Pneumatics machine is like in move appear unusual appearance, must prove breakdown cause instantly, remove trouble immediately, the ability after needing repair continues to use. Do not continue blindly to use the loss with uncertain happening of as a result.

Empty press trouble removal consults watch

Breakdown phenomenon

The account that produces possibly

Eliminate method and countermeasure

Pneumatics machine cannot be started

1. fuse is burned

Ask electric personnel overhaul to change

2. starts electric equipment trouble

3. starts the contact that press button undesirable

4. circuit contact is undesirable

5. voltage is too low

6. advocate electric machinery breakdown

Breakdown of 7. lead plane (lead plane has unusual reputation, local hair is very hot)

8. power source is short of

Overload of 9. fan electromotor

Moving electric current is tall, pneumatics machine stays automatically machine (advocate electric machinery overheat calls the police)

1. voltage is too low

1. asks electric personnel examination

2. exhaust pressure is exorbitant

2. is checked / adjust pressure parameter

Segregator of 3. oil gas jams

3. changes new

Breakdown of 4. compressor lead plane

4. airframe tears open check

5. circuit breakdown

5. asks electric personnel examination

Exhaust temperature under normal demand

1. is lukewarm malfunction charging a powerful person

1. overhaul is cleaned or change core of a powerful person

2. sky has carried long

2. is increased use tolerance or stop machine

Sensor of 3. exhaust temperature is out of order

3. examination, change

4.A powerful person that take energy of life is out of order, inspiratory mouth was not opened completely

4. is cleaned, change

Exhaust temperature is exorbitant, pneumatics machine stays automatically machine (exhaust temperature is exorbitant call the police)

1. lube measures inadequacy

1. examination adds oil

2. lube norms / type is wrong

2. changes by the requirement new oil

3. oily filter jams

3. examination changes new

4. oily condenser jams or exterior bilge is serious

4. checks Qing Dynasty to wash

Breakdown of 5. temperature sensor

5. changes new

6. is lukewarm out of control charging a powerful person

6. examination is cleaned, change new

7. fan and cooler market ash are overmuch

7. tears open next cleaning, aspiration

8. fan electromotor did not run

8. checks circuit and fan electric machinery

Eduction gas oil content is big

Damaged of segregator of 1. oil gas

1. changes new

2. one-way return valve jams

2. cleans one-way a powerful person

3. lube excessive

3. discharges partial refrigeration oil

Pneumatics aircraft capacity under normal demand

1. air filter jams

1. is blown remove impurity or change new

Segregator of 2. oil gas jams

2. changes new

3. electromagnetism a powerful person is flat

3. is cleaned or change new

4. enrages pipeline component leak

4. checks repair

5. leather belt skids, too loose

5. changes new, Zhang Jin leather belt

6. cannot be opened completely into gas a powerful person

6. is cleaned, change damage

Stop machine hind to spit oil from air filter

Receive the invalidation of bedspring of one-way a powerful person inside gas a powerful person or damage of sealing ring of one-way a powerful person

Change the component of attaint

Jet of relief valve movement

1. relief valve uses time to grow, bedspring exhaustion

1. changes or new setting

Segregator of 2. oil gas jams

2. changes new

3. pressure controls malfunction, actuating pressure is high

3. checks new setting