Above all what is we will understand 5M1E?

A) person (Man) : The handlers understanding to quality, skilled state of degree, body;

B) machine (Machine) : The machine equipment, precision that measures an instrument and state of care and maintenance;

C) material (Material) : Function of the composition of material, physics and chemical function;

D) method (Method) : Here includes to produce alternative of craft, facilities, operating rules to wait;

E) measures (Measurement) : The method that basically points to when to measuring, be adopted whether standard, correct;

F) environment (Environment) : The temperature of working ground, humidity, illume and clean condition;

Because the first letter of the English name of these 5 elements is M and E, so Chang Jian calls 5M1E.

We know working procedure is the basic link that the product forms, working procedure quality is the foundation that ensures product quality, working procedure quality pledges to the product efficiency of cost of quantity, production, production is having main effect.

Working procedure standardizes exercise to having crucial effect to the assurance of working procedure quality, working procedure standardization has prominent place in working procedure improvement in quality.

Working procedure quality suffers 5M1E namely the person, machine, makings, law, annulus, effect that measures 6 respects factor, working procedure is standardized even if want to seek the standardization of 5M1E.

So how do we control these 6 elements to form standardization to stabilize the purpose of product quality in order to achieve?

1, operation personnel element (person)

The person’s analysis:

1) skill problem?

2) the work that whether the system affects a person?

3) be the issue that picks a person?

4) be to groom insufficient?

5) be skill incorrect mouth?

6) be personnel to company capricious?

7) responsible person?

8) can the person operate a machine? Person acclimatization? Does the person understand a method? Does person understanding expect?

Basically control measure:

(1) manufacturing staff accords with post skill requirement, groom related the course assessment.

(2) the professional knowledge that the member that should set operation of special working procedure, identifier clearly to special working procedure should have and operation skill, assessment eligible holds card mount guard.

(3) operation personnel can abide by a company strictly system and operate strictly by craft file, be in charge of seriously to the job and quality.

(4) examine personnel can be mixed strictly by procedure examine instructor undertakes examining, had done examine original record, send by formulary newspaper.

2, machine equipment element (machine)

The analysis of machine:

The auxiliary production apparatus such as the device that in pointing to production namely, uses, tool. In production, of equipment whether to run normally, the stand or fall of the tool is influence production schedule, produce the another essential that tastes quality.

1) is type selecting right?

2) maintain problem?

3) is the form a complete set that gives a machine corresponding?

4) is the person that makes a machine right? Is the operation method of the machine right? Does the environment that the machine puts suit?

The management of machine equipment separates a side, although use, spot check, maintain. Use foster handlers namely according to the function of machine equipment and operation requirement, make its can operate use equipment correctly to have production, this is equipment management most fundamental content.

Spot check points to use around to undertake to equipment according to certain level condition and function admit really, as soon as possible discovers equipment is unusual, prevent equipment to be not expectant use, this is the key of equipment management.

Maintain point to a basis equipment is characteristic, undertake the overhaul, cleanness to equipment according to certain time-interval, on oil, avoid equipment deterioration, prolong the service life of equipment, it is the substantial of equipment management.

Main control measure has:

(1) have whole equipment government idea, those who include facility purchase, be on the move, safeguard, maintain, calibrating all have specific provision.  

(2) each regulation all implements equipment government measure effectively, have archives of skill of equipment platform Zhang, equipment, maintenance calibrating plan, have relevant record, record content is complete and exact.

(3) manufacturing facilities, examine tool of equipment, tool, metrological implement all accord with procedure requirement, can contented process capability asks, if treatment condition can be adopted in time along with time change adjust and compensate, make sure quality asks.

(4) manufacturing facilities, examine tool of equipment, tool, metrological implement be in whole position and controlled condition.

3, material element (makings)

The analysis of makings:

1) be true goods?

2) is model right?

3) is there the expiration period?

4) examined into the factory?

5) used up to specification?

6) makings acclimatization, makings and machine cooperate, are makings and other makings met not interact?

Main control measure has:

(1) clear and feasible stock is purchased, storage, carry, the administrative system of the respect such as qualitative check, carry out strictly.

(2) build makings examine, put in storage, custodial, label, extend system, carry out seriously, control quality strictly.

(3) the raw material that turns into this working procedure or semi-manufactured goods, must accord with the regulation of technical file.

(4) the semi-manufactured goods that place treatment gives, finished product accords with quality requirement, have batch or serial name label.

(5) have control idea to reject, duty is trenchant, can effective to reject segregation, label, record and processing.

(6) management of manufacturing stock information is active, quality problem but date from.

4, the element of technique (law)

The analysis of the law:

1: Be to press what the law does?

2: Is those who look clear?

3: Is those who write clear?

4: Does the law suit?

5: Is there a way?

6: Is the method the person that gives correspondence? Is the method in this environment be issued to lower levels?

Main control measure has:

(1) science of position of working procedure flow is reasonable, can make sure product quality satisfies a requirement.

(2) can divisional crucial working procedure, special working procedure and common working procedure, reference point of quality of effective establish working procedure, it is clear to can mark to working procedure and reference point.

(3) normal and efficient manufacturing management way, quality controls method and craft to handle a document.

(4) main working procedure has operating rules or exercise instructor, operation file is right parameter of environment of personnel, tool, equipment, operation method, production, process put forward specific technology to ask. The procedure of special working procedure divides specific technology parameter outside, return those who answer the control method of craft parameter, sample to make take, working medium, equipment and ambient conditions make specific provision.

(5) the process parameter with craft important file and assess of craft of characteristic value course or craft test and verify; Special working procedure is main the change of craft parameter, after must proving eligibility through sufficient experiment test and verify or expert, just can alter a document.

(6) stipulate to every quality reference point method of examination point, examination is mixed receive standard, provide relevant processing way.

(7) the work out that set and carries out craft file, assess and examine and approve a program, in order to make sure manufacturing site place uses the correct, complete, oneness of the file, craft file is in controlled condition, the spot can obtain the craft document of active and effective version.

(8) each file can be carried out strictly, record data can press requirement fill in a form and submit it to the leadership in time.

5, environmental element (annulus)

The analysis of annulus:

1, did on time axis the environment change?

2, is the light, temperature, humidity, altitude, pollution spent considered?

3, is the environment safe?

4, is the environment factitious? Can be microenvironment and big bad situation allowed?

(1) yard place environment. Point to all sorts of products, raw material put, of tool, equipment decorate and individual 5S.

(2) taste control to danger. Be chemical article pile up, such as alcohol, day that water and so on. 2 it is the product in producing a course the control of chemical to 6 kinds material (benzene of much sth resembling a net of lead, mercuric, cadmium, 6 price, bromiccer couplet, much bromine 2 benzene aether)

(3) manufacturing environment. The needle in pointing to specific production process is right to producing a condition temperature, humidity, spend the control that waits for a requirement without dirt.

Main control measure has:

(1) the administrative system that has side of sanitation of manufacturing site environment.

(2) environmental element if temperature, humidity, light accord with manufacturing technology file to ask.

(3) there are equipment of relevant and safe environmental protection and measure in producing an environment, code of be good law of worker health safety asks.

(4) manufacturing environment keeps cleanness, orderly, orderly, without what have nothing to do with production sundry. Can draw lessons from 5S relevant requirement.

(5) material, semi-manufactured goods, appliance all fixation is orderly deposit.

(6) relevant environment records can effective fill in a form and submit it to the leadership or obtain.

6, metrical factor (measure)

Measured analysis:

1: Does working procedure examine is concoctive file ready?

2: Does working procedure measure implemental configuration all ready? Does function satisfy a requirement? Fixed and metric?

3: Examine is the plan sound?

4: Check personnel aptitude to accord with?

5: Hand in check to meet test is the place logical?

Main control measure includes:

(1) the accuracy that gauges the task and place demand certainly, the choice uses, the test equipment that has place to need accuracy and precision capability.

(2) undertake affirming with test equipment to all measurement regularly, calibration and adjust.

(3) the calibration rules with essential regulation. Its content includes method of debit of method of cycle of equipment type, number, place, desired result, desired result, check, check and accept a standard, and the step that when producing a problem, should take.

(4) save calibration record.

(5) when discovery is measured and test equipment was not in calibration condition, instantly the effectiveness of the measurement before assess and test result, write down relevant document.

Working procedure standardization put forward to make clear a requirement to 5M1E, in the integral plan that we answer to standardize working procedure the job to bring into working procedure improvement in quality. Making relative standard change requirement foundation to go up, pass the investigation of working procedure quality and analysis, discover working procedure standardizes each executive deviation of specific requirement, adopt then improve measure. The abidance that passes working procedure improvement in quality circulates, come true truly and improve what stimulative working procedure standardizes continuously, the abidance that realizes working procedure quality thereby is improved.

Add: The application of 5M1E

Spot management

Working procedure standardization: Exercise of working procedure standardization is right the key of working procedure quality, working procedure standardization has prominent place in working procedure improvement in quality, working procedure quality suffers 5M1E namely the person, machine, makings, law, annulus, effect that measures 6 respects factor, so duty standard is changed even if want to seek the standardization of 5M1E;

Improvement in quality: 5M1E is 6 main factors that affect product quality, it is the main way that analyses quality problem generation;

Management improves: 5M1E is spot management is essential, it is the main orientation that promotes level of management;

Design plan test and verify: 5M1E analysis and test and verify undertake adequately in design phase, can make devise plan more accord with working work requirement.

Solve a problem:

5M1E is the direction that we are analysed and ponders over a problem, should solve spot problem to be united in wedlock with photograph of other government tool even use, improve measure accordingly in order to discover the prime cause that the problem arises is made. Common tool has the following kinds:

1, fishbone pursues / fish bone pursues / Ishikawa graph analyses a way

2, fault tree analyses a way

3, brains storm law

4, 5WHY analyses a way

5, 5W2H analyses a way

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