Pneumatics machine is in the action in laser cut

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Laser cut is will launch the laser that go out from laser, via smooth route system, the laser that focusing becomes high power density bundle. Source of gas of the need when laser beam cutting machine works serves as motivation, and it is the gas cause that takes pressure, pressure needs commonly 10 reach 16 kilograms, stimulate illuminate of beam of light to arrive workpiece surface, make workpiece reachs melting point or boiling point, at the same time as coaxial as beam of light high pressure gas will fuse or aerification metal is blown.

The characteristic of laser beam cutting machine

1. Cut rate is rapid, cut is smooth level off, without burr;

2. Cut meet narrow, be out of shape small, cut face material is not sclerotic;

3. Treatment precision is tall, repeatability is good;

4. Numerical control process designing is simple and easy, size range of pipe bent is wide, need not fly a model, when economy is saved;

Assist the sort of gas source

1. Nitrogen: ? Does Fu of Meng of fish hawk of Qu of す of word languid commonplace need about is ひ  midge shallow does  of  of ㄖ of  of Chi of 8 haw vinegar stand tall and upright?

2. Oxygen: The strong oxidisability of tall purity oxygen, cut face will be nigrescent, hardness increases, common calls “ anxious ” ;

3. Compress air: Size range of pipe bent is wide, air itself contains the oxygen of about 20% in consist in air, because this can make up for the inadequacy of oxygen and nitrogen in certain level.

Enrage the cost of the source

As a result of cost of nitrogen, oxygen all prep above compresses air, and the price year after year of nitrogen, oxygen rises, because this uses air to assist gas as cut, can reduce manufacturing cost greatly, in half left and right sides.

High pressure enrages the action of the source

1. Refrigeration prevents material sclerosis, namely by heat treatment;

2. The metal that atmospheric pressure fuses cut is slaggy blow off, prevent dirt to jam laser nozzle, protect and prolong its service life;

Laser beam cutting machine enrages the requirement of the source to compressing

Laser beam cutting machine is compared to reducing the demand that enrage a source tall, in asking to enrage a source cannot hydrous oiliness, average user matchs 4 class to filter, even 5 class filter, the purpose is the service life that is better protection laser beam cutting machine. If enter the gas source of cut head to contain water and oil, mist of protective lens knot can be caused inside short time, affect cut quality, if change not in time,protect lens right now, bring about cut head interior possibly below illuminate of high power beam of light temperature is elevatory, cause the damage of in-house lens group.

Aftertreatment installation is decorated

1. Compressor and close quarters of laser beam cutting machine, filter of cold dry machine is ordinal join;

2. Compressor and laser beam cutting machine are remote, 2 filter are installed in use terminal, process water of the remains in Sunday run conduit and oil;

Glad amounts to cut of HPS series laser special pneumatics machine

QiAir Compressor

QiAir Compressor

QiAir Compressor

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