As development, pneumatics engine system is energy-saving service territory is taken seriously by company place more and more, application and demand market space are larger and larger also. In the meantime, the system is energy-saving a lot of problem also shows service territory with each passing day come out. To this, the article is empty press system is energy-saving the relevant matters concerned of service industry talent, manage mechanism problem to undertake discussing namely.

Show the practitioner of industry of line space press, it is with age structure 70 hind, 80 hind with 90 hind the personnel composition that is main productivity, in view of the otherness of level of resource of arteries and veins of working experience, person, technology or the degree with boss affinity, they are holding the position of the different role such as senior management, intermediate management and fundamental worker respectively.

As the development of the times, on the body of personnel of each age level, engraving ” of respective “ times brand from beginning to end. The 70 people after, because experienced more society to develop level (the person kiss all previous of 30 old reforming and opening) , be in the middleaged phase of life at the same time, to occupational stability and income pay close attention to relatively; The 80 people after, because suffer the effect of family planning policy, they have heavier individual right consciousness and from benefit behavior; The 90 people after, it is the says to go generation that has individual character extremely.

Well-known, the pneumatics aircraft company previously is one of numerous commerce company merely, it is the part of a passageway, inside finite region service radius, the ” of shipment of “ replenish onr’s stock that realizes pneumatics machine, it is only profit origin in order to earn price difference and after service fee. And the influence as market big environment namely the energy-saving policy that decrease a platoon, consumption upgrades the change with client demand, company of numerous pneumatics aircraft already was from transition of part of pure commerce passageway with carrier of pneumatics machine core, to use can the enterprise is offerred in order to save electric energy or reduce operation cost to be a purpose energy-saving service, it is the new-style traffic system of gain origin in order to earn economic charge of electricity or the operation cost that reduce. As the reform of national capital market and development, the pneumatics aircraft company after transition, because of its business configuration and profit pattern accord with the flavour mouth of capital market, consequently they had more vast development space and market perspective. Accordingly, in pneumatics machine industry, also appeared the polarization ” phenomenon of “ big company and small company ” or “ fortune, namely the dimensions that the pneumatics aircraft company with successful transition achieves organic meeting billions of level, the dimensions of the pneumatics aircraft company that still gives priority to with commerce will be stopped at scale of current 1 billion class, and whether the dimensions that achieves billions of level, be decided by of in the final analysis denies somebody then just, had a talented person, just the opportunity defeats solution obstruct to develop all obstacles on the road. For this, the talent of energy-saving service company runs system of engine of article key discussion pneumatics mechanism problem.

Pneumatics engine system is energy-saving the technology that serves a company to involve a tradition to the talent’s demand, service and sale; The demand that increases newly has energy-saving audit and evaluate, operation of design of energy-saving project program and operation, system of content couplet network and safeguard, the finance affairs of familiar capital market and management of new-style client relationship.

Alleged talent manages a mechanism, not be to show from manpower resource market invite applications for a job reachs contented industry merely the talent of demand, however a systematic project that portrays “ person ” of the ability that it is a person, be about to have or the talented person that the person of invite applications for a job satisfies its fashion into the enterprise to develop place to need continuously through a mechanism. It is comprised by the flow of talent management, tool and system. Had it, a company can reach the person that has appropriate technical ability in appropriate timeline proper place. Good flow, tool and systematic design are not a technology only advanced, can hang a hook with the target of the company even, especially these flow the problem —— that can help industry employer solve them to care most drives outstanding achievement to grow and should build active culture.

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One, drawing mechanism

Everybody has intention of his choose course of study, or for benefit, or for the name, or dream; Every enterprise or industry employer have his dream, or for benefit, or for the name, but transition arrives pneumatics engine system is energy-saving the company of the service more it is to dream to appear on the market namely achieve gain both honor and money. Empty perhaps press is a small numerous industry, but energy-saving it is the popular industry that child of a Fu all knows, a lot of entering the person that go also is strong “ fascia of word of energy-saving ” this gold nugget and come, think with pneumatics engine system energy-saving service is dreamy carrier, implementation gains both honor and money.

For this, want clarity convey enterprise and job to expect to the behavior of employee and performance to its, it is drawing with this, bring into the effort of employee and contribution help enterprise to achieve its goal, come in the orbit that promotes its core capability. the consistency that alleged “ path differs not to maintain viewpoint of value, motive and demand namely actually to seek ” .

Main measure has: Position manual and hold a post the culture of the enterprise and system of system of quota of qualificatory standard, KPI, viewpoint of value, groom development system. Among them position manual is to weigh wanted base particularly, OK and clear energy-saving audit, evaluate, the operation, service, duty that sells each station.

2, incentive mechanism

The dream is very plump, reality very bone feeling, the blood that make chicken or follow dream are OK temporarily incentive morale or miracle of creation outstanding achievement, energy-saving service just entered system of engine of before be like a few years of pneumatics when city, a lot of companies obtain pretty good outstanding achievement, but after experience market precipitates, the energy-saving service outstanding achievement of a lot of companies is suffer a disastrous decline. They stepped on outstanding achievement of this mine field actively to do, but do not have gain money namely, still answer each finally each, each look for each Mom. Accordingly, on boundless dreamy journey, the enterprise returns the travel before needing to be able to load, execute real time incentive, ability lets a talent maintain lasting fighting capacity.

According to contemporary organization behavior learns theory, incentive essence is the apiration that employee goes doing some thing, this kind of apiration is it is a condition in order to satisfy the individual need of employee. And the individual needs what what demand theory describes to be like Masiluo in that way, employee has the need of physiology, safe, society, esteem and self-fulfilment. So, must adopt significant measure, let employee realize the ability of its individual in the platform of the company.

Main measure has: Management of career of design of firewood reward system, profession and preferment bring system of authority of system, cent and accredit mechanism, copartner into play to wait. Be like, allow what employee has limit to share system of investment pneumatics engine energy-saving service project, can let employee achieve more earnings not only, stimulate the responsibility heart of employee, and the investment fund that still can reduce a company appropriately and risk; Introduce amoeba to manage mode to let complete member participate in manage, realize interior to trade, the cost that reduces an item thereby manages profit with what increase staff; Design a flight of stairs outstanding achievement rewards a system, let employee divide outside obtaining project deduct a percentage from a sum of money, still can get more performance is rewarded.

3, competition and wash out a mechanism

The enterprise should have not only to drawing mechanism and incentive mechanism, drive employee to promote his ability and outstanding achievement ceaselessly, and still must retrorse competition washs out a mechanism, the stuff that will not suit to the organization grows and admit need eliminates at the organization besides, at the same time the pressure of will exterior market delivers an organization in, realize the activation of resource of pair of company labor power thereby, prevent manpower capital precipitate or shrink. The competition of the enterprise and wash out a mechanism to basically be reflected on the system hire mount guard and end for contest eliminate a system.

Pneumatics engine system is energy-saving service project is a time following sheet long, negotiation is periodic the durative profit with long time of long, operation is high the project of the risk, although, have good prospect and Qian Jing, but may not everybody suits to pursue this trade, sell especially, give one sheet 3 years, the case that one sheet takes 3 years is common, so also be put in “ dawdle ” , make use of follows sheet for long for, mix salary namely, develop even become “ cancer ” , affect the morale of whole industry badly thereby, for this, must want to significant step goes cutout choosing and discriminate.

4, the tie supervises a mechanism

Advance as what depend on plan of law manage state affairs, the ” in the basket system of “ influence coop is a familiar to the ear can the mark sex language of detailed. Although employee enters office earlier the heart agrees with the enterprise first, but the person is to have laziness and human nature is greedy, as the temptation of the elapse of time, society, employee conduct or action hard to avoid are met the direction of set of place of deviate drawing mechanism, for instance, the behavior that fry sheet, black company action, energy-saving capacity builds false behavior to wait. Right now, can start wash out a mechanism, after all this will bring the loss that cannot estimate to the company. Because pass in front of 3 mechanisms hammer into shape, the “ person ” of the very much company that enter office is modelled basically be “ talent ” . Fall into disuse, it is the “ talent ” that comes out good not easy education actually reductive into common “ person ” .

For this, need tie and supervisory mechanism, have limit to the behavior of employee, make its accord with the development demand of the enterprise, it makes the behavior of employee moves on booked orbit from beginning to end. The core that restrains supervisory mechanism is an enterprise the performance assessment system that is core with KPI index, professionalism behavior that with holding a post qualificatory system is core evaluates system and employee system of main action standard.

Pneumatics engine system is energy-saving service industry is a young industry, just experienced “ adolescence ” move restlessly, but also because young, adumbrative industry foreground or money view are broad; What it just also experienced ” of period of “ the Warring States is involute, but involute later, the market dimensions that is sure to have big unify comes.

Pneumatics engine system is energy-saving service industry is one looks be like a doorsill low, actually is an industry that having hi-tech and camp of state of mind. Hi-tech camp body lasts now effective energy-saving on, last only energy-saving, ability achieves lasting earnings. Body of camp of state of mind boils the great ” that come out in “ now, want proof to hold to only, it is a center with the client continuously, it is carrier with the technology, from energy-saving carry a pneumatics engine system truly for target ability energy-saving service this staff division.

According to market regulation, any economic organizations want to gain the biggest profit and persistent competition ability in an industry, must “ standardization ” . Any organizations are person composition, any economic miracles are person creation, with pneumatics engine system energy-saving service gives priority to the company of business to want to realize the dream that gain both honor and money, must go up in “ person ” much make an issue of, make good text, and effective talent government mechanism does that namely the gold key of article of ” of good “ person.

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