of enterprise oneself Electromechanical works can more effective spread out, achieve the goal that mine Electromechanical equipment manages effectively thereby.

Equipment of 1.2 mine Electromechanical is put in certain safe hidden trouble

Because a few problems exist in management of mine Electromechanical equipment, and may appear in equipment use process use a system in the absense of some kind of safety, make all sorts of mistakes may appear in the process that the administrative job of mine equipment is developing, bring about mine production to cannot go on wheels quite, accordingly, all sorts of error that in wanting to eliminate Electromechanical to run a course better, appear. All sorts of safe hidden trouble that appear to mine equipment can get very well settlement, also can the productivity that utmost ground promotes Electromechanical equipment, all sorts of blemish that exist to Electromechanical equipment want actively to try to manage and be transformed, and want the facility that sufficient ground realises administrative process is medium run a state, need does good improvement to work in administrative process.

Overhaul of equipment of 1.3 mine Electromechanical plans to be not perfected

In management of mine Electromechanical equipment, the overhaul that business management personnel should combine production to perfect Electromechanical equipment actually and maintain plan, raise mine Electromechanical equipment to govern quality thereby. But discover through managing the understanding of the process to mine Electromechanical equipment, the outstanding issue that at present management of mine Electromechanical equipment occurs is to overhaul a plan to be not perfected. In the meantime, although business working personnel can make a corresponding Electromechanical equipment is overhauled and maintain according to the need of the management of mine Electromechanical equipment plan, but get the limitation of level of staff member major and primary quality, at present the overhaul of mine Electromechanical equipment plans to return existence to be deficient in certainly on perfect sex and comprehensive sex. Go against what government of mine Electromechanical equipment works to begin not only so, also affected the practical effect that mine Electromechanical equipment manages at the same time.

The mine Electromechanical of 1.4 lack high quality is in charge of manage and maintenance technician

In management of equipment of Electromechanical of current China mine, the produces characteristic and mine Electromechanical equipment specialty of according to mine, its aborning occurrence breakdown perhaps needs to undertake maintaining working, with respect to need the maintenance technician with several excellent technologies has corresponding operation. Do not have friendly intercourse show equipment of Electromechanical of level China mine to manage the job to look, already no matter some Electromechanical equipment management and maintenance technician team are in professional skill respect or working experience the respect still has defective, to difficulty the problem cannot be solved quickly, delayed the use of mine Electromechanical equipment so. Accordingly, the enterprise ought to take the actual condition of oneself management and maintenance technician seriously, combine the working need that mine Electromechanical equipment manages, develop person with ability of high quality technology thereby, build team of person with ability of a high level, overhaul of contented Electromechanical equipment and the job that maintain need.

What the problem exists in management of equipment of Electromechanical of 2, mine is main answer strategy

Equipment of Electromechanical of 2.1 active newer mine manages a concept

To mine company, the administrative job of Electromechanical equipment is the main base that its produce daily, once Electromechanical equipment cannot move normally quite, mine extracts the job is about to stop. Accordingly, the enterprise ought to manage a concept newlier hard, the administrative thinking translate into that handles trouble simply from in the past is absorbed actively, introduce an advanced technique, those who realize pair of mine Electromechanical equipment is good safeguard with transform, not only interest is familiar with equipment at employee, master equipment circumstance, still can let equipment get effective maintenance and transform. According to above measure, can ensure equipment stabilizes ground safety work for a long time to go down, produce the biggest effect of Electromechanical equipment adequately thereby, improve the actual production efficiency of mine company.

2.2 eliminate hidden danger of safety of mine Electromechanical equipment

In the course that the enterprise runs in mine Electromechanical equipment, the likelihood in ought to taking mine Electromechanical equipment seriously puts the issue of safe hidden trouble that be in, eliminate these safe hidden danger. Be based on mine Electromechanical equipment government is practical, in specific administrative process, enterprise not only should make reasonable mine Electromechanical equipment administer a plan, put the emphasis in Electromechanical equipment safety to the platoon of hidden trouble is checked and be eliminated even, make mine Electromechanical equipment can assure normal moving condition, improve the integral result that mine Electromechanical equipment manages, satisfy the real need that mine Electromechanical equipment manages, ensure management of mine Electromechanical equipment can have specific specific aim and purpose sex, make sure management of mine Electromechanical equipment can be achieved expect an end. Accordingly, enterprise should the safe hidden danger that will eliminate mine Electromechanical equipment to manage is put in the first place, improve the efficiency that mine manufactures thereby.

2.3 make perfect mine Electromechanical equipment overhaul a plan

Electromechanical equipment extracts tremendous workload can bear in exercise in daily mine, accordingly, these equipment hard to avoid can appear the problem of breakdown or component ageing. This must undertake the overhaul of daily overhaul, scheduled maintenance and equipment to mine Electromechanical equipment with respect to requirement enterprise. Work through these overhauls, ensure equipment carries good moving position and normal movement, put an end to those who produce an accident to happen. Combine the oneself characteristic of the moving current situation of mine Electromechanical equipment and mine Electromechanical equipment, in overhauling a plan to establish a procedure, should reflect the periodic characteristic that overhauls a plan and comprehensive sex characteristic mainly, make sure mine Electromechanical equipment overhauls a plan to be able to achieve periodic overhaul and comprehensive sex overhaul, the overhaul frequency that improves Electromechanical facility second with overhaul quality, the overhaul of equipment of contented mine Electromechanical is actual. Will make sure the overhaul of mine Electromechanical equipment can achieve expectant overhaul goal with this, improve the overhaul efficiency of mine Electromechanical equipment and result thereby.

The 2.4 mine Electromechanical facility that establish high quality manage and maintain a group

The stand or fall of the integral major quality of army of enterprise Electromechanical installation is having immediate effect to the manufacturing benefit of its oneself. Electromechanical technology personnel masters advanced technical knowledge only, excellent Electromechanical equipment technology, ability makes the potential advantage of Electromechanical equipment is developed. Can carry talented person of technology of put sb in a very important position, groom regularly to technical qualified personnel, the timely award whole quality that improves Electromechanical personnel and working enthusiasm. Additional, to the post of employee cognizance job wants cogent had done, make employee retains working initiative. Be based on above understanding, the attention of the primary quality that the enterprise wants to strengthen pair of management and maintenance technician not only in process of Electromechanical equipment government and professional skill, even the real case that according to union equipment of Electromechanical of current business mine supervises, the talent to high quality undertakes choose is mixed recruit, build Electromechanical of mine of a high quality to equipment manages and maintain a group, make sure management of mine Electromechanical equipment can have good personnel to prop up thereby, make mine Electromechanical equipment manages the job to be able to get be beginninged effectively, those who improve management of mine Electromechanical equipment is professional with integral quality.

Total epilogue

The place on put together is narrated, electromechanical management job runs the place with be had important in the process in company coal mine. But get the influence of a variety of elements, mine Electromechanical equipment is in management, still put in a variety of problems, want to improve the integral result that mine Electromechanical equipment manages, be about to make corresponding countermeasure, improve the integral result that mine Electromechanical equipment manages thereby.

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