Looking forward to, looking forward to, east wind came, vernal footstep became close beginning of …… New Year, every phenomenon is newer, the “ spring that market of lumber of cost of our pneumatics opportunity also greeted him ” . Every arrive this moment, always want busy on a period of time, resembling is the hope that sowing one year.

Review Manerte of filter 2018, what we go is sturdy and contented. This year, our conquer the risk with changeful market and challenge, solved the quality disturbance that causes because of importing raw material to cannot control an element, advanced form a complete set the character of 3 filter upgrades, maintain product quality to stabilize a circumstance to fall, the price still lies the reasonable interval of the market. Undertook for many times with raw material supplier, thorough communication, inspected their manufacturing situation on the spot, knew the function of raw material and quality further, for the foundation that character of filter tamp fountainhead ensures our high grade Manerte.

This year, we read extensively in Shanghai new international center, entered compressor of 2018 Shanghai international and equipment exhibition, exhibited the better, oil that can replace compressor of brand of a gleam of completely divides detached effect core, make “ graceful Er special the eye shot that filter ” brand walks into more person stage by stage. Exhibit we knew new friend on the meeting, patronized lad person, recommended our newest and patent product for them, introduced the company’s current development condition, and with have a common goal person established long-term cooperative relationship, to popularize Manertepin the card offerred convenience condition.

This year, we offer core of many 80 thousand filter for international market accumulative total, take an active part in take to national “ go in the construction of ” all the way, make the card moves toward Manertepin ceaselessly overseas market. Lend development the east wind of reforming and opening, make “ world filter take a fancy to a country, china filters see Manerte the character of ” is self-confident, not only the support of policy of benefit from benefit from, more the flight that wants China of travel of comprehensive carry out to make China create.

Manerte wants to make a material of outstanding 3 filter bad news supplier, we still have a lot of to want. Want a passion that does poineering work at the beginning, change into the target of resolute and decisive, drive company stride to go ahead. And in instantly 3 filter product is serious and coessential the backside that change, what can make the enterprise pulls open a distance is service and carry out hind, manerte filter increases strength to throw ceaselessly in this respect, none miserly on time and money grip is worn of the client buy an experience. 2019, graceful Er is special filter enters to begin brand-newly, upgrade the comprehensive transition that urges a company from the following respects.

One, the management strategy of the company and management idea and when all is entered

Want him recognize above all located the circumstance of the market, the product that produces to oneself becomes good market fixed position; Undertake adjustment to personnel structure and company framework, science has done working allocation systematically, from run the market becomes make the market, from core selling filter yuan parts of an apparatus becomes a client to offer filter the system serves. Capture the main demand of each collaboration client only, overlay accumulates ability to be able to be done stage by stage do greatly strong oneself market share.

2, establish the sale group with predominant construction

That word place says no less than 21 centuries of “ , what is the most important? Talent! ” , the competitive in the final analysis of the market is the talent’s competition. Establish the sale group that has act vigorously of a solidarity to enter, build perfect oneself viewpoint of value, foster a client the first, the group spirit that sincere letter is gold. Weapons is not expensive much and noble essence of life, manerte wishs to provide development platform for a person with lofty ideals, receive your affiliation.

3, give up the boundary of boss and employee, make everybody becomes partner

New era, below new condition, make personnel move is interest community by oneself and company hard, the company is creating opportunity for oneself, oneself also should grasp opportunity, make employee becomes the boss of the company, be willing to pay more for the company then.

4, cooperate with outstanding agency development, popularize Manerte in the round filter is own brand

The government that does good client and safeguard, timely deepness develops outstanding agency to become a partner, establish long collaboration mechanism, those who realize own brand is comprehensive enclothe, “ the concept of cooperative win-win ” is fulfilled reach the designated position. Compare last year, busy 2019 day just just begins. Do all one can becomes a supplier of outstanding material of 3 filter bad news, need Manerte oneself thinks over ceaselessly, ceaseless summary, ceaseless improve. Such our ability master the destiny firmly ground of the enterprise in him hand.

These filter is solving year of Manerte hard a kind of contradiction on the market: The 3 filter product with good quality is very expensive, cheap quality is paid no attention to again want, this contradicts namely. And we hope to let a client use not expensive price, buy the 3 filter product that a few true just enough use, this is Manerte the mission of filter. Since be such, cannot quality makes a because of petty gain product second, still be the contradiction before so. So, we always can put character in the first. Hold water to now from Manerte, develop in this 10 old in, filter product complies with the market to upgrade newlier ceaselessly, it is to filter not only the maintenance of product stability, also be to holding to reasonable price to be able to buy the principle of high grade product all the time. Manerte’s enemy does not cross the Manerte that was yesterday, manerte needs to surmount also have him Manerte only. Act on the state of mind that resolves contradiction, what 2019 I believe we can be done is better. Right, the price that can afford, believe has gotten product.

Began already 2019, was full of good luck to also have a challenge. ” of “ The whole year’s work depends on a good start in spring, go going all out in work hard, go struggling, be like everything to just started, have a plenty of time, have a plenty of a hope!