Report of senior engineer hydrogen: Situation add appear rich to held water 2011, have experience of product research and development and deep market acknowledge, is excuse me technology of core of machine of pneumatics of cell of company hydrogen fuel reflected in what respect? Whether does this product have actual application case to you can offer reference?

Zhang Xuefeng: Situation add show gain all the time the development of machinery of impeller of take root high end serves, through practice of 8 single-page calendar, had made the banner brand of the industry. Since 2016, the company passes sufficient survey, project approving throws fuel cell not to have the development of machine of oily centrifugal pneumatics, this is the item of industrialization of own research and development that the company threw a large number of energy.

In time of nearly 3 years, the company broke through compressor of efficient low specific speed, dynamic pressure to enrage the core such as electric machinery of float bearing, high speed and high frequency control crucial technology camp, successful research and development machine of pneumatics of in suspension of XT-FCC series energy of life (range of products but perfect the demand of system of clean air feed that covers 30-150kW report lot) .

First our prototype “XT-FCC300 pioneer a ” already consign client undertakes the system matchs to evaluate a test with function, obtain high opinion. Having as the company to development capacity, we can the oldest rate satisfies client synchronism to develop demand and system best function matchs.

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Report of senior engineer hydrogen: Regard core of system of hydrogenous fuel cell as one of components, ability of what technology demand must pneumatics machine satisfy truly applicable between fuel cell?

Zhang Xuefeng: To come true as far as possible high energy changes efficiency, the electrochemistry of fuel cell interior answers the parameter such as airy temperature, humidity, pressure and discharge to having firm demand instead. But the industrial compressor that uses extensively at present cannot satisfy the requirement with fuel characteristic to air feed cell. Because this design develops a function to be able to undertake the compressor that match with fuel cell system well primely, crucial to the function promotion of fuel cell and industrial development.

If say report piles the heart that is system of fuel cell power, that does not have oily pneumatics machine is driving lung, it is the component with fuel cell very main system. “ heart – the technical level that lobar function ” decided fuel cell basically and function index.

We think machine of fuel cell pneumatics is different from groovy pneumatics machine from beginning to end, also have fasten the electronic supercharger at traditional engine, it should be a new species, need satisfies the empty press that applies to fuel cell not to have limits of oil, low noise, high reliability, efficient, miniaturization, work absolutely wide, good trends answers a lot of Yan Ke such as ability, good heat management, low cost.

Report of senior engineer hydrogen: Does machine of pneumatics of component of core of system of hydrogenous fuel cell design existence what difficulty?

Zhang Xuefeng: Machine of centrifugal type pneumatics is the core component of hydrogenous fuel cell, its represented the top level of pneumatics machine industry, involve an aerodynamics, pass the numerous course such as oscillatory and heat, mechanical, mechanical, electric machinery, electronic-controlled, material and expensive precision work.

Pneumatics machine research and development needs to capture not only many individual technologies, and need is compositive these individual technologies, make aircrew safety efficient move. Do these individual technologies include: ? Whistle Э Gan paragraph cleanse of sip of  of ⒊ of shank of garden of Tuo of level ground of bail of  of black of vulgar of Dong of  of ⒊ of shank of garden of Tuo of level ground of bail of orangutan of Ke of ≈ of  of a legendary venomous insect of  of broadleaf plant of  of round  of  of ⒌ of ぁ of Piao Yuan commonplace of bail of  of  of enough  of clear of charming of neon of У harmonious helmet comes.

It is many 100 enterprise as (include aerospace power) the development that has offerred the impeller machine that designs advisory service serves a company, the design that at present we mastered compressor already completely and make, the design of gas surplus bearing and the design that make and exceed high speed electric machinery and make.

And we and supplier the electric machinery of permanent magnetism synchronism of a custom-built development is high frequency controller, can match all sorts of type well. In addition, every component design is put in corresponding technical challenge, need us to think how balance advantages and disadvantages, these core components effectively conformity is together, the project technology with very rich domain of this need much discipline is accumulated and balance, on the foundation that how realizing miniaturization for instance, do not sacrifice again too much function and operating mode limits. These research and development are broken through and optimizing iteration is to be in situation add appear the foundation that experience of research and development of old high end accumulates rich to go up, the group is passed long assault fortified positions overcomes difficult implementation.

Come 3 years, situation add machine of the pneumatics that show gain to hold to high speed straight drive from beginning to end centrifugal technology course. Now look back on, our technical course choice is very correct. Major part includes to be able to be made bearing, electric machinery and controller in China with production, it is more apparent that we reduce the dominant position on cost in industrialization.

Design each because of the system of every client not identical, only pneumatics machine and system optimal it is good to match custom-built design to do, performance of system of cell of ability implementation fuel is achieved optimal. For this, we planned when seriation is designed distinctive XT-FCC technology framework, on unified and rock-bottom technology and design framework, have very agile expansibility and custom-built sex. This design conception is similar to GELeapX aviation engine, framework of similar product technology, to match demand of performance of system of different aircraft client, derive LeapA (empty guest) , LeapB (Boeing) , LeapC (Chinese Shang Fei) model of a few important clients.

Situation add appear rich to regard as have extremely strong the group to development capacity, can producing advantage of our technical research and development adequately, cooperate with cheek by jowl with our client research and development, joint on XT-FCC technology framework rapid research and development takes out key client’s exclusive and custom-built product version, in order to reach different clientele the acme demand to systematic performance, at the same time this also conduces to client of fuel cell system building their respective competition advantage and technical camp.

Report of senior engineer hydrogen: Whether does product research and development observe and study somewhat to raw material?

Zhang Xuefeng: Using proper raw material is the foundation that realizes products plan intention. In respect of rigid structure part, regard the product that faces a car to use a trade as fixed position, we are preferential the raw material that chooses a car to use a system, supply catenary and quality management system. Be aimed at certain and crucial component, we also can choose the material of aviation class, for instance high temperature alloy.

At the same time we also use a few new-style data in the attempt, with promoting a product property further, at present different program course is being optimized in collateral test in. Situation add the group that show gain to have very deep aviation power research and development and production service background, the project skill experience that serves an item in high-end development is accumulated can cross group application to use a field to the car.

Report of senior engineer hydrogen: Up to now, situation add market of machine of the pneumatics that show gain to extend a case how?

Zhang Xuefeng: Our market fixed position is very clear: 1, maintain a technology to lead from beginning to end, with solid and ability of persistent research and development, accomplish No.1 of function index industry; 2, the cost control that industry of prep close behind grows demand to had done us, let an industry be blocked by foreign brand no longer neck; 3, make the most professional service group, develop through doing poineering work a few years, we are in at present the group that Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xi’an, Jiangsu established us like Gao Dou and base, can realize quick delivery, on-line service.

2019 should be us a year when the market begins to the limit of one’s capacity, demand of client of industry of our meeting follow closely, the yield that will configure us can plan. Go up somehow, the market demand of our product still basically depends on of national policy upgrade dynamic, and industry client is right in the evolution that research and development of system of high-pressured fuel cell and product influence.

Report of senior engineer hydrogen: What does the pneumatics aircraft type of the mainstream on the market have at present? Which kinds of type can hold predicting future larger market share?

Zhang Xuefeng: Pneumatics machine is the important part that air of fuel cell system supplies a system, be aimed at the performance demand of different fuel cell system, the air compressor that often needs to differ matchs with its, commonly used pneumatics aircraft type has machine of pneumatics of screw type, centrifugal type, vortex type and collect Ci type to wait.

Centrifugal type compressor has best integrated effect in the respect such as power density, efficiency, noise, be considered as one of kind of air pressure boost that have an outlook most. From at present the research development direction outside China looks, compressor of centrifugal type air will be henceforth the development direction of the mainstream. In the meantime, supply what systematic performance asks to rise to air as fuel cell system, the main trend that machine of centrifugal type pneumatics and turbine match working certainly will to will become fuel cell to develop with pneumatics machine future.

But machine of centrifugal type pneumatics can produce asthma when low flow brace up phenomenon, the service life of the function of system of this will serious effect and empty press. Situation the machines and tools of centrifugal type pneumatics that adds the development that show gain has wider stable moving range, below little flow operating mode, can realize greater pressure elevatory rate, be helpful for pneumatics machine in low flow operating mode of high pressure ratio falls to move normally and producing asthma brace up.

Report of senior engineer hydrogen: relatively the pneumatics machine product at abroad, are Chinese product and its difference reflected what place be? Need respectively from what does the respect undertake a breakthrough?

Zhang Xuefeng: Inside limits of eye preexistence bound, still have no complete maturity, the product that completely contented user asks. Certain manufacturer of abroad starts earlier, level of technology of machine of the pneumatics outside China has certain space, but we can overtake this distance hard.

The result data of evaluation of client of a ” has made clear our “XT-FCC300 pioneer, product function has exceeded foreign contest taste in a lot of respects. Foreign product also is not perfect, on the breakthrough of core technology, similar challenge and problem are faced outside China actually. As Chinese market develop energetically, we believe Chinese brand has an advantage more instead in a lot of respects, we believe regular meeting has Chinese brand to win out in this domain horse race very sturdily.

Below such setting, we should seize rare opportunity, sufficient him play is distinctive technical advantage, solid had done works of following a few fields: Cooperate with with dynamical system cheek by jowl research and development, demand drawing, technology is driven; Much discipline crosses group application, produce learn to grind to cooperate cheek by jowl; Hardheaded rush forth, gather data of product research and development ceaselessly.

Report of senior engineer hydrogen: As we have learned, the market that showing level is pneumatics machine guides period, also be the chance that pneumatics aircraft manufacturer enters market of hydrogenous fuel cell, what kind of view do you have to this?

Zhang Xuefeng: We expect state-owned actual strength and the high grade enterprise in more join this market. What benign competition just has an industry can develop to upgrade with the technology continuously, the health of industry of cell of collective stimulative fuel develops quickly.

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