One, compress air specific power consumption and analysis of expenses

Compressing air is one of dynamical sources with the widest application in industrial domain, because its have security, without social effects of pollution, adjust performance is good, carry convenient wait for a lot of advantage, make its apply in modern industry domain more and more extensive. But good compresses air admirably to need to waste much the sources of energy to character, the business is produced in great majority, compressing the n of one-time the sources of energy that air uses up is very big.

System of engine of a pneumatics moves charge 5 years to comprise: 25% what earlier investment expenses of the system and equipment safeguard charge to take total charge, and to electric energy use up occupy 75% , waste of almost all system is to reflect what go up in charge of electricity.

Compress a system to undertake assessment according to the air to each industries, the compression that can discover great majority air system, no matter its are new old, moving efficiency is not ideal. Compress air leak, person to be enraged to use incorrect use the systematic control with impropriety to all can bring about systematic efficiency drop etc, increase what bring about client charge of electricity thereby ceaselessly, the sources of energy is wasted 2 times. A large number of experiments also prove, compressor uses at increasing the electric energy that place of air potential energy wastes to be occupied only to moving efficiency 15% the left and right sides, the heat energy of electric energy translate into of 85% , in discharging atmosphere through pneumatics machine housing and condenser, go.

1) heat energy of machine of pneumatics of type of fuel injection screw reclaims system, below the circumstance that makes sure pneumatics plane stability moves, reclaim pneumatics machine high temperature compresses heat in cooling oil, ensure oily temperature of regurgitate rotor refrigeration accords with a requirement and stable; Reclaiming compression heats up the 60% above that occupy empty press power input about.

2) heat energy of machine of pneumatics of the screw that do not have oil reclaims system, carry headroom to press temperature at discharging condensate of machine cooling water to 80 ℃ , use exterior answer harvest prize to reclaim to compress heat among them, in taking care of machine of new regurgitate pneumatics truly cold, hind cold cooling water temperature accords with a requirement and stable; Reclaiming compression is hot 70% what occupy empty press power input about.

3) heat energy of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics reclaims system, below the circumstance that makes sure pneumatics plane stability moves, can reclaim exhaust of class of end of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics compresses heat mediumly, reclaiming compression is hot 18% what occupy empty press power input about.

2, reduce air system more than hot analysis

When compressor is moving, use at increasing the electric energy that air potential energy wastes truly, occupy in total power consumption very small one part, major transition is quantity of heat, through wind cold or the means of water-cooling discharges air in, make these quantity of heat are wasted for nothing, not very good be used, actually this part quantity of heat still has very large possibility to use. Produce quantity of heat to analyse via compressing the kinetic energy in the process and heat energy changeover to pneumatics machine, the power input of 100% ; About 2% for radiation quantity of heat, about 4% to stay in the quantity of heat of pneumatics machine, the quantity of heat that has 94% about is to be able to reclaim use.

Can reclaim analysis of quantity of heat: The electric energy of 100% is used up, electric machinery comes loose heat is about 5% , lube takes away quantity of heat to be about 75% , compress air to take away quantity of heat for 10% , loss of other quantity of heat is 10% , can reclaim for 85% .

3, compress air system quantity of heat to reclaim energy-saving solution

The working flow of pneumatics machine: After air passes the filter that take energy of life to divide the dirt in atmosphere or foreign matter filter, by the control that take energy of life a powerful person enters compressor lead plane, the cooling lube that enters with gush in reducing a process mixes, emit into storage tank of oil gas depart from compressor via compressing the gas mixture after, the oil that gets high temperature, maximum pressure respectively thereby, gas must enter respective condenser. After compressing air classics condenser to cool among them, send a system to use finally. And after the lube of high temperature high pressure cools through condenser, return oil path to enter a loop below one round. According to computation, in afore-mentioned processes, the quantity of heat that place of oil gas of high temperature high pressure carries is equivalent to air compressor power comsumption about of 85% change quantity of heat, more than hot temperature is normally between 100 ℃ of 80 ℃ ~ . Pneumatics aircraft moves the more than heat of generation, if be not exchanged, can cause lubricant knot anxious, produce tolerance to drop, electric machinery power increases, serious person compressor lead plane is held in the arms dead, cannot air of on the rails continues to compress. The more than heat that to make full use of pneumatics opportunity produces, use more than heat to reclaim of the high temperature maximum pressure that unit generates to air compressor compress air to undertake cooling, can improve the efficiency yield gas of pneumatics machine not only, still can make the enterprise achieves right social beneficial result. Compress air beyond heat to be able to make the hot water that takes life place to need, raise the utilization rate of the sources of energy.

Compress air system heat to reclaim applied limits:

Temperature can be used at boiler warm-up in 90 ℃ ;

Temperature can be used at craft to use water in 70 ℃ ;

Temperature can use water with Yu Weisheng in 60 ℃ ;

Temperature can be used at floor space heating in 50 ℃ ;

Temperature can be used at RO pure water in 50 ℃ .

4, energy recovers system

Yu Weisheng and temperature are used in 60 ℃ in the light of temperature 50 ℃ do energy to reclaim with Yu Louyu heating systems analysis.

Machine of pneumatics of 4.1 existing 160kW 4, predict 4 a standard-sized sheet, run 24H everyday, according to answer effects to lead 75% computation, horary but energy-saving: 160kW×2.5×100%×75%=300kW.

Plan will empty press now more than heat undertakes heating up reclaiming transforming, recuperative heat quantity is used at company single apartment block to wash bath to heat with water, air conditioning of industry of supply of the others quantity of heat is used.

Wash bath to be expressed as follows with hot demand.

QiAir Compressor

Heating is expressed as follows with hot demand.

QiAir Compressor

The useless heat of the generation in pneumatics accident travel can be satisfied at the same time wash bath and air conditioning to heat with water, annual and managing specific power consumption is expressed as follows.

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4.2 use energy of straight hot formula to reclaim system, round-the-clock and automatic move, can realize unmanned value completely to defend. Energy recovers every pneumatics machine deploys the system, after switching on the mobile phone move automatically, differentiate oil is lukewarm, value of prep above set starts circular pump to control ark signal. Energy recovers systematic basis gives water temperature self-adjusting discharge of water-turbine pump, set of temperature prep above is worth discharge of water-turbine pump to increase, conversely discharge of water-turbine pump is reduced.

Control ark detects the loop that shut type hydraulic, water is warm reach circular cistern temperature, fluid, control loop pump, heating pump.

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The system detects everyday energy recovers the system runs state: Wen Chao crosses an any oil pump of set value loop starts the work, the system enters board type heat exchanger to undertake commutative quantity of heat, the temperature in the system exceeds set value, the system bides his time filling water. Electromagnetism a powerful person controls the water level of hot water cistern, after 2 times circular pump trade is heated up, hot water undertakes pressurization, ask in order to satisfy water supply pressure, make extraction hot water can be used at any time.

Pass this bold attempt, we experience use pneumatics machine heat to reclaim device can live to the company hot water undertakes optimizing, have the hot water that uses pneumatics machine 2 times using, reduce the waste of the sources of energy. Saved cost of charge of electricity, water already, the use quantity of the sources of energy such as fuel, produce the life for the company again managing cost, also reduced carbon to discharge, social benefit is apparent.