Must remember, use compress air to come the act that clean object, machine, workbench, dress and other thing are danger, strong air current or the petty grain in compressing air can cause person harm.

Yard place compresses what air tool uses to compress air pressure to be in about 0.6 ~ 0.8MPa, the 3 ~ of the car tire pressure that it is equivalent to filling air completely 4 times. So, although be very useful the sources of energy,compress air, but if cannot be used correctly,perhaps use purpose error, it causes serious harm and disaster very easily.

(1) relies on pressure, compress air to be able to sweep little grain grey bits, but these grey bits can develop an eye however or abrade skin. Likely destruction degree depends on these are blown the size of a grain, weight, appearance, composition and speed.

(2) compresses air itself is a serious and harmful source. Below extreme circumstance, compress air to be able to open an organization to enter blood stream through skin cut or body. On medicine, the bleb in blood stream is like thrombus same, form dangerous hematic flow resistance to break. The thrombus in artery because of size, duration and position different, can cause insensible, break down or die.

In 40psi (about 2.7 standards are baric) below pressure from from ear 4 inches (about 10 centimeters) place can blow ear film defeat or cause cerebrum loss. In small send 12psi (about 0.82 standards are baric) below pressure, can blow eyeball from orbit. Compress air to be able to pass dress insufflate navel even, and bring about intestines blowout. Blow continuously to the mouth, compress air to be able to be blown crack lung.

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