Grow in intensity in economic globalization trend today, market competition is the singles between single company is fought alone no longer, the integral argue between the enterprise that differs however. The competition between the enterprise is reflected not just in the competition to the client, also reflect the cooperation in outstanding supplier, a high grade supplier had become a key in industry competition.

Alleged and outstanding, it is the product that the supplier has us to provide case of high quality, low, seasonable pay and the capability that provide the service that surpasses expectation; Alleged and faithful, it is the supplier regards the first client as us from beginning to end, regard oneself as the way that improves continuously with our need from beginning to end, although give support adamantinely also when we encounter difficulty.

A the choice of the supplier is an enterprise important and decision-making, a good supplier is to point to the processing technique that has product of production high quality, have enough productivity, and can be in score gain while offer the product that has competition. Outstanding supplier chooses to have important sense to enhancing the integral competition ability of the enterprise below coequal condition.

However, the feasibility condition of a lot of enterprises is however: Outstanding supplier normally insufficient faithfulness, and faithful supplier normally not quite outstanding, develop ceaselessly then supplier, ceaseless change the supplier made the choice with these helpless enterprises. Its are as a result: Quality, price and hand in period often fluctuate, service stand or fall, when do not have sometimes, although relevant section is busy, continual the product that acquires case of high quality, low, seasonable consign and the service that surpass expectation always are an illusion however, within sight but beyond reach.

So, how ought to foster outstanding and faithful supplier?

Above all, should know a supplier correctly to achieve the fundamental effect in the process in the product, establish the thought that relies on supplier, service supplier, be kind to a supplier, give a supplier with confidence.

The supplier is the foundation that the product realizes

The quality of component, price, consign is periodic, the quality that deciding a product greatly, cost and production are periodic.

Outside assist, outside the proportion that buys component to occupy the component that makes a product is larger, rate of this kind of decision is older, and the quality of component, cost and consign cycle depend on again supplier. So, the supplier is the foundation that company product realizes, ought to regard the supplier as so oneself look upon that distinguish a works, believe a supplier, rely on a supplier, use up an enterprise to be able to be supplier service, become supplier education consolidated component produces base.

Equality serves a supplier

Below buyer’s market environment, in business relation, need to just be in strong position normally, and the position that the supplier is in relative inferior position normally, accordingly, direct or indirect ground forces the strong position that some enterprises use him constantly the supplier accepts a few not quits conditions.

This kind of practice is short-term inside may bring a few profits to the enterprise, but from long-term looking is adverse however to the enterprise, although be forced,accepted these conditions because of the supplier, but heart of profess to convinced refuses to obey, “ body is in in Cao battalion heart Chinese ” . Once had better market, they are met instantly “ loves another person ” . Result, nature is product quality, hand in period of wave motion and service quality drop, ” of the person that the company is benefited naturally also from “ turned “ victim into ” . So, want the supplier is loyal to an enterprise, enterprise must equality serves a supplier.

So-called equality is waited for, should accomplish personal place namely not desire, do not apply at the person, everything put oneself in the place of another, compare the heart the heart. And among them the basiccest is not to force a supplier to do the business that is not willing. For example, undertake negotiating below equal and freewill premise, do not sign the agreement that contains not quits requirement with the supplier, more not the in any way forces a supplier to sign similar agreement; Do not force or cheat a supplier to participate in the new product project that its are not good at or is not willing to attend, do not force or cheat a supplier to accept its incapable the business that accept or is not willing to accept; Fulfil the obligation that the agreement sets strictly, perhaps do not fulfill with cut-price means with any reason repudiate etc.

Maintain the interest of the supplier actively

Supplier and the purpose that the company cooperates, it is to gain profit. If cannot gain profit, the supplier won’t cooperate with the enterprise, although had established cooperative relationship, this kind of concern also won’t grow long. So, want the supplier is loyal to, offer satisfactory product kimono Wu for the enterprise continuously, must maintain the interest of the supplier actively:

<1> offers a supplier reasonable profit margin. Some suppliers to grab preoccupy market, adopt low strategy normally, after needing occupational market again huff of wait for one’s chance perhaps is on new product make an issue of, if plan to succeed, they can continue to cooperate with the enterprise, once plan to come to nothing, they are exited very quickly likely.

So, from long-term look, although be in quality, service is equal below premise, price lowest also is not best choice certainly, the key should see the rationality of profit margin. About the rationality of profit margin, different person has different view.

The author thinks, offer component and product identical or the profit margin of close should be reasonable. For example, it is when the profit margin of the product 10% when, the profit margin that offers this product component also is 10% the left and right sides; When the profit margin of the product drops, the profit margin of its component also is reduced in proportion subsequently.

<2> does not ask the supplier is assumed set the other beyond except the agreement any obligation, the respect raises a product to ask or serve a demand not simply, covert the profit margin that reduces a supplier. Because the reason of enterprise oneself causes a product to the demand rises or serve a requirement to rise, cause supplier cost to increase, ought to offer a supplier corresponding compensation.

After <3> enters batch stage of production, design program should maintain stability as far as possible, blame do not change easily as a last resort. If receive blame change cannot, also answer beforehand active supplier is communicated, had done work of corresponding deal with problems arising from an accident.

<4> is become the product of the supplier is average fraction defective (supplied materials examines fraction defective, process examines the average that fraction defective, finished product pays check fraction defective) when be more than or be equal to profit margin, mean a supplier to may be on this product already or appearing deficit. The stability that offers money to assure and durative, ought to send relevant personnel actively instantly, improve its quality to run measure jointly with the supplier, raise percent of pass.

<5> is built, the system that prevents employee corruption soundly, restrain the behavior of employee, from the system precautionary employee jobbery harms the interest of the supplier.

Anticorrosive system should is opposite mainly option of supplier choice, type selecting of parts of an apparatus, plan, price, make contract provision, purchase prorata, the behavior of the respect such as quality control, claim for compensation undertakes restraining.

<6> is used as far as possible offer money solely, the requirement of the enterprise can be satisfied in the ability offerring money of the supplier and fall without the circumstance of big error, do not add new supplier easily, although have better price,also be such.

If not merely,the home offers money, below the circumstance that does not have big error in the supplier, also do not reduce easily purchase scale to perhaps be changed purchase way. If the supplier develops a process in the product medium or design change process is medium have investment, must from order or other respect gives corresponding get one’s own back.

Next, want to realize the value that makes outstanding and faithful supplier the team survives to the enterprise and develop adequately, the strategic height that creates base from construction component has choice, evaluation and government to the supplier.

Choice supplier should follow the principle of “ appropriate ”

The enterprise is deciding a supplier to be spent to the faithfulness of the enterprise to the appeal of the supplier, the enterprise chooses a supplier to also ought to pay attention to ” of Yue of photograph of “ be matched for marriage, two affection, otherwise, collaboration is not unpleasantness, it is not long. So, when the enterprise is choosing a vendor ought to the dimensions from oneself, famous degree, purchase measure and pay the actual condition such as ability sets out, choose the vendor of “ appropriate ” , is not choice “ the supplier of the most outstanding ” .

Alleged and appropriate, the demand bearing of the product structure that is a supplier and enterprise suits; Ability of the 2 aptitude conditions that are a supplier, research and development, quality makes sure ability, productivity and cost control the requirement that basically can satisfy an industry ability; 3 it is the desire that the supplier has as long-term as the enterprise cooperation, be willing to undertake persistent improvement according to our requirement; 4 it is an enterprise the appeal to the supplier is enough and powerful, have long-term and effective control to its likely.

Evaluation supplier should take the development latent capacity of the supplier seriously

Showing capable evaluation is the main essential factor that evaluates a supplier, means of organization of the quality control ability that is like process of ability of circumstance of quality system attestation, research and development, design, productivity, production, content shedding and the quality of production process control ability, cost ability, existing market, right the service circumstance of existing market, product can date from sex, supplier management.

But, want to choose likely education target, have ability to undertake the evaluation is insufficient to its only, still need to develop latent capacity to undertake evaluating to its, and the stress that develops latent capacity to ought to become affirmatory education target considers a factor, when existing ability and development latent capacity cannot hold concurrently, first consideration develops the supplier with good potential.

Normally the circumstance falls, the development latent capacity that evaluates a supplier should include the following field:

(1) the “ businessman ” that the highest policymaker of the supplier is eager for quick success and instant benefit, still have the “ entrepreneur ” of long-term vision.

(2) whether does the development direction of the supplier agree with the development demand bearing of the enterprise, have plan without clear strategy, have the specific action plan that plans without implementation strategy and action record.

(3) the quality target of the supplier is specific, have the action plan that does not have implementation quality target and action record.

(4) whether does the supplier have quality system to upgrade plan, whether does existing quality system get carrying out executive truly.

(5) the quality that the supplier has stuff whether the need that satisfies its business development, have in notting have, resource of long-range labor power develops a plan.

(6) the administrative measure with existing supplier whether the need of the development that satisfies its industry, have plan without improvement.

(7) the social credit of the supplier how, its correlation supplier has to its ungodly.

(8) the fundamental sex work of supplier business management is steady, have plan without improvement.

Administrative supplier wants “ Enweibingji”Management and help pay equal attention to

The commonly used method of supplier management is: Undertake monitoring to the outstanding achievement offerring money of the supplier, undertake level assess to the supplier according to the result that monitor, carry out manage by different levels, award actor punishs bad, right unqualified undertake rectifying; Undertake reappraisal to the supplier regularly, according to the evaluation the result is adjusted purchase measure, wash out unqualified supplier.

This is measure of control of a kind of after the event, the it is existing and certain to reappear again help of same to preventing mistake, but wrong to precaution happening and the ability effect that promote a supplier are not certain and apparent.

Well-known, helping a supplier promote design process and the quality of production process to assure ability is to ensure the best way of supplied materials quality. The plan management the enterprise is outspread shedding a process to the production of the supplier and content is the optimal way that assures seasonable delivery, helping a supplier promote cost to control capacity is to drop the significant step that purchases the value. So, supplier management must “ Enweibingji ” , want to have assessment and rewards and punishment to the supplier already, also want to offer a supplier necessary help:

1) design of help supplier promotion and the quality of production process assure ability

The quality in the final analysis of component is design and make come out, so, the enterprise should help the crucial segment that the supplier is designed to its and produces a course undertake controlling as far as possible, if be communicated actively with the supplier, make a supplier accurate master the requirement of the enterprise; Undertake supervise and coaching to the APQP of the supplier and PPAP process, give the technology that the supplier needs support; Improve the quality problem of component jointly with the supplier; The quality that perfects its to purchase process, production process jointly with the supplier controls method and method; The label management in helping a supplier perfect content to shed a process and reject (yield especially receive with do poorly done work over again) control.

2) cost of help supplier promotion controls capacity

Efficiency of raw material price, stocks, production, percent of pass, production uses up the main factor that etc is influence component cost. So, besides ability of control of quality of help supplier promotion, the company should give actively in other respect supply support, if undertake with the supplier resource is shared purchasing, help supplier development is cheaper purchase channel; Give a supplier to produce cycle amply as far as possible, purchase a quantity to be stabilized as far as possible; Improve its to content flows and make a process jointly with the supplier, reduce invalid labor, shorten production is periodic; Discuss the way that improves inventory management jointly with the supplier, help supplier reduces the its raw material, stocks in goods, finished product; Help supplier improves his to manufacture technology, reduce those who produce material of the sources of energy in the process, complementary makings, bad news to use up etc.

3) help supplier perfects plan government measure

Supplier whether the order that receives a business well and truly and whether order working job of the branch is right related well and truly translate into the seasonable sex of consign has very big effect. So, the plan government measure of the plan government measure of the supplier and enterprise ought to have compatibility.

If the enterprise is to pass Internet to give supplier make known to lower levels order, our enterprise supervises and urge, help supplier is built, perfect and relevant plan government measure, ensure the supplier can receive the order of industry make known to lower levels automatically. And can automatic order translate into the working job of departmental door, and make sure purchase department can carry out a circumstance to the order of the supplier even (if stock purchases plan, production schedule, pay plan) undertake instant monitoring.

4) help supplier develops the market, maintain its to stabilize

When the supplier occurrence production task is not worth, productivity and staff appear superfluous, when causing the severe case such as prediction of a person’s luck in a given year of deficit, talent likely, the enterprise should help a supplier develop the market as far as possible, in order to maintain the company stability of the supplier, what make sure component is supplied thereby is durative with stability.

5) offer employee to groom for the supplier support

Help supplier raises the skill of its employee and accomplishment, and the employee understanding company that allows a supplier, self-identity enterprise, admire yearning company, of the product that acquires case of high quality, low, seasonable consign continuously to enterprise implementation and the service that surpass expectation purchasing a target is very helpful. So, the company should offer employee actively to groom for the supplier support, if the technology grooms, management grooms, company culture conduct propaganda.

Brief summary

Anyhow, supplier management raises chicken to give birth to egg ” like “ , want to get an egg more, often get an egg, want to raise chicken above all. So, want enterprise sincerity to be kind to a supplier only, foster a supplier actively, the product that acquires case of high quality, low, seasonable consign continually and the service that surpass expectation, can become reality.

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