Empty press lifecycle

Empty press lifecycle is to show from pneumatics machine investment is used begin, arrive to go up in function or economically unsuited continue to use and quit the time that experiences till use process. Lifecycle is here medium, pneumatics machine because wear away to go up in physics,perhaps discard as useless, or because of ageing, fault rate increases, use expenses rises quickly, economic value is reduced and exit use process.

The different level of lifecycle

Equipment of aircraft of client investment pneumatics is get value get one’s own back to be on production, but the different level in lifecycle, as a result of moving condition different, equipment the value redound to the client is discrepant. See a picture 1.

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Protect character period – assure in quality period inside, pneumatics machine just is thrown use, in on the high side of fault rate of this one phase, because install a problem,the reason is mostly, use personnel is not familiar with equipment or the blemish of the likelihood in production process to cause. Outstanding equipment supplier is being protected character period internal energy offers reliable support serve quite, accordingly, here level pneumatics function gives a client to provide taller manufacturing safeguard and value get one’s own back quite.

Use reach move safeguard period – once the client finishs the compression of early days the design type selecting of air system, purchase with installation, pneumatics machine enters equipment to use namely with move maintain level. In this phase, pneumatics aircraft moves stability, but use state wait as dynamical plant, mechanical component and electric component wear away present downtrend. Because break out breakdown to cause,may stop machine, those who affect production is successional the stability with value redound. Accordingly, preventive care and maintenance is must. Have specific aim, adjust measures to local conditions optimize transform the base that also can using normally to go up to be created for the client additional more value redound.

Change and pay back period – in this phase, pneumatics machine enters ageing phase, fault rate rises, specific power consumption increases, the client is faced with equipment change.

Two of the client in lifecycle appeal to basically beg

Equipment moving serviceability rate is top change – only station rate of equipment in good condition is to show this equipment deducts breakdown to stop the day that uses normally after machine to count the proportion in occupying, it is the basic basis that evaluates equipment to run good state, also be a when measure level of equipment management job main index. Every raise serviceability rate the number of 1% day of factory stop production that because pneumatics engine trouble is brought about,mean decrease 3.7 days. This has great sense to the enterprise of serial production. See a picture 2.

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Lifecycle cost lowest is changed – machine of a pneumatics is purchased from equipment, installation, defend management, what all expenses cost of the user says arrive to discard as useless completely during disuse for lifecycle cost. Carry out a proof, in the cost composition of most client expenses, investment of equipment initial stage is occupied 15% , between operating period safeguard, administrative cost is occupied 15% , the cost of 70% originates the sources of energy is used up. Clearly, the client is changed to lowest of cost of empty press lifecycle accuse lowermost crucial point depends on effective can effect canal accuses. See a picture 3.

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What how after service satisfies a client is basic appeal to beg
In fact, requirement equipment moving serviceability rate is top change and realizing lifecycle charge lowest to change is a good cause, in actual production, the client can run serviceability rate in implementation equipment highest with implementation lifecycle charge lowest is changed between get a balance. The client of concept of management of disparate industry property, distinct benefit, different equipment has different side key. Outstanding after service supplier is met weigh bit of concrete analysis according to the different side of different client, help enterprise achieves a goal.

Of rate of equipment in good condition rise – the enterprise that raises highest requirement to equipment moving serviceability rate has following features: Serial production, the product is add the cost is high, benefit is good. Its serve accuse begging is safeguard equipment is in good condition, 0 inventory, the budget is fixed can accuse. This part user often is large state-owend enterprise, the foreign enterprise that cross a state. The person that after service is offerred should be offerred to this part client complete duty service. Complete duty the “ tender for use that serves need of the equipment in covering annual to use a process raises content + overall responsibility assures + serviceability rate the affirmatory ” of 99.5% , it is safeguard of ritzy other service. There is the client that controls a demand to upholding charge in be aimed at this part user, the person that after service is offerred should offer “ tender for use to raise content + core component is sure to assure + serviceability rate the affirmatory ” of 99% or what “ plans is preventive maintain content + serviceability rate the affirmatory ” of 98% , grant the service of user diversification the option.

Besides, the state of the enterprise of one part is completely different: Intermittent type is produced, the product is add the cost is low, in order to measure score a success, benefit is not stable, cost control is oriented. Its serve accuse begging is cost transparent can accuse, change along with benefit, rate of equipment in good condition has a demand, cannot stop between campaign machine. This part user often is a private enterprise. The person that after service is offerred should provide agile and changeful custom-built service to this part client. Custom-built service is covered“The primary facility of the plan runs safeguard content + by chronometer cost serves ” .

The safeguard of the person that the service is offerred to the serviceability rate of equipment is not to flow at the character, the person that this means a service to offer needs to have not only offer overall protect character, the ability that core component ensures, and must run personnel of data monitoring, service to attemper from equipment, service engineer number and skill, content shedding is carried, field service quality accuse to form the after service with one complete a complete set of to guarantee a system. See a picture 4.

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Lifecycle cost is controlled – inside empty press lifecycle 70% what specific power consumption holds cost, can effect control is cost pilot core. Current, “ enrages report to apply already more extensively than the concept of specific power consumption such as ” at client spot than power ” , “ can effect is monitored with control. To installing use empty press, the control of specific power consumption is optimized at later period centrally transform a respect. To be being used daily for, the step-down below contented use requirement moves, pipeline leak platoon is checked with filling leakage it is the direction that can optimize. Transforming the level, the concentration that can consider to collect appliance to specific power consumption optimizes algorithm above all the high-power air in room of station of will whole pneumatics measures controller machine of pneumatics of machine of pneumatics of quantity of narrow-minded of empty press, small-power, frequency conversion undertakes, optimize moving logic, usually OK and energy-saving 5-10% is controlled. Next, the heat energy of pneumatics machine reclaims can use useless heat to replace a client the heat source in original production technology, save energy expenses. Again, the deviate of machine of centrifugal type pneumatics that causes to changing as a result of craft is optimal the curve that use gas, the circumstance that specific power consumption rises, the user can pass centrifugal 3 class step-down, 3 class change the way such as 2 class, save much electric energy. The final phase that enters lifecycle when pneumatics machine – “ changes and ” of pay back period, machine stage maintains defray to soar, below the circumstance that purchases new machine plan, can consider to use “ to return a factory to renovate the means of reproducing ” , allow order of new student of old equipment coruscate, lengthen life cycle, reduce use cost. After “ returns a factory to renovate reproducing ” can effect promotion 5-10% differs.

The after service inside empty press lifecycle gives the client’s value to be reflected from two respects, the first it is safeguard equipment safety stability moves, this core measures index is ” of “ rate of equipment in good condition. The 2nd respect is lifecycle cost control, this main starting point is controlling ” at “ specific power consumption, through the user manufacturing technology is analysed and analyse with gas demand, can find a variety of way implementation is energy-saving fall bad news, be in for the user compress air system to use on create more value.

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