Editor’s note: In recent years, regard mechanical industry as the compressor industry of main component, drive as what the development of national economy and society progress, got swift and violent growth. In the meantime, each type is in compressor to applied a domain actually to also appear more clear become divided, respective advantage also is shown gradually. This decided, we the function that pay close attention to and must master compressor more in the round and the cause of formation of all sorts of breakdown, the solution of hep and different question, so that compress function,the better production that is us and life serve.

Undeniable, current, as economic progress and industrialized pace accelerate, compressor is in to produce by wider and wider application in practice, in the meantime, also apply as a result of the big range of mechanical product, the characteristic adroitness of all sorts of type adds up to manage application and acknowledge, also appear particularly important, so, of the practitioner that regards compressor as the industry we, how to hold the character of all sorts of type and the means of settlement after occurrence breakdown in the round, became the issue that at present we pay close attention to most undoubtedly.

So, this period forum, we with compressor domain everybody practitioner and user are in use process, to compressor how reasonable the opinion understanding that chooses lube side and accumulated experience, and the discussion that how undertakes discharging check and be settlemented to using the relevant problem that encounters in the process is jumping-off place, the viewpoint that initiates the personage inside course of study is collected and discuss greatly, in an attempt to discusses mutual beneficial purpose in all. This period forum, we come to the intense discussion that what spread out to this listen to netizens!

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D: Zhangsoha

Recently, the some screw compressor that agency recommends us to be being used to me is special lube. He quotes beginning is a pail 480, sign up for 800 yuan again now a pail, he explains is 800 yuan use 4000 hours, be 20 litres a pail, of 480 use 3000 hours, 16 litres a pail. Does his this view have authentic? How should be I judged and to how should be I judged and choose? Many thanks gives advice or comments!

ID: Fengke

Empty now press has two kinds commonly with oil, mineral oil and synthesis are oily, the price differs really nearly one times, estimating what recommend to you is two kinds of fat prices, you can check the supply of goods that checks him, ensure all wool and a yard wide.

ID: Zyczxs

This should decide according to the actual condition of your machine. Good lube has a lot of advantages of course, but a lot of businessman may not can understand this reason.

Additional, what you still need to combine you to be used before is the lube of what brand, use a sense how, have what problem, whether can be the price accepted wait an element a moment to consider integratedly. In the meantime, clear up the antecedents of the thing that he recommends, if without the problem you are about to see it can bring how old profit for you, whether be necessary to try, drop temperature for instance, decrease wear away, prolong machine service life, lengthen oil change cycle to wait a moment, compare you to be able to decide to be planted with where with judgement the product is right oh.

ID: Techlub

Say upstairsly without the fault, state of requirement of the type of compressor, work, environment and the quality that reduce medium have very big effect to lube, want to choose to suit the lube of your compressor most, be about to mix the performance characteristics of lube the element union such as state of requirement of the type of compressor, work, environment and the quality that reduce medium rises.

ID: Techlub

The operating mode condition of the character of the lube service life of cold screw compressor inside fuel injection and lube, compressor has close connection. Connecting general reason condition to fall, the lube that compresses a mechanism to build a manufacturer to be able to choose different quality class is appointed as theirs with oil, mostly oneself do not produce lubricating oil, consequently very much special oil is production of professional lube manufacturer, appear with respect to hard to avoid so the phenomenon of pass away the sham as the genuine.

ID: Anco-niu

Say objectively, at present the market has a lot of lubricating oil still is pretty good, the person that this is used with respect to need is discriminated carefully according to his demand and judged!

ID: Kimi-sam

Yes, those who say is right, what we use now is two kinds of oil, two kinds are Xx brand, the sense is good, mineral oil is tensile person 425 with synthetic oil pulling force person 1025.

ID: Bright water boasts

Ah, compare upstairsly for certain with these two prices tall, china is very actually much the product of lube enterprise already very pretty good, their synthesis compresses engine oil, raw material is chosen not poor, quality is same, but the price wants a lot of lower, might as well contrast more.

ID: Zeng71

How to choose, this should see the operating mode that move and medium. Consider above all commonly and medium is compatible, consider oily type and viscosity order and degree next, viscosity index, above of general VI 95, VG32, VG46, VG68 can consider, but consider the temperature impact to machine efficiency even. Specific contact with bearing supplier please, because lube has level of a lot of technologies, wait like lubricant ability, mechanical stability, it is the requirement that bearing supplier raises to lube production business.

ID: Jianxing2005

Must say, present compressor oily sort and brand are very much. But overall cent is mineral oil (1500 – 2000h) , half synthesis is oily (4500H) , common synthesis is oily (synthesis of 8000H) , purificatory highest grade is oily (12000- – 16000H) .

Additional, good lube can reduce axial power (reduce namely with n 4- – 7 % ) , reduce attrition, won’t generation accumulating carbon, improve sealed composition, decrease change fittings and product percent defective, grease is separative good, fight emulsification, still an advantage can lengthen 3 filter to change namely implement.

A lot of more current compressor manufacturer, actually oneself are not to produce oil to taste, it is the production that stick a card completely.

ID: Business circles

In screw machine industry oil sells this price to had been petty gain, the service that also lets a someone is worth some of money, why dispute, want them only can long-term within call, solve some of problem in time for you, cared with respect to not need. Ah, earn the truth that also did not exceed 800 again, this bit of money still opens an employee wages not quite.

ID: Zhengxc18081

Compressor uses what oil, the product must consider seriously when the design. In design standard, the industry already had specific provision to the use environment of general compressor, if environmental temperature limits asks,wait. Change oily name, it is businessmen do the thing that give for the RMB completely, of eventual fall victim still is an user!

ID: Bobo

Also yes, lube is professional manufacturer production, who does pneumatics machine to be in those who produce lubricating oil again? Nevertheless the “ that have to lets a family buy him is special you say oily ” this …… does not pass, the word says again, pneumatics machine is bad now to work, accomplish do not earn water of bit of “ oily ” finally?

ID: Huang Gao is versed in

Lube stand or fall sees tripartite face: It is base oil be a kind, 2 kinds, 3 kinds, 4 kinds, 5 kinds. 2 it is additive, especially the high temperature sex of antioxidant. The Cheng of 3 heat up in a steamer that are base oil.

General a kind of oil can be used at machine of pneumatics of piston, blade only, screw machine must use 3 kinds of above (3000 hours 3 kinds, 8000 hours 4 kinds) , of course, this still is concerned with machine design.

ID: Phbh8863

Suit oneself oil, just be best oil, the load that this needs the different, machine according to the machine, pressure, quality is superfluous will choose, wait like China, China, China, China with DAH; China, Han Xin, China uses DAJ.

Just think, manufacturer of pneumatics engine oil likes of course, but can want come off sentry duty in order to maintain for the worker of course of study, ah.

ID: Zhengli880

Be deal, do not know a technique, be in gossip, should know the where on this world has “ to include everybody is the compressor of satisfactory ” oily ah? ! Compressor oil wants give attention to two or morethings thermal conductivity, fluidity, agglutinant wait for multiple function, contradict originally. As a result of each agency, each compressor the factory needs lot not big, company of which big company agrees to develop compressor oil technically? Ha! Dogskin plaster did not sell!

Those who need statement is, normal compressor factory product just leaves factory through strict design and experiment appraisal, using what oil also had set, take oil of so called foreign brand to be replaced casually, what is consequence, the person that does this to go understands in the heart!

ID: Phbh8863

Screw compresses engine oil to use a note:

1, the pneumatics engine oil of different name, class prohibits mixing with.

2, old oil must be put when changing. Forbidden use fill to add or filter the method of put sb in a very important position. Because although the surface looks,reduce the facial expression of engine oil changeless, but of additive use up a likelihood to had exceeded the limit.

3, if greasy filth is not much, after the new oil that loads 1/2, movement 15 put to 60 minutes clean, replenish new oil moves normally. If carbon of greasy filth accumulating is too much, can ravel after oil cylinder, mix with artificial and cleared greasy filth accumulate carbon, use special clear lotion to clean next. But after be being cleaned, must want to be blown with dry air dry, rejoin cleans oily essence to clean movement 100 after coming 200 hours, put defecate to wash oily essence, join new oil to move normally finally. Destroy oil possibly to taste the function of additive not only otherwise, cause safe accident possibly still.

4, fine colander of depart of filter of filter of engine oil bypass, engine oil, oil gas, coarse filter should change to filter at the same time when oil change component, the examination is filter of collect colander, air, one-way a powerful person, lukewarm accuse warning apparatus to wait in good condition.

5, oil change index, see next tables:

6, recommending oil change time is not a fixed cost, because equipment, environment, oil is lukewarm, mechanical,the influence of foreign matter all can quicken the ageing that oil tastes. Accumulate carbon, knot to prevent anxious, in use process (every 300 hours) the color that still should notice observation lube, viscosity, oily wait, but cannot sheet relies on color to judge oil to taste stand or fall.

7, oil is lukewarm exorbitant must find a reason, cannot swing protector to keep production. Temperature crosses tall common cause:

Conduit of ⑴ oily condenser (water-cooling) bilge too much or jam, radiator bilge is too much (wind is cold) cause condenser efficiency inferior; Of ⑵ oily condenser lukewarm charge a powerful person not movement, invalidation of oily lukewarm sensor, if use, is PLC control, do not eliminate which integrated circuit board occurrence problem; ⑶ moves cooperate undesirable; ⑷ environment temperature is exorbitant bring about lube temperature tall; ⑸ exhaust presses China to be less than set to be worth, the reason may be type selecting mistake (anthology small) or the filter that take energy of life / oil gas segregator jams the throttle that take energy of life not movement or misoperation (be in shut a part to take gas a powerful person) or the leak inside screw is serious; ⑹ answers oil path not free. Oily filter jams (the quality that notes engine oil filter) ! Fuel delivery is insufficient; ⑺ compressor rotate speed is insufficient, v belt is too loose, also can bring about tolerance to drop; Bad or ⑻ lube quality is smeary dirty, lube ageing invalidation.

8, should change in spot record the time of lube and other component, servy record, fulfil responsibility person.

9, discover lube evaporates the loss is very big, answer to check oil gas segregator to whether punch above all.

10, screw compresses engine oil is special type oil, must have government of person specially assigned for a task, prevent to be in daily medium happening to mix oily accident.

11, the simple test law that oil tastes viscosity: Take clean glass together, after cleaning cool work, inclined put 45° left and right sides to secure, take drop of new oily a few to arrive on vitreous board with water bottle of old medicament for the eyes, record the flow time of certain distance. Take old oil to check flow time with same method. Both time differs 15% when, must oil change.

ID: Huang Gao is versed in

Petrolatum radical lube can be divided for one, 2, lube of 3 kinds of petrolatum radical. Among them the function with 3 kinds of base oil is best, this kind of oily characteristic is microtherm fluidity good, stick finger height, evaporate the loss is small, accumulate carbon little, lubricity is good, the consistence with sealed material and oil of carbolic hydrogen synthesis do not have how old difference, but fight oxidation ability poorer, high temperature capability synthesizes oil as carbolic hydrogen. Integral function basically is in additive, average service life is in 3000 hours of above.

Synthetic radical lube has: PAO radical lube, get together ether radical lube, synthesize ester radical lube, organic silicon base lube, contain fluorine radical lube to wait, normally service life is controlled in 8000 hours.

ID: David.yang

Oily versatility is actually wide, saw you how be used and maintain, the empty press that I maintain recommends a client to use appropriate general oil, good it is cheap still to use, ah.

ID: Nacolube

How be judged and choose compressor lube, this is answer of neither one standard actually, should be decided according to the particular case of the compressor that the user uses and specific appeal to beg and be decided.

This print edits: Li Xiaomao

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