On September 12, 2019, when bureau of environment of organisms’ habits of stage state city undertakes checking to Nereus pharmacy, the generation in discovering Nereus pharmacy is producing course of stock have a change of luck runs risk a leakage, classics rainwater erodes enter the earth’s surface, did not undertake dealing with effectively to area sewage, cause partial surface water to exceed bid. Nereus pharmacy receives bureau of environment of organisms’ habits of stage state city to issue ” instruct stop production punish to inform a book ” , the environment that instructs Nereus pharmacy to investigate discovery with respect to its early days violates behavior to undertake stop production is rectified and reform. Up to December, nereus pharmacy still suspends production according to relevant requirement and begin rectify and reform the job.

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Especially last year second half of the year, increasingly austere environment administers a situation to will force the enterprise must take environmental protection problem seriously, a lot of in capital of company of drug of little raw material is insufficient, because environmental protection problem meets with repeatedly,stop production is rectified and reform.

Nowadays, china had been set foot on energy-saving fall the new way that bad news, intensive develops, because this is energy-saving,fall the research focal point that bad news makes numerous industry future develop. industry of drug of go to a doctor, energy-saving fall bad news is to reduce operation cost, make sure the company can grow continuously, promote the main goal of industry green transition. However, medical look forward to is at present energy-saving fall the plan step of bad news is multifarious, a lot of did not touch essential, bring about an enterprise to discover the scheme that accords with oneself effective hard. Actually, reach its through pneumatics machine pneumatics system is energy-saving, it is a kind of get effect instantly, very efficient energy-saving way.

The market forces medical look forward to is energy-saving

Medical look forward to was violated because of environmental protection for many times a few days ago compasses by punishment. As we have learned, although this enterprise emphasizes technical innovation be in again and again energy-saving fall bad news and the crucial effect that add new gain to break through bit of respect, but the amount of company technology personnel and course of study of person of the same trade appear on the market company look is compared, apparent however under the industry average level. Additional, although the environmental protection of this company throws in successive years to increase by degrees, but in so great environmental protection investment falls, environmental protection is violated compasses punish sheet thick as hail still, can’t help letting a person oppugn its capital to be used at the effect geometry that environmental protection throws.

The instantly with grim situation is polluted in the environment, energy-saving the main task that decreases a platoon to become medical look forward to, need medicine look forward to holds to green development, according to ability of capital of the characteristic that enterprise oneself develops, technology, wait for contaminant to be controlled strictly to producing waste material of the liquid waste of the generation in the process, waste gas, solid, make 3 useless ” amount to “ mark is discharged, aid force to hit win blue sky to guard battle.

It is reported, look forward to having drug changes through taking pneumatics machine skill, air feed system is improved etc a variety of energy-saving fall bad news measure, reduce manufacturing cost, fall this synergism job obtains remarkable result; Still medical look forward to is passed change traditional, backward pneumatics aircraft equipment, achieved the goal that green produces.

Energy-saving method shares medical look forward to

Energy-saving fall bad news is a company grows a when must want a consideration main job for a long time, energy-saving fall bad news means synergism at the same time.

Method one: Air conditioning system is energy-saving

The manufacturing cost of pharmacy business has one much to use up the environmental control that is used in pharmacy process to go up, if environmental temperature and humidity, illume, equipment moves, make water, pure vapour wait, anyhow is the sources of energy use up. A lot of enterprises pay attention to the one-time investment of early days only, did not consider what in the future normal moving circumstance issues the sources of energy to use up, bring about manufacturing cost not to fall. Perhaps be in of the sources of energy reclaim go up to was not thrown, a lot of the sources of energy that can use 2 times were wasted for nothing. Many a little makes a mickle, time grew the development of the company to also can be restricted.

Air conditioning cold heat reclaims system, the sirocco that discharges air conditioning extreme or air cooling reclaims afresh, make full use of the useless heat of air conditioning system, decreased to discharge the useless heat in the environment at the same time, protected surroundings effectively. This kind of device needs to discharge the extreme of wind conduit in air conditioning only, mix platoon a place with a draught send blast tuyere conduit to do across (not direct contact) , through heat exchange device general quantity of heat is delivered. Winter can raise new wind temperature, the summer can drop new wind temperature. At the same time heat reclaims cold quantity of heat of the installation on equipment reclaims metric device, can statistic gives economic cold quantity of heat, economic amount is very large.

Method 2: Solar term of pneumatics engine system

Be in pharmacy factory, pharmacy craft, equipment, earth is built, air conditioning, wait to catchment, motivation, it is the integral work that a variety of major coordinate. Among them, the fill outfit machine that pneumatics machine is used extensively in liquid preparation, machine of the granulator in solid preparation, machine that add an oar, fill machine, packer, lettering, extract the extraction canister in craft. In addition, still stock is carried, dry, blow sweep, pneumatic appearance, automata uses gas, and biology ferments aeration.

China ferments the scale of kind of pharmacy industry is larger, its are main the product is of all kinds antibiotic. Before, pharmacy business arranges an issue because of high-energy bad news, tall pollution and wide suffer bad-mouth. And as a result of coessential change the account such as punish of competition, international trade, antibiotic produces an enterprise to once had sufferred bigger impact, product wool profit margin wanders in inferior level all the time, even deficit. Carry out through method of science and technology energy-saving decrease a platoon, reduce cost and pollution to discharge, it is the revitalize way with pharmacy business long already longing.

The main specific power consumption of antibiotics production company is fermenting centrally on the centrifugal empty press of craft, this equipment is high to controlling precision to ask, incidental asthma brace up problem. Chinese agriculture expands business of the pharmacy below banner of group production factory, triumphal biology undertook energy-saving ability changes centrifugal pneumatics plane, move through 2 years, effect ideal, energy-saving scale was achieved respectively 22% and 23% the left and right sides. Later, of this group in herd and some is energy-saving transform a company to sign energy-saving project contract, the centrifugal empty press to the enterprise and circular refrigeration water pump carry out energy-saving ability to change, this action reduced pharmacy cost and pollution effectively to discharge, the development of stimulative pharmacy business.

Additional, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims to also be applied extensively at energy-saving project. “ noise is big, use up year after year to increase, the sources of energy is wasteful and serious waiting for a state is a lot of pharmaceutical factory be free already the outstanding issue of press equipment. ” has an expert to express, of energy-saving technology be refined ceaselessly and the market is mature, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims the system gives pneumatics chance energy-saving transform bring new way.

As we have learned, pneumatics machine more than heat reclaims systematic application is helpful for pneumatics machine constant temperature moving, raise pneumatics machine to be defeated by tolerance, reduce noise, still can run cooling fan through stopping energy-saving. These advantages heightened the energy-saving effect of equipment, prolong equipment life, help medical look forward to reduce cost thereby, bring better profit.

Method 3: Pharmacy uses water of section of water system all

Pharmacy reclaims with thick water of water system all, pharmacy is in with water medical look forward to by use extensively, as a result of water by progressively and rarefied, in purify water many and ionic and have inferior conductance sex. But use water to obtain eligible pharmacy, in the process that make water need discharges many water, because water of this one part contains more ion, say for thick water, because of thick water discharge, the utilization rate of tap water is in 70% the left and right sides.

Short daily in water natural resources today, such use appear wasteful and great. And the water of systematic place loss is rinsing catchment, reverse osmosis by filter roughly thick water and clean a few parts to comprise. And for the system of rarefied to preparation water, systematic crop is bigger, so wasteful tap water quantity also increases subsequently. Resemble producing the business of big infusion, annual thick water crop is calculated with 10 thousand tons, accordingly, the utilization rate that how raises water is the can use continuously important segment that realizes resource.

In process of rarefied water preparation, improving those who will raise product water to produce water to lead through what craft and production ask is one of means of settlements, also can consider to wait for equipment cooling water to use efficiency to come through increasing pneumatics chance section water.

Energy-saving proposal

The enterprise often still can be begun about energy-saving contest and activity of appraise through comparison, make become a kind of ethos to maintain for a long time go down. From managing each water, each degrees of report sets out, make from the a bit, from set out actually, encourage employee to put forward the following and energy-saving fall the good proposal of bad news, increase ceaselessly complete member resource hardship consciousness, managing consciousness, environmental protection consciousness, raise company energy resources to use efficiency thereby, energy-saving fall bad news.

The ethos of an enterprise is right of the enterprise grow as crucial as development, form everybody of a kind of “ to contend for only energy-saving, it is the thought of a ” with the enterprise, ability thinks of the interest of the enterprise constantly, energy-saving hold on. Sectional interior is OK between team and group contest, between the branch OK also contest; Regard a kind of method as the contest, the creativity of employee is stimulated in competition, make the section can fall bad news reachs new level, the workshop can establish technical innovation group, collect considers broad sense.

Of the a bit managing can bring good economic benefits not only, also can develop the thought morality of everybody, character and drive at the same time, also represent culture of a kind of company, once this kind of goodness is in an enterprise take root, be sure to be able to increase the cohesive affinity of the enterprise and fighting capacity.

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