30 05, 2023

How to compress air to satisfy laser cut requirement? China has idea

2023-05-30T03:43:07-07:00May 2023|Categories: Air Compressor Technology|Tags: , , |

Before 2010, because price of laser cut equipment is high, laser beam cutting machine of an old width of cloth (deploy 4kW laser) price is close 6 million yuan of RMB, the company that China uses laser beam cutting machine of old width of cloth is not much. Laser cut is a technology with the widest application of laser beam machining, it applies extensively at Ban gold treatment, metal treatment, advertisement to make, kitchen utensils and appliances, car, lamps and lanterns, curium piece, litre fall machinery of handicraft of elevator, metal, spin, food machinery, glasses

4 12, 2022

The market demand element that design pneumatics machine requires to consider is shallow theory

2023-02-22T06:42:31-08:00December 2022|Categories: Air Compressor Technology|Tags: , , |

Summary: The article analyses the task through grading of a real case, share with everybody designing small-sized when joining machine of pneumatics of piston of move back and forth continuously, when does need consider that above all? When should consider this first again? What is? The design is small-sized joining machine of pneumatics of piston of move back and forth continuously also is to have the law but of abide, science can take roundabout way less according to train of thought, give an issue less, raise successful rate. One, design of foreword treat of is small-sized connect piston of move back and forth continuously empty


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