Editor’s note: Current, as economic progress and industrialized pace accelerate, compressor is in to produce by wider and wider application in practice, in the meantime, also the flying progress as a result of mechanical industry, relevant enterprise is breakthrough of oneself of implementation of try every means more. Wait for respect do one’s best from transition of innovation of technical development, science and technology, company undertake hard, the intent is occupied in intense market competition position. However, good product should be done, need to sell more go out, so, how does the enterprise show the original part of his advantage and product come out, be received by the market and place of the person that use and favor, became the issue that at present the enterprise pays close attention to most undoubtedly.

In the process that the enterprise is dedicated to gaining the market, a crucial question rises to surface, that is, what are the professional accomplishment that needs “ equipment ” as oneself of salesperson of company product a gleam of and sale judgement and skill?

So, this period forum, we are in with salesperson of industry of a compressor the bewilderment that in selling a process actually, encounters and the issue that involve after service aspect are jumping-off place, it is in the light of the practitioner inside the industry in respective real work practical experience, the viewpoint that initiates the personage inside course of study is collected and communicate, in an attempt to discusses mutual beneficial purpose in all. This period forum, we come to the intense discussion that what spread out to this listen to netizens.

Participate in extensively, sincerity communication, a lot of difficulty and problem are met be readily solved, this is the force of the network!

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D: Fujunok

The mood is very depressed today, the aircraft that ordered a contract to want a 22kW with the client the other day child, the machine reached user plant today, be filled with joy preparation goes installing switch on the mobile phone, wait then take money to go person.

Extreme joy begets sorrow, the machine has not opened box, family boss sends a word: “ says again etc first, other the 22kW machine like selling the home and you is cheaper than you many ” . Heard this word, be equal to a thunder from the clear sky, had never encountered such things, the duck that thoroughly cook should fly, inconceivable. Come up against adversary we also cannot shrink back easily, toughen one’s scalp-brace oneself, grind with that boss with thickskinned, try to be communicated with him. The person that know can know his machine is good without mine, not be to speak carelessly, into valence also obvious, his machine is not less than my petty gain, quoted price is lower than me also of course. Can feel in the communication with the user, a certain manager in the user can share from inside adversary hand advantage is expended, cannot bright say, that manager is the boss’ kin. I friend introduction talks about at that time with the boss directly, we by conscience ask a price true not tall, very reasonable price. The boss does not understand, nobody talks for us. Today’s process is degenerative, remove one condition, remove one condition again. The boss’ requirement is a bit beyond the mark, want me to protect it to use 5 years. Give every year guarantee charge, very low of course. Prevail to do not let adversary, we answered completely, sad!

Everybody should ask for advice below: The first year, change 3 filter and engine oil; The 2nd year, want 3 filter and engine oil of course, what still allows flimsy? The 3rd year, 3 filter engine oil, what to still have? The 4th year, 3 filter, engine oil, what to still have? The 5th year, 3 filter, engine oil, what to still have? How many capital do these want every year?

The thing is close friends of course the thing is changed, or below the day was not protected, encounter difficult problem to ask for advice everybody.

ID: Li321123

The compensate that your this business does became big ah, the key still reads used frequency, the firm that lustrum machine uses some abandoned with respect to wall bulletin, maintain add artificial but many ah!   

ID: Fujunok

Use frequency does not calculate small, one year probably 4000 hours, I want to want lead plane not to give big trouble only, it is shorter that other fittings still has what life.

ID: Tzw200859498

Lead plane calculates without big trouble, still should maintain! Do you say not to include an axis to seal with bearing ah? The machine of 22kW does not know 10 thousand to you have gain, ah! !

ID: Jocycle

The contract was signed, it still have what word is good to still have what word say, should receive fund receive fund, this how with respect to how.

ID: Fujunok

Alas, it is not easy to think the thing that make a point is true also, it is price competition is offended get disaster.

Can such, maintain first say two years again, the hope does not have big trouble to arise, the money that he gives, only enough normal upkeep cost, if really what component damaged, that I but miserable.

Hear somebody to say the bearing of rotor of what lead plane wants to change especially, in my heart but straight be scared.

ID: Jysx5127

The machine of what brand are you? I also am doing this kind of thing, be be nervous all the day, look nevertheless I am a bit better than you, because do not have packet of lead plane to follow electric machinery occasionally, ah! ~


Needing those who remind you is, the charge of this brushstroke of later period still is not small really, yourself still is weighed in the hand cautiously.

ID: Hjhcompressor

Deal is mixed actually like be an upright person, want preach, how do knowing some person of the same trades really think! Do not make money, eat what, drink what? !

ID: Pp20070501

Ah, good Bei is urged, another unequal treaty arose!

ID: Southern mouse

The business is difficult, hard the business, present day is uneasy.

Nevertheless, it is understandable that the angle that stands in the client thinks, but think with respect to this thing individual or have very big communication room, after all, the relation relies on time to get, the road to happiness full of hardships. Over- perhaps 3 years this company manager was changed, ah.

ID: Chenadd1945

My individual feels, still be communicated with him more, at least principle is to cannot do business of lose money in business.

ID: Fujunok

Upstairs brother, never mention it made money, I also want to protect only this, ah. Price war is not a good thing.

ID: Li Si

Promise him first, money in one’s hand, love goes how how, I most be fed up with conversation not of count, this kind of small machine should be complete money pick up the goods! ! !

ID: Fujunok

Upstairs a brother says rightly, the master worker that joins him user also says their product line to be able to not know with on 5 years normally, and his boss must I wrap him 5 years. So ah, what the unequal treaty says is pretty good, we also am not to want to let ” of “ Chou Jia prevail so, ah, laugh at laughing is ache slightly in the heart.

ID: Leng Huo

Must say, present compressor industry business is done hard, it is a person next difficult communicate.

This print edits: Li Xiaomao

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