4 01, 2023

Principle of sealed system of centrifugal compressor dry gas reachs leak case study

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Sealed system does hermetic seal for double end panel of series connection type, do hermetic seal to comprise by two groups of odd end panel that set continuously. The pure synthesis that passes filter is enraged give priority to sealed gas to enter one class annular seal space, its pressure compares tall 0.2-0.3MPa of craft gas pressure, rise to cut off action, a few sealed gas can enter a crock inside, but its are enraged for pure synthesis, reason won't produce pollution. Another part gas passes two level between dry hermetic seal comb age sealed cent is two, one part serves as one

1 01, 2023

Centrifugal compressor does hermetic seal principle and typical breakdown analysis

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In recent years, as consciousness of people safety, environmental protection rise, the production that waits for energy industry to the petro-chemical chemical industry that reach coal moves raised taller requirement. According to not complete count, in the manufacturing unit that waits for an industry in oil refining chemical industry, coal chemical industry, pharmacy, because rotate,accident of the safety that mechanical axis seals leak to cause, environmental protection held very large proportion, serious effect produces device to grow periodic, stable, safe production to move. Accordingly, solve axis of instrument of a favourable turn coming back to seal leak problem, especially group of large scale computer


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