27 12, 2022

Compress air store can technical development existing state of affairs and foreground

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Foreword store can the technology is to solve but second birth energy resources is extensive receive, raise groovy power system and efficiency of system of area the sources of energy, security and socioeconomic urgent need, the technology propping up of revolution of the sources of energy that be called and strategical burgeoning industry. Up to by 2017, china store can outfit machine covers with tiles for 28.9 auspicious, 1.6% what take chance of general assembly of countrywide electric power about, far under the world the average level of 2.7% . Predict 2050, china store can install machine general to achieve 200 auspicious tile

15 12, 2022

Pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims market application and foreground analysis

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The article by " compressor " the magazine is achieved formerly, without allowing, must not reprint! The setting rapid development as industry and economy, people to the sources of energy ask for also grow day and day. Accompany the mankind's unending exploitation, the reserves of fossil fuel diminishs increasingly, world energy crisis grows day and day. Subsequently, of the sources of energy reasonable use, the repeated usage of the efficient benefit in order to of the sources of energy and the sources of energy, reclaim use the wide attention that got people. China is population big country, the sources of energy uses photograph contrast


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