Before 10 years, people can be to any distinctive products before its name add alphabetical ‘i’ . Among them the famousest is IPhone, after when it the position comes down firm, people gives ‘i’ can be added before the name of the product of couplet net. And nowadays, “ intelligence ” also becomes the prefix that is similar to ‘i’ for: Be like factory of car of intelligent building, intelligence, intelligence, even cropland of intelligent oil gas. Although the label of “ intelligence ” is used by very frequent ground, but the definition —— that it returns neither one to be agreed with generally even if inside industry of oil, natural gas.

In fact, “ intelligence ” returns the definition with perfect neither one to now, because every enterprise is met,incline to perhaps weakens its certain and specific respect at emphasizing in order to satisfy the requirement with specific oneself. But, once a company solved a certain difficult problem to perhaps surpass other companies or enterprise, he can define it according to his means. As a whole, an equipment should be said to go up intelligence, it must reach the following level: It is oneself condition, OK to have OK and own consciousness, rapid change the mastery of a skill or technique with continuous new study.

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Own consciousness

Have own consciousness to mean equipment to be able to know his the condition of each hour and its working environment condition. It is with intelligent compressor exemple, the crucial moving data that it can monitor oneself has a few at least (get on 100 even) , include cubage of entrance pressure, entrance and power of platoon atmospheric pressure, still have environmental gas temperature and humidity in addition. It is OK to have own consciousness to make clear compressor from collect oneself data with oneself connective sensor. The collection of data is very important if —— does not have the word of data, compressor will not know whether he is can move below susceptive load.

Take step

However, data is collected is the first pace only. The analysis that more important is data and the step that the analysis is a basis and take with data, it is fundamental commercial value is oriented. Intelligent compressor implements the change to condition through these measure namely. Of course, some measure compare other measure to be made more easily. A few experts can draft the basic regulation of facility work requirement. Some regulation are used possibly even at compressor itself, if the atmospheric pressure in conduit is less than 800psig (55.2 Bar) , equipment feedbacks pressure value to operate personnel to erupt simultaneously an alarm.

Although some conditions are set beforehand,build very easily, but the mankind cannot identify the behavior that some are based on a large number of complex conditions, this is the account that big data and machine study investment use. Cloud computation technology can analyse huge data and differentiate an among them complex relation, this is manpower place impracticable. The lube that recommends e.g. the factory changes time the compressor to same kind should be same. However, because be below certain and specific work requirement, of lube use up speed to be able to be accelerated greatly, bring about the compressor lube that is the same as a type extinct time is endless also and same. So, those use up the compressor with faster lube to should arrive more often change lube, change in order to make their service life the greatest.

But, the maintenance that is based on working requirement is very complex. To the engineer, the exact condition that lube discloses more quickly and gather the time that these conditions last is impossible to decide. And on the other hand, the much work data of compressor of machine study analysis allows the ground to be in in compressor certainly with essence of life the circumstance that premature attaint can appear below what job mode. Once these mode are affirmatory, the real time data that can feedback to compressor undertakes lasting analysis. When analytic eventuate compressor needs to safeguard, compressor will take step: Inform an operation of personnel some stage to equipment needs to be safeguarded ahead of schedule.

Upgrade ceaselessly

The standard of equipment of the last intelligence learns new mastery of a skill or technique namely. Any systems are not dormant and changeless, the ceaseless promotion that trade competition can make company itself ability in order to maintain its competition ability, its product is likewise such. Return original IPhone mobile phone, it can be caused temporarily the function that resounding reason is it has infinite expansibility. The mobile phone that wants to let them when consumer when many kinds of function, it is OK to they need download only and install a certain APP, and do not need to upgrade to just can be obtained.

Intelligent equipment can have similar function. Its application software can be updated, this is meant when should setting the function with new stock to need, can add new function to it. If you hope equipment is explored and the announcement handles the trouble that personnel is about to produce, so that can be gotten before real trouble happens,change accordingly the component delivers to his compress a station, ask a basis of this component forecast collect of regulation of breakdown model remove theatrical makeup and costume to reduce machine down time.

The occurrence of intelligent equipment is not had revolutionary, the much that it uses already appeared before the technology. Actually, a lot of oil field and conduit begin to collect the working data of equipment before a lot of years. What innovation sex has inside this is to include what the skill that the machine learns inside is used at basic data to collect, those who realized pair of equipment is nonsked the function that safeguard and happens to prescient breakdown.

Make an intelligence equipment from a common equipment evolution when compressor when, compressor industry can be in existing asset innovation gives greater commercial value.

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Prasantha Jayakody is to serve the advanced product manager at Bsquare company, dedicated found at passing one-stop solution and cloud consign will reduce the barrier that uses content couplet network. He has working experience of more than 20 years in software project industry, the company cooperation of many different domains crosses Ceng He, and use aggrandizement of ground of technical advantage success them already some commercial strategies. Prasantha Jayakody is graduated from university of Niya of guest evening standard, acquire a paper the mathematical baccalaureate of this university and computer science bachelor’s degree.

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