Reciprocating type compressor, with respect to its essence character, not be to decide constant flow machine. Rotate as crankshaft every time, every compressor air cylinder from the draw-out and many gas in low-pressure pipeline, undertake compression to its, promote its high-pressured pipeline next. This kind of intermittence inside system of reciprocating type compressor passes qualitative generation complex when transformation force wave, call normally pulsatile. Pulsatile frequency and amplitude suffer compressor the thermodynamic property of gentle style fluid and reciprocating type compressor reach traversal speed, temperature, pressure the influence of the geometrical appearance of system of its place connective and structure.

For example, piston a side compresses air cylinder of reciprocating type compressor, call only action air cylinder, those who produce fundamental frequency to be equal to compressor traversal speed is pulsatile. Similar, two side compress the piston air cylinder of reciprocating type compressor, call double action air cylinder, generation fundamental frequency is equal to compressor traversal speed of double pulsatile. Besides the harmonic of these basic frequency, nozzle of compressor air cylinder and pipeline system have alone acoustics natural frequency, the combination that these natural frequency affect whole system is pulsatile extent and frequency.

These overlay of all sorts of pressure wave cause complex pressure pulsatile, these complex pressure are pulsatile mix in paralell connection / or the transmission in the one-cylinder of series connection or conduit of many crocks of network, connective, pressure vessel, filter, syringe and segregator, condenser and other system component. Pressure wave can transmit a lot of miles, be chafed till them or other method attenuation or damp, these methods reduce the dynamic variation of pressure negligible level.

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Movement of pressure arteries and veins is used at pressure vessel and conduit discontinuous place, if bend and T form are in charge of, cause oscillatory oscillatory strength in order to arise. They arouse mechanical natural frequency of the system possibly also, cause tall vibration. Tall oscillatory meeting makes systematic component and conduit cross stress. Pressure is pulsatile the thermodynamic performance that also affects compressor. If control is undeserved, these influences can damage the dependability of reciprocating type compressor and its link system, function and structural integrality badly.

Accordingly, be reduced effectively and control compressor advanced position (inspiratory side) and downstream (eduction side) the pressure that compressor generates and flow are the safety to reciprocating type compressor, efficient moving is necessary.

Compressor system is pulsatile the origin with vibration

Oscillatory not only by pulsatile cause, and the other motivation that goes up at engine, compressor, pressure vessel and conduit by action is caused, if pursue,1 is shown. The unbalance of engine and compressor and moment of force are with seasonable transformation by the whirl of in-house component and reciprocate force is opposite the influence of each stroke engine and compressor piston causes. These basically happen in 1 times fall with 2 times rotate speed. The air physical power of air cylinder is caused at piston and the internal pressure that secure an assembly by action. Their edge piston with 1 times spend times more integral direction to move with all rotate speed coming back. Amplitude cannot achieve 10 times rotate speed or taller frequency possibly.

Pulsatile and oscillatory force is by action the head in syringe of pulsatile bottle, entrance and other pressure vessel is mixed the pressure on the discontinuous face such as fender is pulsatile and the pressure that comes from conduit bend and T form canal is pulsatile cause. Perpendicular and oscillatory force also arises at action at area of nozzle of compressor air cylinder pulsatile, produce perpendicular power thereby (to common horizontal compressor) . Permission pressure was defined in API 618 pulsatile with oscillatory force criterion.

When the linear that is crosshead and piston when the whirligig changeover of crankshaft moves, every compressor crosshead produces perpendicular and oscillatory power. What crosshead master piece uses in compressor speed is times more integral / on harmonic. Should turn round speed when amplitude is taller, can happen transverse turn round force. These action are in under with prep above tall a harmonic that turns round overtone frequency. What engine rolls torque is the generation when rotating by engine is inertial arise with piston force. Oscillatory force is mixed possibly also by compressor of driver maladjusted and generation. These main meetings are caused 1 times or the vibration of 2 times rotate speed.

Taller (> the compressor nature of 700rpm) speed can come into being broader pulsatile frequency spectrum, must try to solve. Glide with lighter frame and I bridge the typical high speed of installation reduces unit, the tradition that often installs than using coagulation clod is heavier, slow fast compressor is more agile. What arise as a result of high speed compressor is high frequency and pulsatile, the pressure loss of pulsatile damp and pipeline system gets possibly also more attention. This was driven right pulsatile what build model and analysis with vibration is better the demand with more complex method, and the damp of ” of additional tool of pulsatile control “ and proposal, go moving concordant / or eliminate pulsatile practice.

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Final, come from the oscillatory energy that reduces a system to must deliver the earth to go up. Accordingly, the compressor foundation that pack is the main factor that decides whether oscillatory level is acceptable. The clastic rock that the foundation that compressor of the criticality according to level of the agrotype and catchment, size that pack, power and application, reciprocating type packs can be squeezing ramming or tubal diameter, ferroconcrete board, helix picket, infiltrate picket, deep ferroconcrete piece, or the combination of these types.

Pulsatile analyse with vibration

Have demand of a few definitions, it is compressor pulsatile the industry standard that provides guidance with oscillatory analysis and guidelines. Include API 618 among them, ” the reciprocating type compressor that is used at oil, chemical industry and service of natural gas industry ” [1] ; API RP 688, ” be used at oil, petrifaction and service of natural gas industry in displacement machine system pulsatile control with vibration ” [2] ; API 11P, ” the compressor of move back and forth of the type that pack that is used at oil and service of natural gas production is normative ” [3] ; ISO 13631, ” oil and natural gas industry – compressor of gas of reciprocating type of the form that pack ” [4] ; ” the GMRC guide that reduces unit with the high speed reciprocating type that uses at natural gas is transmitted and storing ” [5] ; And ” high speed of application of GMRC spot gas compresses set manual ” [6] .

Pulsatile be analysed with machinery or research is to be used at calculate and controlling the gas of conduit and compressor system component pulsatile and vibration and pulsatile the current project method of the influence to compressor function. The research of the other kind that has on compressor device normally has turn round, conduit is flexible (hot) , slippage and foundation are kinetic and small-bore conduit analysis.

The analysis begins from the model of detailed “ acoustics ” that builds compressor and its system, this model is used at forecasting the pulsatile behavior below specific operation condition, these operation conditions are alterable normally. This kind of model is forecasted pulsatile with relevant oscillatory force. All sorts of machinery are analysed or research can be used at evaluating mechanical natural frequency and package stress. Express what the list that the 1 compressor system that provided different type studies and they should finish to recommend order. [5]

The main purpose that the design is analysed and studies is to pass control pulsatile and revulsive force and the risk that offer proper dynamic tie to reduce problem of vibration of conduit and other system component. Optimal practice includes to optimize pulsatile control, make its anticipate working range in compressor entirely inside effective, consider to control falling impact associatedly with photograph of pulsatile control component even at the same time. Another main goal is the vibration of slide of control compressor, compressor group and relevant equipment, because the trends of slide itself is characteristic,this is. This involves pair of compressor to pack the assessment of pry and the static state that plan to build a base and dynamic structure integrality.

The basis compresses the criticality of the size of aircrew and service, can omit successfully a few research. Pulsatile analysis and turning round oscillatory analysis is the most crucial analysis that application of compressor of every reciprocating type needs to finish normally. Be based on pulsatile analysis, use system of pulsatile attenuation component to achieve acceptable pulsatile control level normally. To compressor system, must use reasonable project analysis and / or practice experience, in order to make its vibration and stress level are inside the safe limit of acceptability industrial guidelines.

Turn round an analysis to fix compressor, shaft coupling and drive system turn round or turn round oscillatory frequency and relevant amplitude. Its purpose is to will turn round natural frequency surely besides limits of park traversal speed, perhaps fall in impossible circumstance, analyse generation turn round stress, in order to decide whether OK they are patient. ” compressor of dissociable move back and forth reverses pattern of GMRC control straight drive oscillatory guidelines and recommend a way ” [7] provided extensive guidance to turn round an analysis.

Method of commonly used and pulsatile control

The pulsatile control in compressor pipeline system can pass proper application compliance (cubage bottle or asthma brace up beat) , inductance (choke) with resistor (pressure fall) basic and acoustics component will come true. These component can be combined arrive from pulsatile attenuation true acoustics filter wave inside all sorts of combination will realize pulsatile control. Common pulsatile attenuation element includes allowance for expansion (call pulsatile bottle normally) , clutch shed canal, orifice plate and the combination of these component. Independent pulsatile control system is made come out by the design, those who be used at each phase is inspiratory with eduction.

To a few compressor, the tubal Duan Ke of bigger diameter can enough has pulsatile control. This to be less than 150 horsepower (112 kilowatt) compressor is effective normally. As the addition of compressor dimension and criticality, bottle of empty allowance for expansion is component of the next application. They are used at compressing light qualitative, rich hydrogen gas, relatively low-pressure gas and / or the compressor that needs power input. Graph 2 showed compressor of an empty bottle, empty bottle is located in upper part of one-cylinder air suction opening and eduction mouth lower part. Graph 3 showed a bigger compressor, it contains big sky to hold bottle, apply to the air cylinder that two paralell connection run. What need bottle cubage to be decided by pulsatile research; However, gassing implement supplier association is offerred use at normally preliminary the average scale that decides size very little guideline [8] .

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The pulsatile bottle that thinks to use technology of acoustics filter wave to design high speed to reduce unit normally is optimal way. Acoustics filter is a kind of bulk – choke – bulk component, to simple one-cylinder system, it can be comprised by two independent bottle, two bottle have an interrelating conduit (choke) , if pursue,next 4 medium graphs are shown. Or, it can be single bottle, contain an in-house fender, will advocate crock antrum room and room of sub canal antrum are separate, and there is between two antrum room clutch shed a canal, if pursue 4 go up mediumly plan institute is shown. Graph 5 showed room of a 3 antrum is acoustics filter the three-dimensional model of bottle, should filter two cylinder that bottle design uses at collateral operation. Right room and central room are the main volume that has flange spray head, flange nozzle receives alone compressor cylinder flange repeatedly. Left room is this double columnar echoism learns to filter 2 cubage of bottle. Clutch shed a canal to join every primary cubage and sub cubage. Graph next 5 medium graphs showed the large pulsatile bottle that receives two compressor air cylinder in solder inside before prefab similar and in-house component. Graph 6 this sort that showed installation to go up in compressor of large high speed bottle. Entrance syringe is a graph the perpendicular container of 6 right predestined relationship, use as normally compressor is inspiratory the sub cubage that acoustics filter designs side. Inspiratory bottle and the short tube size between the syringe that take energy of life are the choke of acoustics filter below this kind of circumstance.

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QiAir Compressor

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Filter bottle is very complex, must elaborate design and make. The filter frequency that should assign a definition by cubage choke cubage appropriately filter of park place calculative ends under frequency when, in what adding pipeline network pulsatile will by effectively attenuation. Used technology of acoustics filter wave to be reduced significantly pulsatile the risk that causes vibration. The design of acoustics filter decides according to pulsatile research, however, initial measure can be referred to surely really ” compressor of high speed of application of GMRC spot gas group manual ” [6] and ” the GMRC guide that the high speed reciprocating type that is used at natural gas is transmitted and storing to apply reduces unit ” [5] .

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Need pulsatile attenuation possibly still Kong Lai is the smallest change mix with resonance of aeriform passageway nozzle of the pulsatile and relevant couplet in the photograph adjacent conduit that filter not adequately or did not filter at all pulsatile. In system of compressor of whole reciprocating type, orifice plate also is used at strategic position normally, in order to check pulsatile bottle uncontrollable pulsatile. In initial design, had better be in all compressor air cylinder are inspiratory with eduction flange place and the pipeline side joint in all bottle include bolster plate of complete larynx line, so that aperture can be accommodated easily when need. Orifice plate is opposite for cheaper, and they restrain frequency limits effectively inside pulsatile. However, they also can produce what must overcome by compressor to press fall. This may be compared to low pressure (for example, be less than about 1.5) the integral function of system of high flow compressor produces major effect. Graph 7 showed a few stainless steel are pulsatile damp orifice plate. Design of left big orifice plate uses 16 inches at installation to be in two (between 406-mm) conduit, 300 standards are convex tubal flange, the diameter of central large hole is 12.75 inches (324mm) , β is compared (bore diameter is compared with what be in charge of internal diameter) for 0.8. The design of small orifice plate of right uses 4 inches at installation to be in two (between 102-mm) conduit, 900 standards are in charge of flange, the aperture among is 2 inches (51mm) , β is compared for 0.5. Intermediate lesser orifice plate design uses 3 inches at installation to be in two (between 76-mm) conduit, flange of 2500 annular join, bore diameter is 2.1 inches (53mm) , β is compared for 0.7. Tag identifies in what a radial solders to highlight on every orifice plate. Flange dimension and aperture or β are compared normally embossing is on label, can be so below the circumstance of noninterference pipe fittings read take news. Graph 8 showed what highlight from orifice plate to identify tag, between the cylinder that orifice plate places the air cylinder of two photographs adjacent in compressor and bottle flange. The pulsatile attenuation level that requires according to place and press tolerably fall quantity and function influence, orifice plate β is compared be in normally 0.4 to 0.9 between.

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In application of compressor of a lot of reciprocating type, pulsatile dispute is controlled to often have those who challenge a gender below the operation condition of wide range. Below a lot of circumstances, must prevent certain operation condition. In other respect, press those who fell to increase place to need significantly relevantly to reduce power with pulsatile control. Although pulsatile attenuation component received wide application, but ceaseless research had brought a few new technologies, these new technologies are shown go out to bring about a solution in traditional component inadequate or efficient the foreground with the pulsatile control below very fundamental condition. In these new technologies, have fictitious opening [9] , adjustable side is raised absorb implement [dynamic and 10] , alterable aperture [11] , pulsatile strengthen a network (PAN)[12] , with PAN filter [13] .