Between industrial production, the environment pollutes a problem to exist continuously, among them with industrial dust relatively common. Of industrial dust discharge, in cause while air is polluted, still can cause serious harm to human body health, need is adopted prevent effectively accuse measure. The application of dust catcher system, can handle industrial dust effectively, implementation is harmless change discharge. To perfect the function of dust catcher system further, raise industrial dust purify and handle the effect, need undertakes transform and upgrading to dust catcher, control electric automation technical application to come in, implementation automation works, it is better to achieve remove dust the effect, main effect is had in environmental protection respect.

Technology of 1 electric automata is mixed in the function in dust catcher system action

What weigh diopter to zoology environmental protection as people is ceaseless rise, problem of energy-saving environmental protection has become the main problem that instantly industry develops. Guo morning high school is produced in what make multitask plant, can form many industry waste gas, dust, if processing is undeserved, in making its discharge air, can cause the air such as mist haze to pollute a problem. Dust catcher is the main unit that handles industrial waste gas, when industrial waste gas passes dust catcher system, dust catcher system can filter little grain dust, cindery wait for contaminant, make industrial exhaust emission achieves relative standard requirement thereby. Technology of electric automation control can ensure in the application in dust catcher system dust catcher keeps optimal moving condition, be helpful for promotion removing dust the effect, achieve the goal of managing the sources of energy. Accordingly, in recent years electric automata technology got pay close attention to extensively in the application in dust catcher system.

The application of electric automata technology basically centers in 3 link:

(1) filter link, the dust in basically controlling a system to will discard filters go out; (2) the link that discharge ash, will filter link filters the dust that come out eliminates from inside dust catcher; (3) clear grey link, undertake clearing to the dirt of dust catcher surface, those who avoid to affect dust catcher is normal move. Electric automata technology all has apparent effect in the application in afore-mentioned link, can ensure pilot of machine of pulse a powerful person, pneumatics is seasonable gender and effectiveness, promotion hop-pocket filters the effect.

The 2 dust catcher systems that are based on electric automata technology reach its function

2.1 bags of type

With some iron and steel the company is exemple, this company is new introduce a batch to remove dust equipment, use smoke evacuation is overspread and close the cover takes flue gas, use pulse hop-pocket to remove dust the system undertakes clear ash, use dust catcher to be worn high decorate means to undertake dust is collected, use pulse gush to blow, discharge grey a powerful person sends perch dust with electric machinery is defeated by ash store grey storehouse, finally by dust dump car its far. This factory deployed 7 dust catcher at present, can satisfy off-gas treatment requirement. Among them, the working principle of hop-pocket dust catcher is the thick grain dust in using wind-force and obstruction to take waste gas or steam, implementation filters function. Fender is come up against first after waste gas enters dust catcher, air current is in flow into collect before, speed is decelerated gradually, below inertial action, the thick grain dust in gas can fall into ash bucket directly. In ash bucket, air current passes hop-pocket up, among them the dust of carry secretly can be left in hop-pocket surface, and the air after purifying can enter hop-pocket, and from give blast tuyere to eliminate. The process is here medium, the dust with hop-pocket accumulative surface is added gradually much, can increase hop-pocket resistance, influence wind-force is carried. To this, want to be instruction control inside limit, undertake hop-pocket clear ash in time. In clear grey process, PLC system will be time a powerful person of control setting out, open its by order, use compress air to blow fall the dust of hop-pocket surface, make its fall into ash bucket.

Type of 2.2 low-pressure pulse

Dust catcher of hop-pocket of low-pressure pulse type is to be used at present most, remove dust the dust catcher with highest efficiency, have online pulse clear ash and clear from line pulse ash mode of two kinds of jobs, application is more agile. Below the application of electric automation system, can realize concentration to control, the operation is convenient, and safeguard simple, facility cost is inferior. Service life grows the pulse a powerful person of dust catcher of hop-pocket of low-pressure pulse type, use cycle of the system is accordingly longer, and internal composition is simple, convenient find out moving problem, ensure its are used normally.

Technique of 3 electric automata applies actually in dust catcher system

3.1 Qing Dynasty are grey

Clear ash is the important segment that work of dust catcher system runs, and the application of electric and automatic technology, while the Qing Dynasty that press difference is grey, still can accomplish ash of time Qing Dynasty, the work efficiency of dust catcher promotes significantly. Before clear ash, need suspends removing dust, shut cabin of clear grey system. Apply but controller of process designing logic (PLC) , according to the program that sets beforehand, undertake controlling to pulse a powerful person. In this process, through compressing air, the pressure with blow a powerful person to bring to bear on constant to gush. Before this, should open sealed diaphragm, classics gush blows a mouth ejective, facilitate executive exercise. Next by remove dust hop-pocket adsorption dust, descend its in store in ash bucket. Removing dust in the process of the operation, need undertakes be controllinged effectively to the speed of movement of pulse a powerful person, ensure its accuracy, gush blows time-interval to should be controlled control in 10s, two remove dust hop-pocket becomes independent each other, avoid to produce interference. After completing clear grey operation, remove dust the system can is by transition of status of clear grey job filter completely condition. When the job of clear grey system runs dust catcher, whole journey has adjusting control by PLC, achieve automation effect, can blow time, periodic clearance and time interval to undertake be adjustmented appropriately to gush, can satisfy different working requirement. In this process, need not the hand is moved start and stop, and the adjusting control that has unit of of all kinds valve automatically. The real need that can work according to removing dust, corresponding setting program, have automatic operation according to this program, can undertake dogging checking to its, know particular exercise case.

3.2 discharge are grey

The dirt with cleared place of system of by dust catcher, need of short duration to be put at dust catcher interior. When dirt accumulates a quantity to reach fixed target, it is very important to divide dirt discharge divide dirt discharge. Traditional dust catcher, the process of discharge ash needs to be finished artificially, efficiency is low, and the effect is poor. electric automata technical application arrives in dust catcher system, can improve discharge grey efficiency effectively, raise its automation level. The principle of discharge ash and flow are as follows: When dirt accumulates a quantity to reach certain level, automation system can feel current working condition instantly, control a system to send discharge grey signal to PLC. After PLC system receives signal, but within 5s, mobilize discharge grey electric machinery. After accident of discharge grey report moves 9s, vibrating motor can be started subsequently, clear dirt to dust catcher exterior. After 5s, scraper electric machinery is started, right now, the leftover dirt inside dust catcher, all can be divided by discharge. To raise the rationality of discharge ash, the staff member can pass the adjustment of pair of electric machinery power, control the time-interval of discharge ash. Normally the circumstance falls, two discharge ash time control is in 30min left and right sides is relatively appropriate. The working situation that the staff member can look dust catcher and remove dust quantity, be lengthened appropriately or shorten twice the time interval of discharge ash, rise remove dust efficiency.

3.3 pneumatics machine

Control gas tank, it is the crucial step that controls pneumatics machine. And the control of pressure, it is key of gas tank pilot. According to the moving principle of gas tank, high above in the sky enrages pressure relatively when set pressure is low, move store first but subsequently with static store head join, make relay begins operation. Conversely, when prep above of pressure of air of high above in the sky designs pressure to be worth, move store head criterion meeting and static store the head disconnects, relay circuit is cut off subsequently, pneumatics machine suspends operation. Use afore-mentioned methods to control pneumatics machine, can raise the convenience sex that mechanical condition changes effectively, improve dust catcher system remove dust efficiency. But the problem with should control means to exist likewise particular. If relay is started too frequent, circuit breakdown is very incidental, adverse to the extension of life of dust catcher system. To solve afore-mentioned problems, change control means is relatively necessary. Practice makes clear, use means of two class pilot to control pneumatics machine, by one class control system is controlled advocate loop, by 2 class control system controls power source supply, can improve the moving efficiency of pneumatics machine namely, still can make circuit breakdown is able to solve at the same time, the promotion that runs security to dust catcher system is relatively advantageous. The staff member can inspect the operation frequency of pneumatics machine gas tank, the consideration uses 2 class to control what the system dominates circuit to leave with close, enhance the security that the system moves.

4 conclusion

The place on put together is narrated, the application of dust catcher system, basically be in charge of the processing of pair of industry dust, avoid its to be discharged directly cause pollution at air. Electric automata technology applies at dust catcher system, function of the clear ash of dust catcher system, discharge ash is more perfect, pneumatics plane performance is able to promote. The course runs in the job of dust catcher in, can reduce manual control burden, reduce the effect that disturbs an element artificially, can obtain better industrial dust to handle the effect.

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