Qi Lu petrifaction produced igneous feeling on April 24. Via checking, it is workshop compressor area hydric leak catchs fire.

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Hydrogen serves as a kind of clean the sources of energy, hydric burn gas, liquefied petroleum gas and gas like the day with traditional the sources of energy same, have higher energy not only, it is certain to also be had deflagrate risk, belong to fire hazard sex to be armour kind combustible gas.

In recent years accident frequency sends safety of the hydrogen outside China

On May 23, 2019, be located in Korea river the fuel of a hydrogen of city of hill of primary line river stores accident of explosion of coal tub happening, cause 2 people death, additionally what degree of 6 people occurrence weight differs get hurt. Preliminary appraisal is accident reason, in fulfilling water and electricity to understand the process of hydric experiment, cause explosion because of operating error.

In June 2019, the Chu Qing canister of American California chemical plant of Shengdakelala divulges explosion, the hydrogen that causes car of cell of local hydrogen fuel is supplied interrupt. The explosive incident accident of California involves hydric carriage process, namely hydric those who carry trailer leak is high-pressured gaseous state hydric, spontaneous combustion is caused in leak release process, interlink explosion next.

On June 10, 2019, the station of hydrogenation of one place jointly owned of outskirts of Norwegian capital Oslo produces explosion. Explosion did not cause personal casualty directly, but because gasbag is left to get flesh wound by explosive shake,are two people inside around car. The prime cause that produces explosion is high pressure stores what the outfit misfit of a of canister of the Chu Qing in device special outlet brings about by accident.

On August 4, 2021, be located in development of technology of Liaoning Shenyang economy hydric canister happens inside one enterprise courtyard deflagrate, the spot risks a smother. Because the tube burst on column of the unload inside hydrogenation station is brought about,the accident basically is, one of tube burst reasons may be the tube in be being used daily do not safeguard reach the designated position.

Such explodes, cover hydrogen basically to be able to supply a system.

Current, in ” hydrogen can be hot ” drive continuously below, the layout of hydrogenation infrastructure is able to advance quickly, but the safe problem that hydrogenation stands nots allow to ignore. The expert thinks, if can take the safe control with hydric high pressure seriously, from the choice of technical course, to the make choice of of all equipment, plus strict technology control and safe standard, hydrogenation station accident can be prevented not only can accuse, can avoid completely even. Will integratedly look, hydrogenation station safety is on guard, answer to pay close attention to the following respects mainly:

It is strict undertake design, construction according to standard standard.

On July 30, 2021, housing and ministry of urban and rural construction are released ” housing and ministry of urban and rural construction about issueing national standard ” the car cheers standard of technology of station of air entrainment hydrogenation ” announcement, hydrogen of craft of hydrogenation of high-pressured Chu Qing and establishment, fluid was made clear to store in the standard the multinomial standard such as craft and establishment. In be built actually, answer to undertake strictly according to the standard.

2 it is the type selecting that holds fine installation and installation.

The core equipment that hydrogenation stands is compressor, namely hydric pressure boost system. Hydrogenation station is taller to the dependability requirement of compressor, should hold the type selecting of good compressor. In the meantime, the material of equipment should accord with hydric character character, if metallic aluminium is mixed a few won’t produce the synthetic material with fragile hydrogen, the explosion proof equipment inside region of danger zone of all explosion danger must accord with hydric work requirement. In addition, the making craft of conduit of pressure vessel, pressure, installation craft should ensure accord with production installation standard.

3 it is system of control of chain of reasonable setting safety.

Combine the spot to install leak actually according to the standard online monitor call the police system, can burn gas warning apparatus, urgent jockey to break supervisory system of device, video, perimeter system, closely to call the police agog the safe meter system such as the system, equitable distribution, come true to interlink control automatically as far as possible, system of the wind that be like a platoon and detect call the police systematic chain.

4 be very hydric purchase close.

Business section must close the good entrance that enrage a source, purchase purity of 99.99% above hydric, because hydric quality problem corrodes pressure vessel and conduit,avoid, affect safety performance and service life of equipment. Do not produce pair of hydric pollution in hydric return system at the same time.

5 it is to had done daily examination and hidden trouble platoon to check processing.

Hydrogenation stands should strict according to ” 4 calm ” administrative demand, make clear person of each equipment responsibility, develop device strictly according to examination standard, cycle daily care and maintenance and hidden trouble platoon are checked, the key has been done super- pressure, the examination of leak, the dot of leak should become all connect and possibility daily examination.

6 it is to build perfect lash-up system.

Research makes system of hydrogenation station lash-up, include meet an urgent need beforehand case, spot deals with goods and materials of plan, lash-up deploys standard, drilling to assess a standard to wait. The spot deals with plan should combine hydrogenation to stand to be made actually, one station one case, the key includes leak, fire, explosion, flood prevention, earthquake, prevent fear waiting answer reach deal with, be united in wedlock when class personnel actual condition does good division of labor and drill.