5 01, 2023

Of centrifugal type compressor prevent asthma brace up control

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One, what is asthma brace up? Does centrifugal type compressor produce asthma brace up reason? Reduce when the bear of centrifugal compressor, when capacity is less than some to be worth surely, carry of gas normally destroy, how much does aeriform eduction measure, enter suddenly go out suddenly, produce intense concussion, give out the pant noise like asthmatic patient, the instruction that can see watch of aeriform outlet pressure, flow meter right now happens substantially fluctuant, subsequently, airframe also can happen to shake acutenessly, drive export pipeline,

8 12, 2022

Compressor of move back and forth is pulsatile dominate research with oscillatory analysis

2023-05-12T01:00:33-07:00December 2022|Categories: Air Compressor Technology|Tags: , , |

Reciprocating type compressor, with respect to its essence character, not be to decide constant flow machine. Rotate as crankshaft every time, every compressor air cylinder from the draw-out and many gas in low-pressure pipeline, undertake compression to its, promote its high-pressured pipeline next. This kind of intermittence inside system of reciprocating type compressor passes qualitative generation complex when transformation force wave, call normally pulsatile. Pulsatile frequency and amplitude suffer compressor the thermodynamic property of gentle style fluid and reciprocating type compressor reach traversal speed, temperature, pressure its

4 11, 2022

Pneumatics machine removes dust the control technology of equipment

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Preface is among industrial production, the environment pollutes a problem to exist continuously, among them with industrial dust relatively common. Of industrial dust discharge, in cause while air is polluted, still can cause serious harm to human body health, need is adopted prevent effectively accuse


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