At the beginning of April, by a definite date exposition of industry of German Han Nuowei (HANNOVER MESSE 2019) in still was not being used up with the hint that exhibits business in the audience perfect conclude. Regard global technology as surveyor’s pole and market vane, exhibit this meeting one of 6 big themes pneumatics and vacuum technique board piece, attracted the whole world brand of compressor of major main trend is visited participate in. Compressor vacuum exhibits an area, china exhibits business to be occupied 17% the left and right sides, except 16 overall outside the factory, still many fittings enterprise is participated in. This collective appears on ” of “ China army group, in for all previous long Han Nuowei industry exhibits the Germany with new cover and global compressor industry guides new blood while, also launched the challenge that provides minatory sex extremely to international person of the same trade.

The make a comprehensive view is whole are exhibited meeting, wind model stand erect does not pour the technical powerful nation of foreign enterprise brand and agency is very much, product detail and technology still are the way that they seek, everything appears very “ Europe ” , some still compares costly elder member of family. But, from exhibit can feel apparently on the meeting, the historical position that the foreign enterprise precedes in the round slowly by in shake of look forward to, surmount. The Chinese business that this second ginseng postpones, design specifications display from product exterior, not as poor as foreign enterprise, and advantage of the product fixed position of Chinese enterprise, price is foreign enterprise more hard look forward to reachs.

For instance, in technical innovation respect, china takes the lead in two class compress all-pervading, product of permanent magnetism frequency conversion is in high-quality goods everywhere Hannuowei is exhibited star item on display also is belonged to on the meeting; In respect of commercial pattern innovation, partial China enterprise besides had had the engineering capability of high-end product research and development that can rival with foreign capital, still explored those who gave dimensions of low cost of the small compressor that discharge an amount to turn production to take quantity pattern last year, mix target market sale means and in high-end board piece separate completely. Adjust measures to local conditions, act according to circumstance, this plants China more the favour that the operates mode and the latercomers surpass the formers technology actual strength of market of press close to gained a lot of agents and user in the world.

All over view China and foreign countries all industries, accomplish the enterprise with industry surveyor’s pole, top-ranking international, its market all without exception is whole world of over or across, client all without exception is to spread all over each continent. Meanwhile, chinese land area not as good as Europe, churchyard is active however hundreds compressor business, competition is intense degree travels together at Europe greatly far, fight each other strike from conflicting with its, be inferior to opening to the outside world, scan widely whole world, see pattern of weak China competition, participate in more multivariate market competition, share more broad international market. In fact, develop through raising pattern of a legendary venomous insect for years, chinese compressor industry is in professional go up to had not been defeated at any foreign enterprises, even in some way more get the better of one prepare, the capacity that has. But, “ can accomplish ” to not be equal to “ to had accomplished ” , enterprise of the state-owend enterprise in letting comes for years adherence from beginning to end mainland, slant those who occupy a corner, besides lack appropriate gangplank and medium of communication, more important is the foresight judicious judgment that lacks and courage.

Develop up to now, chinese compressor industry and enterprise “ should walk along ” to already became consensus, probably we should come up to accuse from law, standard, channel, wind to the international market, the experience of the difficulty of square field surface such as capital, talent, culture, language and method are very fragile still defective, but want us to act actively only, believe to walk along ” from true “ not far! After all, scan widely did not come, compressor industry must want to be walked out of, also can walk out of!

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