Before 2010, because price of laser cut equipment is high, laser beam cutting machine of an old width of cloth (deploy 4kW laser) price is close 6 million yuan of RMB, the company that China uses laser beam cutting machine of old width of cloth is not much.

Laser cut is a technology with the widest application of laser beam machining, it applies extensively at Ban gold treatment, metal treatment, advertisement to make, kitchen utensils and appliances, car, lamps and lanterns, curium piece, litre fall machinery of handicraft of elevator, metal, spin, food machinery, glasses is made, the industry such as appearance of aerospace, medical apparatus and instruments, instrument. Machine an industry to already replaced a tradition to machine means in Ban gold especially, get the favour of industry user.

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Before 2010, because price of laser cut equipment is high, laser beam cutting machine of an old width of cloth (deploy 4kW laser) price is close 6 million yuan of RMB, the company that China uses laser beam cutting machine of old width of cloth is not much.

After 2011, chinese laser company grows high-power energetically fiber-optic laser beam cutting machine, as a result of high-power fiber-optic laser beam machining has distinct treatment advantage, finished cost drops considerably, tie a variety of quick payment at the same time, at present companies of more and more Ban gold treatment, hutch defends production enterprise and company of car assembly treatment to already used laser beam cutting machine. Equipment of laser beam machining of the last few years is able to gain ground quickly, chinese metal and sale of metalloid laser beam cutting machine exceeded 20 thousand 2017. 2018, volume of shipment of plank cut equipment still maintains the growth in 20% above, metal and shipment of metalloid laser beam cutting machine measure about 22 thousand.

Current, equipment of Chinese laser cut produced manufacturer to had exceeded 500, laser market dimensions arrived 2017 49.5 billion, estimation already was broken through 2018 60 billion. Predicting future the compound increase rate of industry of estate of 3 years of laser won’t under 20% . Industry expert is forecasted, next 10 years, still will make the summit of another growth summit of laser cut market. Below good in a benefit prospect, what advantage does laser cut have after all?

The characteristic of laser cut

Laser cut and photograph of other cut method are compared, total characteristic is cut speed fast, quality is high. Specific and wraparound for a few following respects:

1. Cut quality is good. As a result of laser facula density of small, energy rate of tall, cut is rapid, because this laser cut can acquire better cut quality.

2. Cut of laser gas cutting is fine narrow, cut seam two sides parallel and as good as exterior verticality.

3. Cut face is bright and clean and beautiful, can machine working procedure as last even, need not machining, the spare parts can be used directly.

4. After material passes laser cut, width of hot influence area is very small, cut the function that seams around material to also suffer an effect scarcely, and workpiece is out of shape small, cut precision is tall.

5. Cut rate is rapid, for example: The board of cold rolling carbon with the laser cut large 1mm of 2500W, cut speed can amount to 16-19m/min.

6. Be not contact cut, the nozzle when laser cut and workpiece do not have a contact, nonexistent tool wears away.

Reduce the air quality effect to laser cut quality

Laser cut has afore-mentioned advantages, but in the actual process that handles in laser cut, compress airy character to have very immediate effect to laser cut quality. Water mist and oil are contained in compressing air, if was not handled clean, high-pressured eject arrives on the protective lens face of laser cut head, can affect those who stimulate beam of light badly to transmit, make a focus dispersive, cause a product to cut do not appear, generation waste.

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QiAir Compressor
If be to exceed high-power laser beam cutting machine, should protect lens face or nozzle surface to stick only on the oily film with extremely fine little or water mist, cause high-energy laser likely also to fire burned-out laser head. Because exceed high-power laser beam cutting machine (12000W above) laser head price is in 20 thousand above, and the offer person of most air compressor cannot is opposite the oil in compressing air and moisture undertake very good processing, the user that so a lot of exceed high-power laser beam cutting machine is not willing to take a risk to use compress air to serve as auxiliary gas. Because this laser uses the model of air compressor,the choice appears important all the more.

Air reduces the choice of type style and system

Air compressor must choose the drier that has matched as far as possible purify reduces the moisture content in air, precision can be configured after drier enough tall nicety filter group divides oily cent and dust grain with sufficient filter. Compress airy pressure dew point to must achieve 2-5 ℃ via what handle afterwards, resid measures ≤0.001ppm, ≤0.01μm of grain content content, and compress answer after air is dry lukewarm to be close to normal temperature, avoid effectively to written guarantee again dew, such high quality compress air to just can satisfy laser beam cutting machine to stabilize the need that move for long, often need not wipe protective lens.

Piston air compressor gains high-pressured strength more easily, but noise of piston air compressor is big, fragile many, and exhaust oiliness is handled badly, accordingly, do not recommend compressor of use piston air commonly below in 1.6MPa.

Recommend under 1.6MPa choose compressor of screw type air, anthology cooperate comfortable cold dry machine and accurate filter. Compressor appropriate uses electric machinery of permanent magnetism frequency conversion, what can maintain air feed pressure so is stable, ensure first-rate cut result.

Because most user does not have air compressor and the knowledge that compress air to purify processing, if by the user alone each buys machine of air compressor, gas tank, Leng Gan and filter to be installed by oneself again, bother not only, and the compression that short of of probable whole system needs air quality requirement.

As we have learned, chinese company is laser cut technically the compressor of air of type of PMTK series an organic whole of custom-built design, segregator of collect compressor, gas tank, water, cold dry machine, filter is an organic whole, leave out the trouble that the user compounds gas tank, cold dry machine and filter oneself, leave out user field assembly and the trouble that take-over, also leave out the labor that needs service of much home supplier, can offer continuously, stable, clean compression air, it is the good choice of laser beam cutting machine of high-power of form a complete set.

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