Since this year, want authority only a little advertent, with respect to meeting discovery at least ten enterprises rolled out laser cut special pneumatics machine. Why does Qi Qi roll out everybody so a product? Fasten urgent, we chat slowly!

Laser cut is to use high power density to stimulate illuminate of beam of light by cut material, make material is heated very quickly to come vaporization temperature, evaporate form hole, as the shift of beam of light to material, hole forms width continuously very narrow (if 0.1mm is controlled) cut seam, finish the cut to material.

Laser cut applies extensively at Ban gold treatment, metal treatment, advertisement to make, kitchen utensils and appliances, car, lamps and lanterns, curium piece, litre fall machinery of handicraft of elevator, metal, spin, food machinery, glasses is made, the industry such as appearance of aerospace, medical apparatus and instruments, instrument. Already replaced a tradition to machine means in industry of Ban gold treatment especially, get the favour of industry user. Laser cut occupies the 40 % above of industrial laser beam machining, it is the mainest an application technique in industry of laser beam machining.

Before 2010, because price of laser cut equipment is high, laser beam cutting machine of an old width of cloth (deploy 4 KW laser) price is close 6 million yuan of RMB, the company that China uses laser beam cutting machine of old width of cloth is not much. After 2011, chinese laser company grows high-power energetically fiber-optic laser beam cutting machine, as a result of high-power fiber-optic laser beam machining has distinct treatment advantage, finished cost drops considerably, tie a variety of quick payment at the same time, at present companies of more and more Ban gold treatment, hutch defends production enterprise and company of car assembly treatment to use laser beam cutting machine. Equipment of laser beam machining of the last few years is able to gain ground quickly, sale of whole set of equipment of Chinese laser cut exceeded 25 thousand 2017. (see a picture 1)

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2013, the company of laser cut equipment that China has about Home 50-60, and the inadequacy that can produce product of high power of 2000 made of baked clay above 20. To at the beginning of 2018, conservative estimation China has company of laser cut equipment to exceed 400, the business that can produce product of high power of 3000 made of baked clay above exceeds 200.

In going 10 years, laser cut industry experienced a series of changing, of power of the promotion that includes cut material quality and ply, machine and efficiency rise, make thereby the laser beam cutting machine nowadays can be reached with higher rate, precision more the quality of actor is car, aerospace, Medical Protection, plastic to including, electric the component product that waits for countless inside with electron, textile, carpentry has efficient treatment.

2012 when, popularity of equipment of fiber-optic laser cut compares the power that those who go all out is 2000 tile, 2014 it is 3000-4000 tile, a lot of people think 4 kilowatt can have satisfied cut of major ply plank to machine demand. Arrive however 2016 second half of the year are large a group of things with common features the machine that laser rolls out 8 kilowatt above all, caused new the contention of cut of laser of round of high power. Nowadays, manufacturers of each main laser cut been comparinging the product that spells 12 thousand tile, 15 thousand made of baked clay power. Must admit, laser product upgrades replacement is very rapid, market development also is ten thousand changes in the twinkling of an eye.

Dimensions of market of equipment of global laser beam machining was 31.37 billion dollar 2017, grow 12 % compared to the same period. Market of Chinese laser equipment sold total dimensions to exceed 44.2 billion yuan 2017, laser cut equipment occupies the 46 % of dimensions of market of equipment of countrywide industry laser beam machining. Among them in the growth rate that dimensions of sale of market of equipment of small-power laser cut carries taller all the time, its core laser came true taller homebred change rate. (see a picture 2)

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While high speed of market of laser cut equipment grows, the air compressor that provides auxiliary gas source for laser beam cutting machine also caused the attention of all circles.

Laser beam cutting machine can answer all sorts of material to ask with the cut of complex form character, outside the laser that can provide high-energy amount except need, auxiliary gas is the material with the indispensable cut that finish. The auxiliary gas that is used at laser cut basically has oxygen (O2) , nitrogen (N2) and compress air (Compressed Air) 3 kinds. Its main effect, it is refrigeration prevents material sclerosis, namely by heat treatment; 2 it is the metal that leads body of calm sb’s anger to fuse cut slaggy blow off, prevent dirt to jam laser nozzle, protect and prolong its service life.

As a result of cost of nitrogen, oxygen all prep above compresses air, and the price year after year of nitrogen, oxygen rises, because this uses air to assist gas as cut, can reduce manufacturing cost greatly, extent makes an appointment with half left and right sides. Additional, because air itself contains the oxygen of about 20% , because this can make up for the inadequacy of oxygen and nitrogen in certain level. Use compress air to replace nitrogen cut special economy is practical, save the cost using gas that come down one year, enough buy 3 high quality laser compressor of air of type of special an organic whole. So, use compress air to regard auxiliary gas as cut more and more general, this also drove laser cut of market of special air compressor arisen.

Laser beam cutting machine of form a complete set regards the air of auxiliary gas as the choice of compressor norms size, the design of the laser cut head that basically should use according to place of laser beam cutting machine assists aeriform pressure and nozzle size to decide, can get first-rate air compressor and laser beam cutting machine so match.

At present need 1.6MPa above compresses airy laser beam cutting machine to still basically use piston compressor, but because of quality of piston compressor dependability restrict, development is opposite slower. Piston air compressor gains high-pressured strength more easily, but noise of piston air compressor is big, fragile many, and exhaust oiliness is handled badly, accordingly, do not recommend compressor of use piston air below in 1.6MPa. Recommend commonly under 1.6MPa choose compressor of screw type air, reelection cooperates comfortable cold dry machine and accurate filter. Compressor appropriate uses electric machinery of permanent magnetism frequency conversion, what can maintain air feed pressure so is stable, ensure first-rate cut result.

From small-power as power of laser beam cutting machine Xiang Zhonggong rate exceeds high-power to develop to high-power down to again, the requirement of the pressure of the air compressor of laser beam cutting machine of form a complete set also from most the 13bar before begun 8bar rises, raise present 16bar again, and still be in develop toward 20 ~ 30bar further. Accordingly, the compressor of air of screw of little flow high pressure that develops 2.0MPa of ≧ of rated exhaust pressure very be necessary.

Compress air quality to have very immediate effect to quality of metallic laser cut, the size of aeriform pressure and stability can affect the result of cut. User of laser beam cutting machine matchs 4 class to filter commonly, even 5 class filter, the purpose is the service life that is better protection laser beam cutting machine. If compress the water mist that contains in air and oil to was not handled clean, high-pressured eject arrives on the protective lens face of laser cut head, can affect those who stimulate beam of light badly to transmit, make a focus dispersive, cause a product to cut do not appear, generation waste. If be to exceed high-power laser beam cutting machine, should protect lens face or nozzle surface to stick only on the oily film with extremely fine little or water mist, cause high-energy laser likely also to fire burned-out laser head.

Because most user does not have air compressor and the knowledge that compress air to purify processing, if by the user alone each buys machine of air compressor, gas tank, Leng Gan and filter to be installed by oneself again, bother not only, and the compression that short of of probable whole system needs air quality requirement. Accordingly, at present on the market, more popular way is segregator of collect compressor, gas tank, water, Leng Gan machine, filter is an organic whole, offer laser cut plan of compressor of air of type of special an organic whole, leave out user matchs gas tank, cold dry machine and filter oneself, user field assembly and take-over, need much home supplier to offer a variety of troubles such as the service, this is a kind of better choice.