Epidemic situation is about to go, everybody is very expect to be able to dine together together small drink, dining together last time after all may be before New Year, say a miserable tear, although can have not dined together so quickly, we at least can “ cloud drinks ” , you know to make azotic machine, are air compressor and air-blower what you drink the MVP with bishop true backside?

QiAir Compressor
Compressor, the machine that make nitrogen and air-blower are having crucial effect in brew application:

Air compressor conduces to in introducing oxygen wine; Come so, it can breathe before be put into bottle and molten. Compressor enters pipeline to avoiding water also is indispensable!

Compressor is offerred compress air, compress air to be in charge of transforming wine bottle from wine bucket, and the nitrogen that the machine that make nitrogen offers is OK enrage from oxygen of the eliminate in bishop bottle, ensure vinous is fresh thereby degree.

QiAir Compressor
Use compress air stickup on bishop bottle label.

Nitrogen (offer by the machine that make nitrogen) bring to bear on to go up to bishop with the form of extremely fine bleb, this conduces to the oxygen with deliquescent eliminate. Material to vinous effect will depend on mixture is red or white.

QiAir Compressor
A few bigger wineries have the spot to handle the ability of liquid waste, among them a lot of using the characteristic with oxygen abhorrent chroma is method of aeration of paddle annulus type. But, as compositive as film air-blower system (incorporate VSD technology) with the better choice that having dissolved oxygen sensor is useless water treatment.

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